Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 2: That's one of my favorite ways to do it

"How should we be sweet tonight?" "Maybe just snuggle." "Works for me." A nice spoony snuggle. Then we talk. About doing it for week. About other things. "Are you trying to talk me into it?" It seems like she is. Maybe her horny time of the month is working. "I said you should make the next plan. You're good at it." "It's good to take turns." "I have kind of a boring plan." "For me or you?" "You." River thinks I think doing it in bed is boring. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's always exciting. It's just that some places are more exciting. "It won't be boring for me." I sit up and look at River and feel it. I put my boring plan into action. Get on top. "What do you need for a warmup?" "Just to be warm." Hug on her. And try to arouse myself. "Is that working?" "Yes." Sit up and pull the covers over my head onto her. I can feel River in the dark. And feel myself. But it's awkward. I stop just before I fall over on her. It's a nice one. The boring left leg, right leg, between her legs. Nice enough to do the teasing rub on her parts. Down to the opening, up to the clit, repeat until it's time to dip it down and push in. Maybe not so wet today. That's surprising. A good chance to just move the head in and out and feel all the niceness. Then a little deeper. And deeper. There it is. Full pullouts. All the way out, not touching, back in through the improbable part. Half missionary. Deeper. Missionary. Even deeper. No talking. Just breathing. And fucking. And more fucking. And more. Hug and fuck. Faster. And faster. River appreciating. Making me want to come. Like it always does. Just before I come I pull out and put it partway in and leave it there, thinking I'll come that way. My orgasm wells up and just as I'm about to shoot the urge overwhelms and I push in and River pushes back even harder and we squeeze together until it's over. "Boring?" "Not for me." "Me either." "That's one of my favorite ways to do it." "Me too."

"That was our walk for today." "Next time let's take a walk in the park."

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