Friday, May 6, 2011

“I was almost asleep.”

“We can go to that Italian restaurant. Come home and I rub your post-hike butt and whatever else you want. And then we’ll fuck.” “Sounds lovely.” I’m happy the rest of the day thinking about rubbing her butt.

River has a really fine ass. I’ve worn out many adjectives describing it. “Amazing.” “Perfect.” “Trim.” Not particularly descriptive adjectives. To me, it’s the perfect girl ass. What I’m hoping to see when I look at a girl’s butt. Just the right amount of shape. Unmistakably girl. Looking comfortable in a pair of old and somewhat loose jeans. Looking firm with a skirt wrapped around it. Looking edible in a bikini bottom. Looking smooth and supple and inviting as she turns and shucks her clothes, hoping I’m watching. I am.

Our new oil has a scent like cotton candy. I’m pushing her lightly oiled butt cheek around, pressing my fingers into it, squeezing it with my thumb, pushing deep circles in her gluteus minimus between her trochanter and her iliac crest. Her ass reminds me of firm jello. I visualize River's ass molded in jello. Cherry red. On the dining room table. We’ve almost thought of that before. “When are we going to make the plaster cast of your ass?”

I rub her back. My cock nestles aggressively in her butt crack. The increased hardness says it likes it there. I grab her cheeks, push them together, make them brush my cock, up and down. It gets harder, but not hard enough. Press it into her valley with my thumb, dry hump between her cheeks, a touch of oil improving the friction.

When my cock is prepared my thumb guides it into River’s vagina. And we fuck. Nice and easy. Warm sensations of being inside her. Thinking of where it goes. How impossible this seems. Our complementary parts. How we both like it.

I rub her back while we fuck. Indulging myself. Two of my favorite things. My hands outside, palms slipping down the curve of her sacrum, fingertips pushing up beside her spine to her trapezius muscles. My cock inside, anchoring me.

I roll her into spoons, first my hips driving my cock up into her, then barely thrusting while my hand rocks her against me and I fuck myself with her pussy.

Spoons is just a way station tonight. We roll in opposite directions and I’m on top. Face to face. Intimate and bonding. Energetic. Deep. I feel myself start to come. Almost. I keep thrusting into the feeling, slowly, winding up, until the first spasm of orgasm shoots my jizz into her and releases the tension.

“I was almost asleep while you were doing . . . something.” “You know I wouldn’t mind if you fell asleep. I was even wondering if I could.”

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