Sunday, May 8, 2011

A wet, wet morning

River was willing last night, but just barely. She wasn’t feeling so well. So we plan for this morning. As usual I’m awake much earlier than she is and rest in bed with River while she dreams. I think about doing her in her dream but I’m not sure I can get hard enough quickly enough. And I’m not sure she’s feeling up to it.

She wakes up and reminds me of our plan. Not that I needed to be reminded. We have a face to face snuggle, feeling each other’s backs, feeling her butt, my fingers dipping into her fluff of pubic hair. I’m stiffening. When I reach down to stroke my cock River quickly takes over, jacking me off left-handed while I just close my eyes and feel myself get harder. She straddles me, puts my cock in place, and sinks onto it in one go.

She’s really wet. Not the typical post-period goo. Wet wet. She notices the smacky sounds she’s making on me. “How did you get so wet?” “I don’t know.” “Did you have a nice dream?” “Not that I remember.”

She fucks me in single point. Her rhythm is comforting. And erotic. It commands attention. Slow descent. Hold. Her upstroke is legendary.

But it’s not long before she rolls us over. “You’re such a tease.” “Yes, I am.” But I’m happy to service her the way she likes it. I continue her slow speed, pulling my cock completely out of her pussy, then back in deep. No worries about things drying out today. She’s wet. I nearly miss, then push until my cock slips back into place and she gasps as it goes in. I speed up, rocking just the tip in and out, angling for g-spot. River puts her hands on the wall to push back and moans. I lift my head and look at her face. She’s smiling. I smile back. After a couple positions and some nice quick friction I stop to hold off. “Poor you. I have to stop just when we’re getting to the good part.” “Yeah, that was really good.”

We end up in jackknife, her legs on my shoulders, me watching the action down there, my cock going in and out of her remarkably wet pussy. We hear the kids waking up. “You should come this time.” I’m going slow, just a few inches deep. I feel it. “I can come like this.” I stay slow and shallow until my orgasm is imminent, then push in deep and hold it without moving until I feel the contractions of my orgasm pumping my jizz into her, feel it flow around my glans and stream along the underside of my cock as it seeks an exit from her confinement.

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I love it in the morning! Sounds like a sweet fuck.

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