Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prelude and Fuck in C

We’re on for this morning. But not before 7. I have a bad sleep, and River wasn’t feeling well last night. And I’m thinking it’s too soon after Wednesday’s sweaty romp. As I lay groggily in bed I conclude that River’s sleep and studying easily outweigh fucking this morning.

River wakes up around 8 and reminds me of this morning’s date. She’s surprisingly fine with this random schedule. Maybe we’ll fuck after all. We smooch. Creating our own “sunny spot.” Then Brook comes down the hall and climbs into bed with us. I’ve got a feeling that River would be mostly ok with some stealth action. But I’m not that desperate. We can wait for a better time.

When I come back into the room River is doing some on-line shopping. Naked. My eyes trace the convex curve of her back, over her lumbar vertebrae and down to her ass. My fingers follow my eyes. “This reminds me of the last time we were on-line shopping together.” “Oh does it?” “And I see you remember too.” I pull in for a kiss. But strangely, I’d rather just bask in the presence of my naked sweetie without fucking.

Eventually we make it into the shower. But I don’t want to do it there, either. I want something nice. Something intimate. Something sweet. Maybe she’ll air dry on the bed. No, not today. Not even when I suggest it.

“You know what would be sexy?” I never miss an opportunity for her to tell me what’s sexy. “What?” “Breaking in clean sheets.” We change the sheets. But again Brook comes in, and the kids need lunch, and our morning date is turning into afternoon. Which is fine. “Do you have a plan?” “I’m just waiting for a nice time.” “Me, too.” But our neighbor runs some kind of noisy nasty-smelling lawn equipment throughout the afternoon. No respect for a quiet, beautiful weekend day. It’s just not possible to have an intimate moment together with that going on.

“I’d hold out for the balcony tonight. If it’s going to be warm enough.” “I think it is. But it has to be dark enough, too. I don’t want to be seen by anybody. Except you. They’re not good enough for me.”

The balcony. Nice. I’d like to get River outside more often. My plan is to sit outside on the chairs, naked, and talk, look at stars, enjoy a nice temperature, and when the time comes, move to the cushion and fuck.

We’ve got a new tub. Carefully chosen for its symmetry and its comfortable two-person capacity. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a tub that’s comfortable for both of us. But we’ve made do. Tonight we take our new tub for a test drive. Not that kind of test drive. Yet. Our balcony date has priority.

We fill the tub. Get in and face each other in the candlelight. My cock bobbing upwards in the deep warm water. Her legs spread wide, her secrets hidden by she shadow of her bush. “What kind of girl would sit in a tub with me, naked?” She raises her hand. And smiles.

We dry off. Walk into the kitchen. River opens the door and luxuriates in the fresh breeze, warm but cooling. I stand behind her. She drops her towel. Our naked flesh presses together.

It’s her idea. Out of the blue. The trampoline. Even though I’ve got the balcony ready to go, and we’ve put fresh sheets on the bed. And she's likened our back yard to a fish bowl. But it feels right somehow. My plans never work out. They just get better.

I walk naked into the back yard. Onto the trampoline. As River follows a light comes on in a neighbor’s window. But all the neighbors’ shades are drawn. For privacy. Theirs or ours, I'm not sure. River spreads her towel and we lie in the dark spring surface, side by side, cooling off from our bath, stargazing in the clear night. There’s no moon. And no hurry.

A soft sensual breeze blows gently on our bare skin. I feel free out here with River. Unconstrained. I finger my cock, hoping for the pleasant fullness of an impending erection. But it doesn't come yet. “No hurry.” More talking. More stargazing. And a shooting star. I hope it’s a good sign.

We sit facing each other. River’s hand stroking me. “You do that better than I do.” “I don’t see how I could, with all your years of practice.” “I’m not you.” Her hand on my cock is different. Like my hand on her clit is different

We kiss. There's the feeling I'm looking for. She does do it better than I do. “Will it work?” “Don’t worry. That always makes you lose ground.” She’s right. I’m glad one of us is confident. “You can stick a finger in and check the temperature.” My hand slides between her legs, my finger tracing down her lips, pushing between them, into her reservoir. What a strange thing to be doing in our fish bowl of a back yard.

She falls back. I fall forward onto her. She slips my cock in. I feel welcomed. Something we’re doing together. I harden fully in the wet friction of her pussy as we start to fuck. “Is anybody watching?” “I don’t know.” I almost hope someone is. But River doesn’t care.

This time we take full advantage of the trampoline, fucking with confidence, bouncing together, the springs creaking, the frame squeaking. River’s arms around me. Her feet on my ass where I like them. My ass scraping against her heels as I work my hard cock in and out. Her fingers brush my nipples, sending a warm tickle through my whole body. I return the favor by putting my hands on her breasts, flattening them, using her chest to move her in rhythm to our fuck.

“Do you have one in you?” “I don’t think so. I’m too relaxed.” Why interrupt a nice fuck just to have an orgasm. I almost understand. I never want to stop either.

River looks up at the sky. Her favorite thing to see when we fuck. I wish she could see it more often. But my view is better. My favorite thing to see when we fuck. Her face. Smiling.

“You’re remarkably ok with this.” She doesn’t fully know why. But she’s as into it out here as I am. “When should I come?” That’s my way of asking how long she wants to go. “Surprise me.” Carte blanche. No hurry.

An airplane flies over. When I’m on a night flight I often find myself looking at the lights below and wondering how many people down there are fucking. Tonight I have an answer. “At least two.”

When I push her legs up into jackknife the bounce is too much. My cock slams against her cervix with gravity assist. It feels deeper than I’ve ever gone before. Too deep. Back off.

I have to come sometime. Sometimes the longer we fuck the harder it is. This is one of those times. “I can turn around.” We stay engaged as she rolls into doggy and I fuck her from behind. Down into low doggy. Up into hello kitty. My hands on her tits. Anybody watching is getting a good show now. I should have sold tickets. It’s a treat watching the shapely symmetry of River’s ass as she fucks me. And I fuck back into her sweet pussy. Coming is suddenly no longer a problem. “I’m about to surprise you.” I can only partly stifle the groans as I hold River and come. We hold our position as my orgasm winds down. Eventually we separate. No hurry.

River walks back to the house first. I watch her ass disappear in the back door. Cool down. Watch the stars. And follow her.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I like random

I think this random schedule thing is working out pretty well. Despite not following it strictly. Which I think was part of the idea all along. It strains my perfectionist ways and my honor not to be strict. But rules were made to be broken. Especially these rules,

So what's to like? I feel more relaxed, calm, happy, and satisfied, not having to be in charge of sex so much. Knowing it will happen and I won’t have to make it happen. And always having something definite to look forward to.

I was worried I wouldn’t be as flirty and affectionate as before. But of course I am. Maybe even more so, since River can be sure I don’t have ulterior motives. Even though I do.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enthusiastic (and sweaty)

We wax River again. Nothing fancy. Pretty much a straight bikini wax. Not my best job. I don't think I'll be changing careers any time soon.

And now we’re on for a randomly scheduled fuck. Earlier I’d requested she start on top. But now I’m not as confident in my abilities. Not feeling as perky down there. We lay side by side. Her legs over mine. And talk. Nice and relaxed. I reach for my cock. Start warming myself up. “You should get a warm up, too.” Her hand moves towards her freshly waxed pubes. I watch her hand, fingers draped over the edge of her mons, doing her circles. And get hard. “I’m ready.” “That wasn’t much of a warm up.” “That’s what you think.” She slips my cock into her pussy. And I believe her. Wall-to-wall wetness. Now we fuck. Not the deepest position. But a good starter. Nice and relaxed.

“We don’t usually do this too long.” “Sometimes we do it like this.” She pulls my leg up onto her. Interlock. Better penetration. “We used to do this a lot. Maybe the entire time.” Did we? I remember thinking she didn’t like this position. But I get that impression too easily. “I like this position because I can reach like this.” My hand goes over her leg to her clit. “Or like this.” I reach under her leg. “And I can reach these.” I pull a nipple into my mouth. “It’s the all-access position.” And she can reach too. “It’s comfortable.” “Too comfortable. I could go to sleep.” “If you go to sleep I’ll be insulted.”

“Do you want to do this the whole time?” “Not necessarily.” She rolls us into spoons. Her firm ass pushing against me. My cock sinking into her. She has an idea. “What if you stay like that, and I get into low doggy? But I think my hoo might be too high.” “It works. We’ve done it.” She positions for low doggy with me still on my side. And it works. But I want the full effect of low doggy. I sit behind her. Fit my cock under her ass. Pull her hips. And push in. And in. And in. Wall-to-wall wetness.

Now we’re getting somewhere. My hands cup her taught ass cheeks. Then I plant my hands on the bed beside her, her waist fitting between my arms, holding her body in place, and pulling her back as my thrusts intensify and my eyes close and I feel the fuck. A nice long fuck in low doggy. River’s amazing ass spread in front of me. Her hair spilling onto her neck. Her breath escaping in involuntary moans. Until I stop to hold off. “That was some good action.”

“I hope I can finish.” “You have to finish sometime.” I’ve been not finishing since Monday morning. Maybe holding off tonight wasn’t such a good idea.

“Face-to-face.” Things really heat up. Sweat runs down my face. River reaches for the wall but we’re sideways and it’s not there. Straighten her out. She pushes back against it. Spreads her legs wide in her trademark V. I hold myself on my arms. Only our parts are touching. I bang her furiously until I feel my orgasm rounding the corner. Sweat. Thwacking bodies. Spread legs. A slow build. I’m coming. Groaning. Whimpering. Embedding myself in her. I fall to the side, panting and sweating. Recovering slowly in the cool breeze blowing through the window. When River comes back I’m too hot to snuggle.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


River is facing the right way for me to snuggle on her. Our naked bodies spoon together, mine behind hers. What’s this? My cock stiffening of its own volition. It doesn’t know that we’re scheduled for tomorrow night. Not this morning. It just knows one thing. But I can enjoy it. I add my will to its will. Pressing against River’s ass. Flexing my muscles. Squeezing my legs together. I slip my cock under her ass. Let it glide and wedge against her vulva. When I squeeze I feel it strain forward, seeking further into her fuzz. Retreating as I relax. My hips draw back, and press forward again. I feel the encouraging brush of her pubic hair on my shaft, magnified a hundred times on my glans as it scrapes through her muff, so close to the object of its desire. And River dreams. I hope.

I give in. My cock’s desire is now my desire. Reach under her ass, a finger finding her slit, parting her lips, feeling the reassuring moistness of her vagina. My cock slips into her. Into what feels like a wall.

River is no longer asleep. If she ever was. She reaches for my cock, adjusts things to her satisfaction, and we press our bodies together, mine into hers.

Not as slippery as usual. No matter. She’ll come around. It’s a small fuck. Just an inch or two, working in and out. I sigh. The exquisiteness of my cock fitting into her pussy. Her pussy enfolding my cock. How could I want anything more. But I do want more. I press in. But she’s not lubricating. No matter. We’re still fucking.

Yes, it is a matter. Here’s a better angle. A smoother fuck. But unless she gets wetter I won’t feel good about finishing.

My hand caresses her skin. Down her side. Over her hip. Fingers press into her favorite places on her back. I hug against her. We rest together.

I can fight instinct. But I can’t win. My hips pull back, drawing my cock out. I pay attention as I slowly slide out of her. The tip comes to rest at her entrance. Push forward. Through her friction. Dip in. Back out. Is she a little wetter? Maybe.

I know I won’t finish. But I can’t stop. My arm wraps around her, strong, constricting. I hear her breath being forced out with each thrust, deeper now, more powerful, meaningful. I think each will be the last. But there’s always another.

“I should get up.” “Instead of getting off?” I smile. “Should I help?” No. I want to do it. Be the master of myself. I pull my hard cock out. Slip my fingers along her slick fleshy labia. Into the wetness between them. I stand, my erect cock jutting unfulfilled. She joins me in the shower.

“That was nice. But I feel dishonorable.” Not waiting until Wednesday evening. “I’m not complaining.”

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our first randomly scheduled fuck

We’re on for this morning. Our first randomly scheduled fuck. Which isn't to say it's a fuck for no reason. It's a fuck to satisfy us both. Keep us both happy. But River had a completely wretched sleep. Mine wasn’t any better. I’m awake early. Wondering what kind of mood River will be in when she wakes up. If she wakes up. I’ve been awake half an hour and it’s still only 5:45. She didn’t say when I could wake her up. She can always wake me up. But we’ve got different priorities on sex and sleep.

Around six we’re both awake. She spoons on me. Maybe she’ll reach around and initiate. I like feeling her hand fondling my cock and balls like they’re her own. But no. She falls asleep. After about half an hour I stretch and disengage. At least it’s a nice time in bed with River. Snuggling against her soft warmth. Listening to her breathe. Dozing off.

The last thing I want now is for some obnoxious noise from outside to wake her up after I’ve been so patient. I take preemptive action. Kiss her awake. We have a lazy morning talk in bed about what needs to be done today.

Face to face on our sides. Pull her towards me. My hand on her back. Fingers knead her sleepy muscles. My dick gets hard with no effort. Like old times. I like it.

“I’m ready.” “What do you want to do?” Spoons. I push my cock beneath her ass. She takes it. Opens her legs. Lines it up. We push together as my cock slowly penetrates her, spreading the walls of her pussy as it inches in. And we fuck.

She’s nicely wet. Surprisingly wet. Her pussy making the smacky sounds when I pull out to the head. We both enjoy the fuck. Fucking easy as our bodies meld together. Fucking hard with my hands on her hip yanking her against me. Feeling her fuck back, seeing her ass move on my cock. A nice morning fuck.

But it won’t end with spoons. We’re well rested. We need something more exciting. I sit into t-bone, watching my entire cock slide out, rest against her dark lips, push in between them, push in harder, my hand still pulling on her hip until my cock is all the way in.

And it won’t end with t-bone. It’s been a while since we’ve done something silly. I flop into something which is nearly topsy turvy. Peering up at River from between her legs as my cock sticks into her at a strange angle while we fuck. Talking about how silly this is. We can be silly together. The view is interesting. I wish she could see it. It’s like being in two places at once. Standing in front of her and watching while she gets fucked from behind.

It can’t end here. I sit up into default. My thumb on her clit, now that we’ve fucked for a warm up. I circle her clit with my thumb, big circles, not too fast, not too hard. She gyrates against me, using my cock as a dildo, sliding her pussy on and off it while I keep the rhythm on her clit. We lift her ass and put a pillow under it for a better angle and deeper penetration. “Do you have anything in you?” “Nothing yet.” I think I know how she feels. I haven’t felt my orgasm coming on yet either. It’s been a delicious fuck though, nice and hard and slippery. I keep my thumb on her clit. It just feels nice having it there while we fuck. Then I lean forward, get more aggressive, switch my fingers to her clit, get a good bang going, close my eyes, hear us moan together. Now I feel it. When I’m nearly there I scoop her legs into jackknife. She knows what comes next. Long firm strokes, playing into my impending orgasm. But it isn’t coming. “I think I feel like you. Close, then it retreats.” “On purpose?” “No. We don’t have to finish.”

But I can’t stop. Now it’s a nice slow intimate fuck. “How can you get me to stop?” “By drying out?” She is getting a bit dry. We’ve been at it a while. I pull out. There isn’t even any clean up. We rest with her leg over mine. I fall asleep.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're on for Monday morning

By mutual agreement, and in light of our two recent unscheduled activity sessions, we’ve called off tonight’s date. The six-sided die says we’re on for Monday morning. I’m looking forward to that. I can’t remember when we last put a Monday morning to good use. But I’ve been wanting to ever since hearing, on NPR or something, that a reasonably large fraction of people do.

Friday, July 22, 2011

“I think I’m in the mood.”

“I think I’m in the mood.” I have to suppress my snarky thoughts. No wonder River’s never in the mood if she can’t even tell. And then I realize it’s amazing she’s saying that at all since not long ago I almost completely blew any kind of mood either of us might have. “Let’s skip the movie.” “It will last. I’ve had it all day.”

We’ll be in bed at 10:30. That’s a late start on any day, and she has to get up early early early tomorrow. And give me a good-bye kiss. I’ve got a feeling that the end of the day will just be the end of the day. But she’s following her own plan of stopping the movie at 10. I trust her to know what she’s doing. This must be some mood.

I light a candle before she comes into the bedroom. What she says sounds like my line. “Oh good. You’re still in the mood. I was thinking you might be too tired.” I was tired, but not any more. She gets on top. “I was thinking something fast and aggressive.” She rubs my cock against her fuzz. I feel her tits. My favorite tits. Just big enough to grab. They always help. But if she wants fast I have another idea. “That’s not such a good position for me to get hard. Let’s try this.”

I roll her onto her back. Sit beside her. Her legs fall open and I gaze at her in the candle light. My thumb goes briefly to her clit. But her tits always help. I feel their soft firmess, feel her nipples pucker, lefty, righty, as my cock quickly hardens. “Now I’m ready. See? You can get back on top now.” “Now that I see it, I’m thinking hello kitty. It’s been a while.” “I love hello kitty.”

River sits up in front of me. Reaches under for my cock. Slides her pussy down onto it without effort. “I’ve been ready all day.” And we fuck. Quick and aggressive. Then I sit back and let her do all the work. “I’m your dildo.” “I like that.” She pumps her snatch up and down my shaft. It’s hard imagining her wanting to do something like this with a real dildo. I’m flattered that she enjoys using my cock like this. For her pleasure.

As always, the view is amazing. I describe it to her. “My legs spread in a V. Between them, your shape comes down into your ass. Between my legs is . . . Under your ass is . . .”

I fuck back again. Reach around for her tits. Press her nipples into her body. She sits up into full hello kitty position, my hands still on her tits, her hands to the sides on my legs, her ass framed between her arms and my legs, her whole body moving up and down as she fucks me. “Quick?” “Quick.” I let myself come, pulling her back into me, she grinds down as I thrust in time with my spurts, emphasizing each one, moaning so loud the kids can probably hear it.

“That seemed way too quick for somebody who’s been in the mood all day.” “I’ll probably be in the mood tomorrow, too. For our date.” “Let’s make sure you have a good warm up.” “An early start.”

This random idea is working out better than I thought. And we haven't even had our first random “date” yet.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worth not waiting for

It’s not clear who’s going to be in bed first. But whoever is gets a no-strings back rub. Which is my name for a back rub that I give River which I won’t use as a prelude to sex. Much as I might want to. I’m not sure why I would want a no-strings back rub. A plain old back rub is fine with me. But the way the die came up, that’s the way it has to be tonight.

I’m first. That was River’s plan all along. To make up for keeping me up late last night. And now it’s late again. But I’m first. I strip and lie on the bed. River strips and oils me. She’s quick with the effleurage. But thorough. She oils my back, up to my shoulders, down to my ass. Her hands firm. Sure. Enthusiastic. She situates herself on me. “I’m rubbing my labia lips on your ass.” She laughs at her redundancy. I’m fine with it. Whatever it takes for her to rub her labia lips on my ass. I visualize her pudenda. From the front. Her trimmed muff. Her cleft descending from her clitoral hood and disappearing in mystery. From behind. The dark fleshy tips clinging together beneath her ass. Gapping ever so slightly towards the rear. Waiting for my tongue to pry them apart and probe between them. Inviting my hard cock to thrust them apart as they descend onto it.

She takes the massage up a notch. It’s overwhelming. Am I hyperventilating? Probably. No strings. Does that mean she won’t do me, but I can do her if I want? But what about rolling the dice? We’re supposed to wait three more days. But this has been such a nice day. And it could be even nicer.

She finishes. “Anything else?” I want to say “fuck me.” But I couldn’t possibly, given the circumstances. “That was a really nice warmup.” “Yes it was.” We lie naked next to each. Touching. I catch my breath. Then I roll between her legs. Push my cock against her vulva. Feel it pressing against her. Wait for it to harden. We were both expecting this. She reaches for my cock. Does her classic rub. Between her lips, over her clit, down to her opening, the tease, wondering when she’ll put it in, almost hoping she won’t, I don’t care, it feels so nice, then she pushes it down, I push forward, meet resistance, just when I’m about to back up for another push I feel it thrust her labia aside and enter her with a thplop I can almost hear. And we fuck.

She feels perfect today. Her nice frictiony slippery, almost grainy, sweetly stimulating. Fucking with sighs. Fucking with moans. Fucking with my foot on the floor. Fucking faster. Barely moving, just pulling her against me, then moving my cock, feeling it slip into her each time. In. And out. She feels perfect. And we feel perfect together.

I make it last. But it’s late. Finally I slow down. It will happen. A little closer with each thrust. Feeling my jizz already flowing into her before my orgasm has officially begun. Fucking through it. Her frictiony slippery. My slippery slippery. Then push and wait and we feel my cock jump and my load pump into her. “I liked the fancy ending.” So did I.

That was worth not waiting for.

This is going to be hard

I get home. Go upstairs to find River. She’s studying. She looks nice, with her brown hair and her smile and her eyes twinkling. We hug. My hand moves to her ass. “I feel something I like. I like you.” She’s braless. “You know it bums me out when you’re braless when I’m not even here to enjoy it.” “I took it off when you came home. You can still see the marks.” She lifts her shirt. Her nipple peeks out. “Let me check around front.” “They’ll be more in back.” “You’re so on-topic.”

I stand behind her. My hands start at her waist and slide up to her tits. They fit right into my hands. Her nipples are hard. Protruding. My fingers slip over them. Hard, yet soft. “Isn’t it nice being able to do this with no danger?” She wiggles her ass against the bulge in my jeans. “No-strings backrub for whoever is in bed first?” “I can’t answer that right now. I need to recover.” I move her hand to my hardening cock.

It’s the third day. This is going to be hard. But I think it will also be good for us.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A random idea

At the beginning of the year I said we’d be fucking on River’s schedule, after doing the past two years on my schedule. Well, not really my schedule. I think I’d be pretty happy fucking about twice as often. But it’s been a rough two and a half years for River, having to put out so much for my benefit.

We didn’t last long on River’s schedule. She doesn’t even know what her schedule might be. She thinks every three days on average, at most. Which is somewhat less than we’ve been doing. Maybe considerably less. We can try it, but I don’t want it to be exactly every three days, or always a day off afterwards, or whatever.

So we came up with an idea. Some time after we do it, we roll a die to figure when we do it next. To average out to every three days, every morning and evening has a 1/6 chance. Except River nixes doing it again the morning after, despite my morning-after hornies. So the morning probability is adjusted to 1/5, but never after the preceding evening. We roll for each following morning or evening until the die comes up “1”. Then it’s a date.

So we roll. Eight times the die comes up with something other than one. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. The ninth time is a one. Saturday evening. Four days out. Six days from our last fuck. “But we haven’t done it for two nights already. We should move it up two days to Thursday.” “You roll the dice and you get what you get.” I hope she remembers that on her period. “But those were ovulation days.” “I can live with that.” What kind of girl doesn’t want to do it when she’s ovulating? I guess she’s not a complete biological failure. We do have kids.

“But what about spontaneity?” “If we get an evening, we can do an afternoon instead.” “Is that enough spontaneity?” I have to think about that. I’m not sure what I’d do if River came on to me. Well, ok, I’m sure. But I’m not sure what I’d do afterwards. Just throw a freebie into the plan and stick with our next date? Roll again afterwards? I don’t know.

And I wonder if I’ll be less affectionate and flirty and attentive on the days when I know we’re not fucking. Or will I still be me, hoping River will be spontaneous? This will be interesting. I wonder if we’ll stick with it.

I wonder if I can hold out until Saturday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

River's new fetish

“If you like them you can wear them.” That was completely unexpected. Has she suddenly got a new fetish? And one she wants to make public, at that? Or has she had it ever since that night in Wyoming? Or longer? I thought we were buying the panties for her. Maybe I’m wrong. I play it nonchalant for the salesgirl. Like this happens every day. Maybe it does happen every day in the lingerie department. “Do you think they’ll fit?” “They always do.”

River also has some new bras. Back home she strips. Puts on a pair of the new panties. And models a bra for me. It’s black. It’s small. I feel nipple through it. I approve. Even though I wonder whatever happened to front-closure bras.

“Would you like to wear the panties?” “Is that your new fetish?” She doesn’t answer. Just slips them off and stands there in just her sexy black bra. Even sexier with her in it. I step into them. Slide them up over my parts. Fit myself into them. “Comfy, huh?” And stylish. “What now?” “Fuck.”

We’re on the bed in our tried and true position. River on her back, my attention divided between her sexy black bra and her sexy uncovered labia. Her fingers on my nipples. Sensitive. I can only imagine how much better her nipples work. She strokes my cock through the panties. Pulls it out the top. I tickle her lips with my parts, the thin fabric sheath brushing lightly up and down her vulva. “It’s going to be really wet. That time of the month.” Ovulation. Today. I can live with that. She pulls the panties down my thighs, takes my stiffening cock in her hand, rubs it against her, up and down her slit, bumping across her clitoris. The playful tease. “Like old times.” She dips it down. Into her pussy? She lets it push back up between her labia. Down again. This time? Not yet. “You can do that as long as you want.” I like the play. I like the tease. I like her touch on my cock. Then she pushes it down and I feel her notch it into her opening and I push my hard cock fully into her dripping pussy. I like that too. This is going to be a nice fuck. A nice long fuck in a nice wet pussy.

I start slow. “How fast would you like to go?” “You mean how long should we do it?” “I mean this.” I double the pace. River speed. Bang her good. Right away she’s moaning and dreamy-eyed. There's my answer.

It’s a nice long fuck. River letting me drive. All kinds of Reed on top. Shallow jackknife. Deep missionary. Steep default. Flying V with her legs spread wide and my cock plunging unerringly into her target. Magnetism. My hands reaching across her body. Each feeling through her bra for the nipple on the opposite boob. And finding it. Resting my weight on them. Then lifting her ass off the bed and fucking until I almost come. She feels my cock twitch inside her when I stop to hold off. “I’m not nearly ready to come yet. Now that I’ve got you here, I’m going to keep you here.” And give her juicy pussy the pounding it deserves.

I like a talkative fuck. And I have a lot of questions today. “Am I taking something from you?” “More like I gave it to you.” She stares at the ceiling. “What are you thinking about?” No answer. “Why don’t we do this every night?” Again no answer. I can’t trick her that easily. But why don’t we do it every night? Or every morning? “Do you have one in you?” She smiles sweetly and shakes her head no. As if having a couple orgasms would ruin such a nice fuck. Maybe it would, for her. She does enjoy a nice fuck. And it’s a nice long enjoyable fuck tonight.

“Your balls are getting wet.” It’s her fault. Her and her drippy pussy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I give them a feel. They’re pulled up tight. The way I like them. And moist with her juices. I like that too.

She’s got her legs spread in flying V. Such an accommodating position. We’re banging hard enough that they can probably hear the whack, whack, whack out on the street. My sweat drips onto her. I have to come one of these times. This is a good time. I just let it. After such a nice long fuck it’s incredible. My body twists with orgasm. My nuts go through the wringer as my come is squeezed from them and I ejaculate into her. I groan and strain against River as I come hard.

“What were you thinking about?” “What we were doing.” “I was thinking Reed and River are fucking. And they’re pretty good at it.” “That they are.”

Friday, July 15, 2011

“I can’t find my panties.”

“Is the hotel room not sexy enough?” It's pretty sexy. Boutique hotel sexy. River likes a sexy hotel room. “Because I have my panties on?” That’s one reason. Maybe we could do it with them on. That’s always fun. For me. “And because you’ve parked Brook in our room for the night.” “That hasn’t stopped us before.” “You mean it didn’t stop me.” “I brought the butter and foot cream.” Now she’s talking. We like to use the phrase “not entirely altruistic.” But in this case, it may be largely altruistic. She brought them for me, because I enjoy slathering her so much. And doing what usually follows afterwards. But one of the reasons I like slathering her so much is because she likes it so much. So maybe it’s a good balance between selfishness and altruism. I get to slather, she get slathered. But then we get to fuck which is definitely in my favor. But we’ll be fucking in a sexy hotel room which is something she likes.

I straddle her naked and slather her back. Her neck and shoulders get the attention she asks for. We tolerate a few kid interruptions. When I turn my gaze back to her I see she’s pulled her dark panties down halfway over her pale ass. That’s sexy as all get-out. I butter down onto her ass, then drop her panties below her gorgeous ass cheeks, fitting a palm to each one, feeling her yielding firmness.

“Low doggy.” She nods. I pull her panties down further and she slips them off as she gets into position. It doesn’t take long to get hard with her perfect ass thrust back at me like that. My fingers feel up her slit, to her clitoris, and back to the wet gash between her lips. My hard cock enters her. She pushes back. Back out. All the way in this time. And we fuck.

I’m worried about being too loud and obvious. Not for the sake of the giggling girls in the next room. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some entertaining sound effects. But I’m not sure how much the kids need to hear. We’re behind a curtain. But the bed is creaking a bit. And River’s pussy is making nice slurping sounds as my cock slides in and out. “Are we being too loud?” I guess not.

It’s a nice slow fuck in low doggy. My cock sliding all the way out. Back through the improbable spot. All the way in. A nice slow fuck.

River has proposed opposite sides of the bed tonight. It’s like having a new girlfriend. Only better. We go through spoons to interlock. For some reason we don’t seem to hit it quite as well in interlock as we used to. And a face-to-face finish would be nice. On the way there we end up with me straddling a leg, the other on my shoulder. It’s interesting but a little awkward this time so I slip fully between her legs and drive my cock home.

“Are you enjoying it yet?” “Yes.” “Me too.” How could I not? It’s one of my favorite things. I guess I wouldn’t enjoy it if she weren’t enjoying it.

A nice slow fuck. Going through our usual missionary variations. It will be a slow come. She feels nice today. Wet. But not too wet. Her nice frictiony slippery. My cock sliding in and out. Slowly. My orgasm building. Slowly. It will happen if I just keep going like this. I keep going. It happens. Push deep for the first spurt. Wait for the second spurt. And wait. Don’t move. There it is. The big spurt. I feel my jizz flow into her. Feel it flow around my glans. More spurts. A slow orgasm. “Goose bumps?” “Yes.”

Next morning. “I can’t find my panties.” I retrieve them from between the sheets at the foot of the bed. Hotel maids must find many a forgotten pair in that particular place.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I’m awake on and off from 4:30am. I get this crazy idea to fuck River this morning. I snuggle on her and wait. How can she sleep so long? Even when she looks at the clock she doesn’t wake up. Around 7 o’clock she might be awake. I snuggle on her some more and she still doesn’t wake up. What should I do? Sit on her, wake her up, get hard, and fuck? Too cliché. I know. Back rub. It’s been a while. I hope a back rub in the morning will be a treat.

My cock nestles against her ass while I do her rub. Not that I notice that much. All of my attention is on her. The muscles near her scapulae. Supraspinatus. Infraspinatus. Rhomboid. Her erector spinae seem especially meaty this morning.

My plan unfolds. “I’m going to get hard. We fuck. I come on your back so you don’t have to drip.” “Ok.” I hope I remember that last part and don’t get carried away.

It’s time. My cock has been leaking quite a bit. I take advantage of the nice lubrication, spreading it over my glans. When I move my thumb to River’s pussy I get hard in a hurry. It sounds wet. “This should be good enough.” The first inch pushes in under her ass. The second inch. “Definitely.” And we fuck.

Sometimes this position seems all about me. It’s like that now. I fuck how I want. As long as I want. But will I come? Maybe this will be another plan that doesn’t quite work out. Maybe we’ll finish later. I squeeze her ass cheeks together over my cock. Press my thumb against her perineum to guide it back in when I pull all the way out. We get some good stuff going with River’s hands on the wall. There it is. Faster. Can’t forget.

I feel like something may already have leaked into her just before I pull out and let my come puddle at the top of her butt crack. “So thoughtful.” I’m glad I remembered. Even though it’s fun getting carried away.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A cool pillowy breeze

“The worst thing about every three days is that it’s boring. Every two days would be boring. Even every day was boring.” “I agree.”

A nice cool pillowy breeze comes through the broken window. Caresses our bare skin with its soft pillowy coolness. River moves my hand to the cool smooth skin of her perfect ass. I catch a feel of fuzz as my hand slides here and there, over her cheeks, between her legs. “What are you doing?” “Thinking.” “About my butt?” “That. And about doing it in this sexy breeze.” “Want to do a sleepy sweetie?” “Sure. No warmup?” “No warmup.”

River stays on her side. I sit in t-bone. It's strange to think about. Getting hard and poking it into her receptacle. And coming. Even though we’re made for each other. It turns me on. But I have to ask. “Are you sure?” “Yes.”

I run my hands over her back, across her hip, down her leg, her supple skin light even in the dark. One hand brushing the tufts between her legs and finding her opening. One hand on my rapidly stiffening cock. My finger guides it into her. “That’s a bony boner.” “Yes.” Like it should be. She pushes back, helping it inch in as I feed it into her. It’s so sweet to be pushing such a nice hard one into the friction of her smooth wet pussy. We’re both in good form. And we fuck.

River rests on her side while I kneel behind her, slowly sliding my cock in and out, savoring the feel of her pussy, of her skin, of her. Wrapping my arm around her leg until I feel her bush. Pulling her towards me. Rocking her back and forth on my cock. Bigger. Harder. Smaller. Faster. I could do this forever. She can go to sleep. But can she moan in her sleep?

I roll into spoons. Hug myself against her. All kinds of fuck. Like I’m always thinking when we spoon. Then rest.

And more t-bone. I could come like this. Watching my tingly hard cock work her pussy. Feeling it fill her pussy. But this needs face-to-face. Flip River’s leg over me. “I was thinking of fancy hug this morning.” “Of course you were.” Hug down on her while my cock drills deep into her. “I like fucking you with a nice hard dick.” “Yeah.” “Thanks for the opportunity.”

We’re both in good form. Hard. And wet. Going together nicely. Her feet on my ass. Her hands on the wall to push back. Steep. G-spot. Pull out and penetrate so slow it makes me shudder.

We build up to a good rhythm. My cock feels huge. Pumping her. Pounding her. Her legs spread wide. How can she stand it? We're made for each other. Fast. Faster. Unbelievably fast. Where am I getting it. Push in. Way in. Feel cervix. And come. Push more. Come more. Push. Remember to breathe. That was incredible. Both in good form. A refreshing pillowy breeze caressing our bare skin. Us.

The usual t-shirt for cleanup. “You got that way up in there. I’m not even finding anything.” “I was really hard.”

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The fourth day

By mutual agreement, today is the fourth day. River thinks I’ve got a better chance of fucking her in the orgasm by waiting until today. I hope she’s right. This morning I misbehave and go on a long bike ride without notice. When I get home I eventually do things right. I think we’re on for tonight. I drink lots of water. Just in case.

But it’s late. Really late. Is the end of the day just the end of the day? I hope not. “Do you want the light on?” “Why would I?” “So you can see something you like.” I turn on the reading lamp beside the bed. I do see something. Something I like. River has the covers off her hot naked body. She reaches down as we talk, her hand traveling over the fuzz, her fingers resting on her clit. Not resting. Stirring.

I sit beside her. Eat her pussy? I've been wanting to. But she prefers hand jobs. I want what she wants. I take over. It’s hard to gauge by feel what’s going on in her body. I listen. Her breathing sounds relaxed. Calm. Like the breeze though the broken window. That’s good. For now.

“You can go the other direction.” I don’t think I’ve ever done that, aside from when I use my other hand. It’s a little awkward at first but my fingers fall into the rhythm, the hood between my second and third fingers rubbing smoothly over her clitoris. “You’ll have a counter-clockwise orgasm.” Now she starts to move, tilting her pussy up and down. Her clitoris is more prominent. Sweet wet smacky sounds from below as I circle it.

“Faster and lighter.” Thanks for the beta. It can be hard for her to talk to me at times like this. Her breath gasps. Her pelvis moves like it wants something. It does want something. I want it to. Her clitoris is fading. It’s close. But the finish doesn’t come. I keep going. Close again. But no finish. She can finish herself. She worries that what I’m doing is boring. It’s not boring.

I let my fingers drift to her pussy opening. It’s a velvety wet invitation. Very wet. Very inviting. I accept it with my tongue. Tasting her tang. Feeling the bump of her clitoris. Then letting her take over.

I watch. Her lips following the circles of her fingers. Her nipples waiting for me. I move a hand onto one, fingers brushing, hard nipple rolling between them. Her other nipple is not so hard. Yet. It comes to life in my hand, blood flowing, stiffening.

Her breathing says she’s closer. My finger slips tightly inside her. Pushing towards her perineum. Beckoning for her g-spot. And my cock comes to life. Rising in anticipation. Becoming nicely rigid. Ready to fuck her. In the orgasm. Sitting beside her with my hard cock and my finger inside her feels so right. For now.

“Here it is.” Her breath gushes. Her body gyrates. My finger is still inside. Pressing her g-spot. Circling it. I’m hoping to feel more, but anything else must be lost on me. This time.

Is she still coming? Is there still time to fuck her in it? I think so. I’m between her legs. I fit my cock to her pussy. Her wet velvet invitation. I know what I can do with that. I bury my cock in one quick powerful thrust. She’s still coming. I fuck hard and deep in her warm wet pussy. Her body squirming. Her cervix pushed aside. Her breath gasping.

We barely recover and she’s back for more. My dick is nicely hard, the whole thing fucking in and out of her while she does her clit. Did she even tell me when this one started? I don’t know. But suddenly we’re fucking hard, fast this time, pulling her against me with her shoulder, my foot slipping off the bed onto the floor, still fucking, I’ll come in this one, back onto the bed, still fucking, her still coming, my own orgasm almost here, then it’s here, I think, a continuous stream of orgasm while we fuck, but it’s satisfying, worth waiting for, and when we’re both through we slow down, and then I can’t even remember. Except her third.

“It’s not boring.” “It’s a little boring for me at first. Wondering whether anything will happen.” I’ve got about four stages. Not being sure I’m going to come, even though I almost always do. Getting onto the step, where I know I’ll come, but don’t know when. That’s where I like to be. Sometimes I can stay there, sometimes things just want to go forward. Next is when I’m about to come unless I stop. That’s the hold-off point. The partial orgasm point, sometimes. Sometimes I come even though I stop. And my final stage is when I’m coming. I wonder if River has stages anything like mine? She lists off a few—wondering, starting to move—then gets lost. It must be a lot different for her.

“I don’t get how you can have amazing orgasms like that and then not want to do it again for a while.” “If it always felt like that I might want to do it more often.” “You’re always saying you don’t need a warmup. Much as I kind of like just starting in without one, it seems like it’s always better with one.” I should insist. But we both get impatient. For the good part.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A blowjob

River has been making noises about doing it tonight. We should get some exercise. A walk or run. A fuck. Or both, she says.

So here we are. Is she regretting having signed up for some exercise tonight? Either of us can back out. But she asks. “Do you have anything in mind?” I do. Something I’ve been thinking about. Something that doesn’t happen very often. Something that goes well with River being on her period. “A blowjob.” “Ok.” “If I can get hard enough.” “That might not be necessary.” What? “Aren’t blowjobs used to get guys hard?” I guess so. That’s usually the boring part of the porn that I don’t pay much attention to. And that was back in the day when I couldn’t understand how it was possible not to get hard with a pussy ready to be fucked right in front of you. Erections just happened.

“Something is missing. Light, or music, or ...” I hit the divbyzero preset on the squeezebox. There’s our soundtrack. Our favorite music to fuck to. “That’s better.”

It takes her a while to get settled. “You’d think I didn’t know what I was doing.” She starts in. Her hand presses at the base of my cock. Right where she knows it works. Her warm wet mouth welcomes me in. “You know what you’re doing.” I can feel myself getting hard already. I want to come.

She swirls my glans somehow. “I liked that.” “This?” Swirl. “Uh huh.” It feels green, and blue, and red. I watch her head moving on me. Up. Down. I’m hard enough. The feeling of orgasm is on the horizon. She’s working hard. I run my fingers through her hair. Rest them at the sides of her head. Like I do sometimes when we’re fucking. She works harder. I want to come.

She needs a break. “If you want, you can just get on it.” “Would you like me to?” “It’s up to you.” She pulls her panties down. Stands over me. “Let’s see how good my aim is.” I hold my cock, pointing it up at her as she drops her pussy onto it, and keep holding it while she fucks me, with the different slippery of her period. I let go when she goes to single point. “Don’t wear yourself out.” I reach down to help lift her ass. “Don’t wear yourself out.”

She sits astride me. Fucks me. Slowly. Then harder. Faster. Exuberantly. Squashing down onto my cock. I feel her tits, wary of sensitive nipples this time of the month. Put my hands under her arms, lift her, drop her, make her fuck me. Not that she needs help. Move her hands to my chest. Watch the tufty fuzz spanning the gap between her legs as it swallows my cock again and again. I want to come.

I come. Grabbing her hips. Pulling her down onto me as I arc up into her. She squeezes onto me. My jizz pumps. I’m glad she finished me on top. I roll her onto the bottom to thank her, fucking her with my still-hard dick as long as I can.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A thousand nights

After yesterday and this morning I’ve got an idea. I tell River about it while we’re in the shower. “It will be a blog based on Arabian Nights. Every night the sultan will be hot to fuck Scheherezade, but she’ll always start things off with a story, and it will always be a story ending with rejection and frustration and he'll get so demoralized he won't want to do it.” She likes it. “I’ve got a lot of material you know. A thousand and one nights.” “Is that all?” “Maybe a thousand and two.”

River gets what I'm talking about. A thinly disguised reference to yesterday. And this morning. She moves to the side of the shower and pulls me in for a passionate smooch. My cock dangles against her trimmed bush and starts to swell, swinging back and forth against her fuzz. I have to finish getting it up with my hand, my other hand between her legs, River’s hand on my balls.

“Are you going to drop the soap?” “I don’t have to.” She bends over. “This is where I always start to lose it.” “I’ll make it easy.” Makes sure she’s spread far enough. It pops right in this time. And we fuck.

“You weren’t kidding about being wet.” There’s none of the usual watery friction. Just a nice fuck in her smooth slippery pussy. Doing it in the shower is getting to be a habit again. I can live with that. We've got a long history of shower fucks.

I should finish. Not save it for later. She just noticed her period starting and she might prefer to lay off for a while. Ok then. I grab her for a good bang. Pull her back while I push forward. Again. Again. It doesn’t take long. Watching her ass. Feeling my cock pound through the water into her moist pussy. I come with an ache and a groan. She wiggles against me. Side to side. Up and down. Then pulls forward and lets my cock fall out. Abruptly. “I thought I heard someone coming. Oh, that was you!” She’s a funny one.

The story that began yesterday has a new ending. “Ok, maybe only a thousand nights.”

Friday, July 1, 2011

Back home

“Would you butter my feet?” “What’s in it for me?” “I’ll take my panties off.” She slips them down. Her vulva bulges between her closed legs. I have to admit that I like the waxed and trimmed look. Not that I don’t also like it when she’s got a full bush. But her manicured pussy is a nice treat.

I take a long time buttering her feet. I’ve got a soft spot for them. We both know what comes next. “What do you need for a warm up?” I’m thinking eat her pussy. She hasn’t bathed since yesterday morning. Prime muff-diving time. “Buttering my feet was good.” Just as well. Her stomach muscles are sore. We’ll probably keep her off her back tonight. Not that she ever asks for cunnilingus.

I sit next to her. One hand working towards her clitoris. The other hand working me. “I do both of us.” “You like that, don’t you?” “Yes. I do.” Unlike some other things that I can’t do a decent job of at the same time, like fuck and massage, I think I do well at pseudo-mutual masturbation. Mostly I concentrate on her and my thing takes care of itself without too much attention. But the results are obvious.

We've agreed on low doggy for her sore stomach muscles. “Wow.” She’s just seen what I’ve got to fuck her with tonight. A classic hardon angling up between my legs. My balls snugged up tight beneath it.

I kneel behind her, my fingers part her lips, feeling her wet, she reaches down to hold things open, I push into her, and we fuck. It’s nice to be back on our bed. I alternate kneeling behind her with sitting behind her. Grabbing her waist and shoulders with folding my hands behind my head. Pressing down on her back while I fuck her hard, with just moving the head of my cock in and out of her pussy opening. I pull out all the way, see my entire cock, not even touching her, then push forward, my cock finding its target and plunging in.

Her moans are making me want to come. The shape of her ass spilling out from her waist is making me want to come. I’m going to come. It’s like a full-body orgasm. My torso thrashing and my breath gasping while I fuck into her pussy over and over and deliver my load. Somehow she grabs my ass and pulls me further into her. “I wish you’d seen that one in a mirror. I wish I’d seen it in a mirror.”

River sits up and we afterfuck, my cock still plenty hard, until I finally pull the plug.

“There were no problems with dryness in that position tonight.” “I know. I was impressed, if I do say so myself.” “Me, too. You can say so yourself.”