Thursday, June 17, 2010

No-strings massages for both of us

In the shower we make plans to give each other massages. No getting too tired. We get a late start. I get mine first. I like River's effleurage. Quick and light. Mine is heavy and slow. She does the fists on me. Sides of the spine, then farther out. It's a satisfying power stroke, and going wider is brilliant. I'm taking mental notes as my feedback purrs out. I enjoy her doing my butt. "I see why you always want me to do your butt." "You have a cute guy butt." She can say that all she wants. "Girl butts don't get any better than yours." It's a good thing I can say that all I want. I say it a lot. I like looking at nice girl butts. I think it's good to keep up an interest in them. So does River. She even spots some nice ones for me. "Anything else?" I ask her to hit a spot between my shoulder blades that was just hinted at earlier. That's the spot. "Anything else?" "Stick your dick in me." "That would be a surprise." I've been imagining what it would be like to have a pussy and have River do me with her hard dick. I would like it. "Like this?" I feel her thrust on me, her bush sliding against my legs. "Yeah." I would like it. She's got me relaxed. I could fall asleep right here. But she's also got me wanting to return the favor. She gets on the face pillow. I oil. I try her quick and light effleurage. Playful. I like it. I'm always so intense. I do the fists like she did. Her sides, kneading her butt, backs of her thighs. Tops of her shoulders by request. Finish and hug down on her and squeeze her hands and breathe deep. Snuggle and sleep.

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