Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1: River initiates the best fuck in town tonight

"You're initiating tonight. That means we might be doing it somewhere interesting." I've killed the mood. And it gets worse from here. River pulls us out of the dive. "Let's be sweet to each other." I remind her that's one of the terms she came up with for "let's do it". I warm up the bed. River undresses. I stand behind her and run my fingers up her sides. She walks to the bed. "I don't have a plan." "My plans never work. They just get me horny."

River takes charge. "Lie down. On your back." She oils my chest. Feels nice. Down to my balls. Feels nicer. "I like your plan." I reposition myself so I can watch. Her hands on my cock. Gently pulling along the shaft and up over the head until it gets hard enough to push. One hand pressing under my balls. "When I press there it gets harder. Unless you're doing that." Probably some of both. It makes me want to squeeze when she does that. And it makes squeezing more effective. "It will get hard if you're patient." She's patient.

"I have to get myself ready." She straddles me and continues to stroke my cock with one hand while she reaches down and does circles on her button with the other. "You're doing us both at the same time." "Thought you were the only one who could do that?" I get a taste of what it must be like for River, with me straddling her and doing both of us before the stick in. I like it.

It's not quite as hard as I'd like when she's ready and gets on and slides all the way down. "That was smooth." Nice pullouts. "I don't think you can really do a full pullout when you're on top." "Like this?" It comes out and flops down. "If it were harder I could squeeze it and it would lift high enough for you to scoop it back in." But it's not hard enough. I reach down and position it and she scoops it back in. We share the blame next time it comes out. Both getting greedy. I reach down again and position it for her. "I like putting it back in." That's what she always says.

We've got a nice reversal of our usual roles tonight. Maybe she'll fuck me in the orgasm instead of the other way around. "Do you have one in you?" "Probably not." "You've changed your mind before." "Maybe if I were on the bottom." "You have to stay up there for a while. 135, reverse cowgirl, ..." "All the River on top repertoire." She does single point. I let her do all the work. It's always such an amazing feeling. "You're . . . fucking . . . me . . . with . . . your . . . cunt." The phrase that always comes to mind as I writhe in ecstasy under her. I fuck back. Reach under her butt and help lift. Our bodies slapping together. She's always liked that. Me too. We slap long and hard until River needs a break. She falls back and I'm pulled up and almost roll over on top of her. "That's cheating." I pull her back up. Exuberant bouncing. My chest is too slippery to brace her hands on. She slides her boobs on it then puts her hands on me for the power fuck. "You look nice up there." Making me want her with her small tits. "Thanks." I put my hands on them. "Our bushes collide." "I trimmed most of mine." "That's why it feels spiky." 135. But the other direction this time. 225? "More like 90 degrees." "Whatever works for you." And reverse cowgirl. Pushes my legs together. Feels my balls under her. I put my hands on her butt and spread her wings. Before she gets off I pull her back so she's lying on top of me. We can't quite get it going though. "We used to be able to do this better."

She rolls us over into spoons on our left sides. "Where are we going?" "This is nice." A really deep spoons position. I fuck her, I reach down and put my hand on her hip and hold still while I rock her, we fuck each other, I pull out and linger then push it all the way back in, then back in faster, then pull out and linger and slam it in as hard and fast and deep as I can, over and over, rougher than I've ever done before. Grabbing her boobs, one hand under her body and one on top. I'm surprised she's not bruising and telling me to take it easy but we're both liking it. Then take a break and just hold it in and be sweet together. Make the squishy sucky sounds we like as we work things around.

Roll her over, aiming for inviting but she goes all the way to butt. "Not too deep this way." It seems like what we just did in spoons was a lot deeper. But I do a small fuck. How it would be if my dick were just a few inches long. She fucks back. "That's nice." "Do you have one in you?" "Maybe if I roll over and get access." We keep it in as she rolls under me. I straddle her left leg, then get between. It's like coming home. She's on her button. "What do you want me to do?" "Whatever you like." I can do that.

She does her clit. I fuck. Doing what I like. Her right leg on my shoulder. Using it to pull her towards me as I penetrate. Then her left leg. "So I can reach my hoo better." It works better for me too. I pull her hard against me with every thrust. Doing what I like. It's taking a while. I hope she doesn't have to give up. But she takes her hands away and lies back. "Are you giving up?" "I don't know." But she isn't. I rub my cock around her opening while she keeps going. Put my hand down and feel it slip between my fingers and into her as I do full pullouts. Doing what I like. So much I have to pull out and stay out a while to keep from coming. "I like seeing your smile." Then I'm back. Sucking her nipple into my mouth and pulling it with my lips while I stroke my tongue across the tip.

This time I think she's got it. She leans back, I lean forward, and fuck her fast and hard in default. Really fast. Then missionary, fast and deep. River always like fast. I'm not going to slow down until I come. And I come, and I haven't made so much noise since I don't know when, and River is pushing against me and helping and it's amazing and I'm not even sure what's happening except I'm coming and feeling a little bad that I can't keep fucking River but it all seems ok somehow and we've just had another tremendous fuck. I wince as my sensitized head collides with the oncoming traffic of her cervix. We have a sweet and long afterfuck until it finally slips out. River doesn't even want to roll over and go to sleep right away.

"Did it work?" "Yeah. That was perfect." "Best fuck in town tonight." "Yeah."

"We should be sweet to each other more often." "I've been saying that for a long time."

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