Thursday, May 12, 2011

“Should I just jump you right away?” “Yes.”

“I would do it with you tonight.” My old line. “Yeah.” What’s River thinking? Of course you’d do it with me tonight. You’d do it with me any time. “I’d do it with you, too.” I’m in a good mood the rest of the day.

I’m in bed first. Hoping it hasn’t gotten too late for River. She comes in. Throws the comforter off the bed. We talk for a while. I’m wondering if this is one of those times when she’s signed up for it and wishes she hadn’t. She knows I know she might feel differently by the end of the day. One of the reasons for my “seize the moment” propensity. And there’s always “How about tomorrow morning?”

“Are you waiting for me to make a move?” “No, I’m just waiting for things to settle a bit. Should I just jump you right away?” “Yes.” I’m almost a parody of myself as I straddle her, kiss, feel her compact tits, brush my hands down her body, stroke my cock, tell her how nice she is to look at, and anticipate what we're about to do. “I was thinking of being ready to go when you came in.” “That would be some nice variety. And it would save time.” She looks down at my now hard cock. “Well hello.” I squeeze to straighten it up even more. “I like it when it says hello back.”

If I play out my parody I would spread her legs by slipping mine between them one at a time, then either plunge right in or rub her clit with my cock first. But variety wins. “Something from behind. Low doggy stick-in.” River gets on all fours, then drops until her butt is just above her feet. I probe for her wetness and stick my cock into her and we fuck.

“What are you doing?” “Watching you in the window.” That’s a surprise. I’ve left the reading light on, and the window beside our bed is a mirror with the darkness behind it. The neighbors across the street would have a nice view if they looked out their window. But they never do. I think. I go through some of the stupid porn poses intended not to block the camera angles. Left hand on her right ass cheek. Right hand behind my back. Then a few of my favorites. Hands behind my head. Hands on her legs. And finally just grabbing her hips and pulling her against me in counterpoint to some vigorous thrusting. She likes that one. So do I.

“You feel big again tonight.” It must be the position. But I take some time starting with a shallow fuck and going deeper and deeper on each thrust until I’m banging her all the way in and she’s moaning and making me want to come. “A quick one tonight?” “Sounds good.” I hold still and move her forwards and backwards on my cock. “Are you going to watch me come?” “I think I’ll just grab your butt.” A fast fuck with my balls resting on her feet until I come, long moans, head back, River reaching behind to grab my ass and pull me in but it’s out of reach. It was a good show, too bad she missed it.

“That was a strange one.” “How so?” “It was like a long wind up, then there’s supposed to be the first big squeeze of the orgasm, but it’s like it never really happened.” That’s how it goes sometimes. “Sounds like some of mine, when I have them too fast.”

Afterwards I give her the back rub I’ve been wanting to give her for a few days. Usually I’d do it before, but afterwards is some nice variety. I love rubbing her back. And her butt. And anything else. Love the surface anatomy. And the underlying musculature. “Thanks for letting me do this. Not just anyone would let me do this.” “I don’t know about that.” “Then not just anyone would enjoy it as much as you.” “I don’t know about that, either.” “Then not just anyone would let me sit on them naked.”

The next day I have to ask. “So how did I look in the window? Good, or stupid?” She’s choosing words. Or more likely, those aren’t even the terms she was thinking in. “Sorry. That’s a guy question.” “It’s a human question. You looked good. But mostly I was watching your mm-mm-mm motion.” She thrusts her hips. “There are several motions. I can demonstrate.” She watches. “Not now. At some more appropriate time.” Maybe tonight. A plan forms. We re-wax her landing strip. Then we fuck.


wife10yearsin said...

You write it and I can totally imagine the scene. I love that you share your conversations with us. I can tell how much you love River.

Now, I just have to get M to wax or shave me... I've been begging him!

Reed said...

Thanks. Yes, River and I are real people saying real things, and we ♥ each other amazingly much. I'm glad you picked up on that.

In my case with the wax, I'd been offering my services for years before she took me up on it. Shaving would be more convenient but it doesn't work so well for either of us.

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