Saturday, May 21, 2011

Worth waiting for

I must feel like River. It’s the end of the day. I’m a bit knackered from doing end-of-the-day chores. I hear River starting a bath for herself upstairs. Usually that’s a good sign. A prelude to a fuck. A chance for me to sit with her in the bathroom and admire the scenery. But today it’s shutting the door on the slender hope that I could get River to help finish the laundry, and finally corner her in the laundry room. And I doubt I’ll even have a chance to visit her in the tub. Too much to do first. I could follow my own advice and make time, put things off until tomorrow, but I don’t want to.

(Skip this crap and take me right to the good part.)

We’ve had a nice day today. River is all kinds of cute in the shower this morning. I can’t take me eyes off her. Girls should not be allowed to be that cute. She says I’m biased. But like I’ve said before, I’m not biased. I don’t have to be.

We re-waxed her last night. She says the landing strip has been fun but it’s a little silly having a mohawk between her legs, so this time we leave more of a wedge. Even though we both like silly. I’m not sure I’ll like her new look. Too middle-of-the-road. But it’s what she wanted. I’ll have to see what it’s like when it’s grown back in. I might like it. Regardless, I’ve got some ideas for next time. If she’ll let me be her stylist.

We didn’t fuck last night. It just seemed right to fall asleep together after she bared herself for me and tried to relax while I ripped her newly-grown pubic hairs out. It was sweet.

We didn’t fuck this morning, either. I snuggled on her before 5, and when I realized she was dreaming I tried to have some influence. I brushed a finger on the soft hairs of her snatch, then worked it into her, taking my time, noticing all the textures. This time it reminded me of the inside of my mouth, but rougher and wilder. I worked my finger in and out while she slept, and she squeezed back a few times.

I was hoping to get hard and fuck, but it didn’t happen. My cock got plenty leaky, but it apparently wasn’t in a mood to get hard, even though I was. Strange that my cock only seems to leak when River is nearby. How does it know? Some latent sense of smell? Or is it purely mental? Sometimes it feels like I’ve got a divining rod down there.

“I was playing with your parts this morning. Did you have any dreams?” “No. Oh. Yeah. Not a good one. We were somewhere and I was trying to do things, but you had your hand in my skirt or something and I kept wondering why is this thing in me?” Not such a great dream. Oh well.

River’s got this idea that we’ve been doing it every other day. Even though we haven’t, it’s how she feels about things that matter. We talk about why she thinks that. After some explanation I agree she could easily think that. The last two times have been twice in a day. And there was the day that she thought about it all day, then we didn’t do it.

In some ways I’ll take quantity over quality. But the quality has to be there or it’s worse than pointless. River does “maintenance fucks” for me sometimes. I guess I do “maintenance time off”. Like last night after waxing.

“I’d like to have sex with you this evening.” It’s funny. We hardly ever use the term “have sex”, so when one of us uses it like that it always seems fairly raunchy to me. I don’t just want to fuck. I want to have sex. “Of course you would.” That sounds less than enthusiastic. Kind of resigned. “Do you know why I’d like to have sex with you?” She reels off a really nice list. I’m not sure I can transcribe it accurately enough. “Because you love me, and you’re attracted to me, and you like to be intimate, and it makes you feel good.” I’m glad she knows all that. I’m not sure I could come up with the list for her. “I should have said, I’d like to have an intimate and bonding experience with you tonight.”

But why wait. There’s an opportunity in the afternoon. “Would you like to have an intimate and bonding experience with me?” “I would this evening. But I’ve got all this studying I’m trying to get out of the way so I can make art. Thanks for asking though.” “I understand. I was just thinking of what we’ve said about waiting.” Soon afterwards she has to pick up Brook at a birthday party. A half hour errand turns into an hour and a half. “We could have done a little something before you went to pick her up.” “Yeah.” A friendly yeah. Not a resigned yeah. I like that. “Or I could have picked her up.” Sometimes I hate being in line behind the random elements in the day. But sometimes the random elements work in my favor.

Later we’re in the kitchen. River grabs me and we dance. Holding each other close. I get my usual reaction. She rubs my cock through my jeans. “I feel manly. You should do that more often.” “Ok.” “I want to rip your clothes off and do you right here.” “We’ve only got about six minutes.” “That’s enough.” But not with the kids in the living room.

So it’s the end of the day. I’m wishing we’d been able to take one of those earlier opportunities because now I’m not feeling so interested. Like River. I join her just as she’s getting out of the bath. She picks up on my waning enthusiasm.

Nothing is happening in bed. “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.” “Me either.” She snuggles on my back. She’s warm. “Would you like a hint?” “Something to do with this?” She reaches around for my cock. I love it when she does me from behind. “You’re just as good with your left hand.” I roll onto my back and she lubes me with the cotton-candy scented oil. Still left-handed. “Too bad this stuff doesn’t taste like cotton candy.” “That’s funny. I was just thinking we should do some 69 again.” Even though getting and giving at the same time seems to end up with the whole thing being sub-average. “And have our noses in each other’s anuses?” “My nose goes in your twat. Your nose would only be near my anus if you could get the whole thing in your mouth.”

She slides onto me, embedding my cock inside her. I oil her tits and rub them with my fingers and palms while she fucks me. As usual I hold still while she single-points me, the sleeve of her cunt working up and down on my cock.

“I’m kind of in a mood for hello kitty.” “Turn around and we’ll get there.” River turns around, sits between my spread legs, me still on my back, and keeps fucking me. I sit behind her for hello kitty, let her keep fucking me, reach around for her oily tits. “I always wish you could see what you look like from back here.”

It’s my turn to do some work. Low doggy. It seems like I’m getting a lot of travel, it just goes in and in and in. I pull her against me and hold it in deep. “I feel like I’m being plunged.” “I feel like you’re being fucked.” Fuck with just the head and we’re both moaning. I could see myself passing out if this went on too long. “Do you have anything in you?” “I don’t know.” So we just fuck for a while, me fucking her, her sitting up and fucking me, both of us fucking each other.

“I might have something.” “I could use a bit of a break.” She rolls over and does her clit. My cock still inside. I oil her small tits some more and have a good time with them. Then she stops. “I’m not sure.” I put my thumb on her clit. We used to fuck like that a lot. Not so much lately though. I rub circles on her clit, liking how the shaft feels under my thumb in its soft hood. She’s got it warmed up for me. “That feels good.” “Good is good.” I barely fuck her. Concentrate on her clit. “You even get a handjob.” Preferred over cunnilingus. “I might have something.” Nice.

“You can take over any time you want.” She lets me go for a while. It sounds like it feels good. I’m enjoying it. Then she’s back on it. “I might have worse ED than you do.” But we’re patient. My cock head is somewhere around her g-spot. She gyrates her pussy on it. For a long time. Taking me to the edge of the edge. My hands press down on her tits. Her breathing gets heavy. “Here it comes.” Time to fuck.

And we do. Her hips buck as she comes, trying to set the pace, I match it and we have a fuck frenzy through her crazy long orgasm. I’d like to come near the end but she’s probably just halfway through when I feel my own orgasm hit me and I’m pushing in even harder and she’s still fucking furiously and my glans goes supersensitive and suddenly there’s all kinds of cervix in there and she’s still fucking like a maniac and I think it feels so good it hurts and I can barely stifle my screams into loud groans as I come ridiculously hard and I wonder what the kids are thinking is going on. Then all I can do is laugh. “That’s not fair.” That she can fuck so hard while she’s coming.

We keep fucking while we come back down to earth, my cock coasting in and out of her come-drenched pussy. A long afterfuck. The washcloth is still on the radiator from our cunnilingus date. I offer it to her, then pull out. In a few minutes I’m running my hands over her body and I feel my cock wanting to get hard again. “Wow. Even in your prime it would take about twenty minutes.” Except for the times when I just wouldn’t bother to even pull out. I toy with the idea of trying to get another erection. But I really don’t think I want to come again so soon after that. Even if I could.

“That was worth waiting for.” “Yes it was.”

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