Thursday, June 10, 2010

Giving you a back rub would get me in the mood

"I'm going to get really tired pretty soon." "Thanks for the warning." We go upstairs. Snuggling. "Are you in the mood?" "I don't know." I was earlier but I'm not sure I've got anything. Maybe a little something. "Are you in the mood?" "I could be." "Giving you a back rub would get me in the mood." It would get River in the mood too. So I start.

The middle of her back needs attention. Nice feedback. "My butt needs a rub." I can do that. I feel some response as I oil her and rub. She must know what's happening when I take one hand off her. I'm in the mood. And I'm getting hard.

It takes two hands to find her opening. "That's what I'm looking for." Then a couple tries to find it again with my impaired left hand. But I stay hard. Move up, push it down, slide it in, hear her sigh. And fuck.

River's hands are already on the wall. Sounds of suction. Butt position single point. Waiting a moment before pushing back in. Nice feedback. Reach under for her hands. Squeeze them on each push. Squeeze her.

"What are you in the mood for?" She is in the mood. I've been thinking inviting, but now I have a different request. "Can you spread your legs?" She can. Like missionary only she's on her front. "How's that?" "Fine. Maybe even more stimulating. This is what it would be like if you tied me up." "Is that a hint?" "No." I think maybe it is. She said I could tie her up again. The straps are still there.

This position is harder for me though. Holding my parts at the proper level is a bit awkward. Maybe because I'm weak. Maybe not. Slip a pillow under to prop her up. Doesn't help that much. "Maybe I need to be on my knees." "That would be good." It may be softening with the uncertainty of what's going on.

River moves into doggy. Legs together. Our usual way. The friction is good. The view is good. No drying out. No queefing. River goes to hello kitty. She does all the work while I get comfortable. "Do you have enough bed?" I'm running out behind me where I'm trying to lean back on my arms. "I'm ok. Are you comfortable?" "Yes. I like the mechanics of this position." I like the view. I like River doing the work. I like how it feels.

Reach forward for her tits. Always right where they should be. Feeling the nipples, squeezing, rolling. "I like that." I like the feedback. I worry a bit about balance and let go. River is fucking me with her cunt. I'm helping, trying to maximize the pullouts. River never seems to pull out as much as I do. Unless I remind her.

"I'm ..." River does a few more strokes then squeezes down on me as I gasp and orgasm. And gasp some more. "I was trying to say I'm coming." "I knew that." "We're not through yet." A good hard afterfuck. Then River rolls over and we're face to face with her legs around me. Somehow she kept it in. "Nice job." "I thought you'd want to relax." I want to fuck some more.

We would both do that spread leg position again. Maybe with the restraints next time.

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