Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morning quickie

We were planning on doing it on Thursday. So we also planned on doing it yesterday, which would be almost enough for me but not too much for River. But something lit off my mercurial streak in a bad way. And we didn’t have the emotional warm-up day I was expecting. At least we did go for a nice long walk together. But in the evening my gaze doesn’t linger on naked River and we both know I’m still not in the mood. It happens.

In the morning I wake River up at the usual time. I’ve always been her alarm clock. We lie in bed together, our legs touching, and I get nicely hard. Just one of those things that happens in the morning. I join River in the shower. She washes me. “That’s got some hardness.” “Didn’t you notice when I got in?” It would be somewhat like her not to notice. “Yeah, but that’s not unusual.” We have a nice full-contact smooch in the warm water before we get out. River looks down at my cock which is unfortunately not hard. “Are you checking?” “Yes.” “Do you want it?” “Not here.” I wouldn’t expect. One of the kids has wandered in and out already.

In the bedroom. River’s not getting dressed. Does she really have something in mind? She checks the clock. Decides we have enough time. Stands in front of me. I look her up and down as I stroke my cock. Hoping the morning erection will return. If only I could be so lucky. She gets on the bed and backs up to the edge. I stand behind her. She hasn’t even closed the bedroom door. I guess we don’t expect anybody to come wandering in. My somewhat spongy cock won’t go into her squeaky-clean pussy. I lick her from behind. My cock stiffens. She’s lubricated. “Two birds with one stone.” “Very efficient.” Now it goes in easily. And we fuck. Me banging. River moaning.

“You don’t have to restrain yourself. Quicker is better today.” I can do that. I fuck to come, hard and fast, then slow, pulling back as my orgasm builds, starting to come just inside, my cock pulsing and filling her with jizz, then pushing through it. “That was quick.” I wouldn’t want to disappoint her.

“Do you get anything out of that?” “Some nice stimulation in the morning.”


wife10yearsin said...

God, I keep forgetting to get M in the shower with me. Tonight, I'm making it happen tonight. Followed by a spectacular blowjob, since I'm clearly NOT pregnant after our foolishness (if you catch my drift).

Reed said...

I catch your drift. Tonight is a good night (if you catch mine).

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