Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Muff dive warmup with swirling colors

"I feel like the world's worst cunnilingist." "Because I wasn't getting into it?" "Yeah." I really enjoy doing it, but even more so when I'm getting some feedback from how she's moving or breathing, or when she's telling me things. "I was just relaxing and enjoying it, letting colors swirl in my head. It really enhances the experience." I feel better now. Colors are one of River's favorite things. Letting colors swirl in her head while I'm diving her muff is flattering. Like when she just relaxes and enjoys massages. I was hoping something like that was going on. "You're getting better. I didn't really have one in me. But you got everything warmed up." She says it does make a difference. Her vaginal walls felt more textured. Or maybe just her g-spot. To me it was wetter, kind of a drippy wet, not a sticky wet, and smoother. But it's also her gooey wet time of the month.

"I'm going to take a short bath." Interesting. That's one of River's ways of getting in the mood. She bathes. Dries off and gets on the bed. "I'm sprawling disreputably." "I've got a bit of a plan." "Oh?" "Could I lick your clean pussy?" "I'd allow that. But I'm not sure I've got one in me." "I'm not sure I could get it out if you did. I enjoy it whether you have one or not. Just like you enjoy fucking with or without." I no longer feel infectious and we do a few kisses. Then we get River set up at the edge of the bed with me kneeling on the floor with a pillow. It worked well before. Tastes like clean pussy. A little watery, but ok. She tries her feet in various places. My shoulders, my legs. I kind of like that, with her legs in close to my head. It's cozy. Ends up with one foot on the bedside table and one on my leg. Like the "cunnilingus chair" where she had one foot up on the radiator. Whatever works for her. I'm flexible. I spend some time probing here and there, licking with my whole tongue, then move in on her clit and keep it there. Trying to do big circles with the right firmness. How often to change things up a bit. I don't want it to get boring for her. But I don't want to be too erratic. She seems fairly constant when she does herself, but she can feel just what to do. I stay fairly constant but change every now and then for my own reasons. Maybe I'll hit on something she really likes, or she'll tell me to keep doing what I was doing. I'm really not getting much feedback though. I hope I'm not indulging myself at her expense and wearing out my welcome. My hand has been wandering, to her nipple, her tummy, her bush. I come up for air. "Any hints?" "You can fuck me now that you've got me warmed up." "I'll see what I can do." I reach for my cock. That's a nice thing about having River on the bed with me on the floor. It's easy to do myself. It hasn't been getting erect on its own, but she's got me leaking. It gets harder as I work on it. River asks me to dry her off. I try, but she takes over and does a more thorough job. "Don't want it too wet." Move my left thumb onto her pussy. "You said once you're warmed up you stay warmed up quite a while." "Right." "I like feeling you with my thumb." "Because it's your biggest finger?" "I don't know." It does feel nice sticking my thumb inside her. Now my cock is hard enough for a stick-in. "That looks nice." "It's been better." Scoot River back and do the stick-in and have it immediately get harder. "That's nice." A nice solid Reed-on-top fuck. "Is it better after a warmup?" "Probably." "Probably?" There's not a whole lot of room. My legs hang off the edge of the bed. A couple times I cross my legs and lift my feet into the air behind me so they don't dangle off the bed. It makes me feel like tinkerbell which is a little ironic while I'm fucking my sweetie. We're mostly doing default and missionary. I consider doggy, but this seems like a good night to just stay on top. Into jackknife and aim for River's g-spot. That does seem better for her with the warmup. And I like how it feels sliding past her pubic bone and along her front wall. I need a break to keep from coming, and feel the flow of a half-orgasm as I stop. We continue with my hands on her head pulling her against me. My contribution has made things even slipperier. I move a hand to her shoulder and speed up. Our bodies slapping together, going even faster. Am I thanking River for letting me eat her? If I am then I'm not entirely altruistic. It's intense for me, and I feel the beginnings of an orgasm, and keep the speed up until I come and squeeze into our drippy wetness. "At least we should sleep well." "I have an orgasm and it helps you sleep well?"

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