Friday, June 18, 2010

Finishing later, or, those tantric guys might be on to something

Neck rub. Eye gazing. "Did you remember?" Smiling. Slippery nipples. Thumb clit. Stick in. Perks up. No turn for River. Half jackknife. Heart attack. Dripping. On top? In a few minutes. Drying out. Getting sore. Legs forward. River arches. Hands under. On top. Come quick? Exuberant. "Full pullouts." Single point. Hugging. "Do you not like that?" "I guess not." "Good to know." Back up. Single point. "Here it is." Extra special orgasm. Afterfuck.

River's neck has been bothering her. I offer to help if I can. "It would probably work best with me sitting up." I sit behind her. The leverage isn't good. She has to resist with the same muscles I'm rubbing. Turn around. Face to face. Forehead to forehead. Eye to eye. "Tantric eyegazing." "I'm gazing at your boobs, too." "I'm not sure it's the same when you look like a cyclops." "I think those tantric guys might be on to something though." I've felt like a spring all day after not finishing this morning. A shiny flexible piece of metal running straight from my brain to my nuts, making my cock want to stiffen to relieve the tension.

We gaze while I rub. Her shoulders feel unusually tight. I hope I'm helping. If nothing else it's a good warmup for me. River leans back across the bed. "You haven't forgotten? What you were going to finish." I want to pull her to the edge of the bed and put my face in her muff. "I haven't forgotten. Let's see if I've got anything." I try. Maybe a little something. River has her arms up behind her head as she lies cross-wise on the bed. "You look resigned." "I'm smiling." Too dark to notice. Dab some oil on her nipples. "I like slippery nipples." "I like them too." Feeling her boobs always seems to help. Sit up with my left thumb on her clit and my right hand on myself. I'm trusting my left hand more lately. She's said the thumb is more subtle than fingers.

I haven't gotten hard enough for a decisive stick-in. Hard enough though. It goes in a little soft but firms up quickly when it feels the wetness and welcoming squeeze of her pussy. "Do you want to have a turn?" Not tonight. It's a nice long fuck, picking up where we left off, missionary, jackknife, half jackknife with my hand on her left tit. "I hope you don't have a heart attack like that. I'd never get you off." "I'm not going to have a heart attack." We're both hwp and healthy. I like being hwp with River. "I don't think girls are supposed to say things like that while we're having sex." "You can say whatever you want."

It's been one of the warmest days of the year. River has opened all the window blinds and the balcony door. It's almost like being outside. "Do you want me to be on top?" "In a few minutes." I like River on top. It's hard to believe I can postpone an offer like that. But that's how much I like being on top with her. My fuckable and appreciative sweetie. But she says she's getting sore. I turn my head to look up at her feet above and behind me, one on my left, one on my right. And something runs out of my nose. "Did I just drip on you?" "Yes." "Sorry. It's the sinus rinse. You're above and beyond the call of duty." More missionary. "I like feeling your feet rub on my butt like that." More drips.

"Let's get you on top. You can probably make me come pretty quick." I bring my legs forward. River puts her hands behind her and arches onto me and fucks me. "Or we could just do it like this." That would be fine but it looks strenuous and I want her on top now. We try to figure one out where we were holding hands under her legs but can't get it to happen again. I lean back and she's on top, having an exuberant time, bouncing on me, a good ride. I'm trying to relax and enjoy the fuck with her doing the work. "Full pullouts." "Is that a request or a comment?" "A request." She bounces higher. Then single point. This is worth keeping still for, just feeling her cunt slide up and down my cock. But she needs a break. I hug her to me and fuck her from the bottom until she sits back up. "You don't like that one?" "I guess not." "Good to know."*

I put my hands on River's boobs while she fucks me. It's taking longer than I thought it would. Back to single point. This is going to work. I don't move. My eyes must be closed. All I can see are fantastic designs in my mind as River fucks me with her cunt. "It's coming." I explode in a noisy writhing orgasm, pushing towards River, not knowing where I am or how long I've been coming and finally collapsing back into River's afterfuck and breathing.

"Where are your balls?" I'm pretty sure they're where they should be. I feel River's hand as she reaches back and checks them. "Is that why you wanted to finish later? The extra-special orgasm?" I think those tantric guys are onto something. All I can do is breathe while River cleans up.

* I ask River about this later. It's not that she doesn't like it. She was liking the other sensations better. I'm glad I don't take this as an edict and not try it again for years. That's happened before.

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