Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After a rough patch

“Things are thinning out.” What is River talking about? My hair? I don’t think so. Her bush, which we’re planning on re-waxing soon? Not likely. Finally I put it together. She’s made an oblique reference to something she said a while back. Like I always do. A few nights ago she mentioned being in the thick of things. Period-wise. Now things are thinning out. I get it. “Nice one.”

River has a bath. She cools down in bed. We’re trying to get our mood back together after a rough patch. I think. I hope. I get the idea to do our classic Reed-on-top straddle start. But we need a little more mood repair. Sitting on top of River might actually help. It’s emotionally comfortable for us. I hope. It would help me. So after some thought I swing my leg over and straddle her pelvis. “I’m hot.” I think the joke on that has been replayed too many times. “Yeah.”

She spreads her legs behind me. This is the time for me to reach back and feel her pussy, while she gets me hard. But why follow the script. I just enjoy our bodies being together. Our emotions coming together. Resting my head beside hers. Putting my hands on her tits. Maybe I’ll get hard and we can do it while she’s laying flat with her legs spread. I wish.

I sit between her legs. Ah, clitoris. Her freshly-bathed snatch feels especially clean and her lips have the velvet of a pubescent apricot as my thumb rides her clit. I get hard quickly. A nice stiffie. One I’d be proud to slide all the way in with one push. Not likely with her just out of the bath, and washing away period remnants. I try anyway. Just for effect. My erection resists as I bend it downwards. Does it not know what's in store? Or is it demanding to fuck on its own defiant, skyward-pointing terms? I win this time, my cock yielding until my glans is gently ensconced in the vestibule of River’s pussy. I push into her apricot. Some small penetration. River reaches down with both hands to spread her lips. “Is something in the way?” “No. Do you need some oil?” “Let’s see if I can find anything further in.” I probe slightly further into her clean pussy. By the time I’ve worked in deep she’s nicely lubricated with her sweet frictiony juice. And we fuck.

“Remember you said you could put your feet behind your head?” “When I was younger.” “You don’t look any older.” She tries. “That’s as far as I can go. At least without a warm up.”

It’s a nice satisfying fuck with me on top. River sweating and pushing the comforter off the side of the bed. Me not wanting to stop. My favorite variation this time is missionary with my legs spread and her feet on my ass. River’s favorite seems to be my hands lifting under her knees. I like it, too. It’s our finisher tonight. River’s moans bringing on my orgasm. She pulls me in tight as I come.

In the morning. “I’m glad we did it last night.” “Me too.”

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