Saturday, June 12, 2010

A nice snuggly sleep-in morning

A nice snuggly sleep-in morning. River snuggles over and puts her leg on mine. I feel her leg against my balls. She must feel my balls against her leg. Fuzzy. Like she likes them. I'm feeling a reaction. And more reaction. Seems like she's about to get out of bed when I take her hand and move it down to my hardness. Her left hand. Not her preferred hand. But I like them both. She brushes her hand up and down my cock. It's nice. "What do you want to do with that?" It feels nice just having her touch me. I like the attention. I don't need to do anything else. "I don't need to do anything." Maybe she wanted me to say I'd like to fuck her with it. Probably not. She probably would have been more direct if that's what she wanted. It's me who's not always direct. She rolls over and we spoon. "Unless you want to do something." "I'm not going anywhere." Maybe she's not direct after all. I push it down beneath her butt. Let its stiffness push it against her as I move it along her snatch. River pushes the covers off us. Sticks her leg in the air and rubs it against her and sticks it in. Slow start in spoons. Go smaller and feel it get wetter. Then faster. And deeper. We've been doing it slow a lot lately. It's nice to go fast. Looking down at her butt. Again I'm thinking inviting. Roll River over. She goes into butt position. That works. Powerful thrusts. Fast. Slapping together. Deep. I feel a little strange just banging away like this. Roll her for face to face. She reaches for her button. Unexpected. Surprising sweetie. Stay out of her way. Move enough to stay hard but try not to distract. Pull her right leg up and towards me. Feels good but maybe distracting. Mouth on her nipple, sucking it in and out, sliding my tongue over the end, squeezing with my lips. I feel her hand rubbing against me as she does herself. Other nipple. Sit up with hands on her boobs. This is a bit of a balancing act for me since I'm weaker. She takes a break. "You can come first." "Not if you're going to." "My arm's getting tired." She goes back to it. It's hard work today. Why don't I think of trying to help. She's at it for a while then lets go. Doesn't say anything. I don't know whether it worked but I fuck her like it did. Hard, deep, fast, long. Her legs around me. It's really wet now. Slippery smooth. But I don't think she got there. Something about her reaction just doesn't seem right. Not flowing enough. Not as much abandonment. It's still a good time though, face to face with River. My orgasm is taking longer than I would have thought. I could have come long ago but wasn't ready. Now I feel a little bit like River as I pound into her again and again with my whole body, trying to get there. I guess I prefer having to hold off over having to make them happen. But it will happen. The warm tingle is there. It's spreading. It's heating up as I pound in until I can't stop it and it explodes as I pound in again and hold it and feel myself come and feel River's pubic bone pressing back against me as I press in to get everything out of it that I can then collapse and breathe. "You just wanted me to make waffles, didn't you?" We stay in bed together a while longer but still get up before the kids. I make waffles, with a special one for River.

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