Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitchen skirt fuck

"It's ok if we don't do it tonight." We're both sick. Especially River with her breathing. I don't want her to go back to the hospital for fucking. And she wouldn't want to go while she was dripping afterwards.

"I'm feeling friendly." Friendly means she's got some libido going and wants to do it. I know how she feels. I'm always feeling friendly. Except my nipples don't get tender from ovulation. "You've been feeling friendly for days." "We wouldn't want to pass that up. Can you do it without making me breathe too hard?" "I don't know, can I?" It comes down to whether she'd enjoy it. We have a hot hug and smooch and my hand runs down to her butt, feeling her shape. She'd enjoy it. "I'm not wearing panties." That's friendly. "Earlier today you were leaning against the counter, with your legs spread." She leans against the counter and spreads her legs. "And I wanted to do this." I stand behind her and give her pussy a feel through her skirt. No panties. Undo my belt and drop my pants. Am I reading her mind? I hope. I've got the pleasant weightiness. Do myself with one hand, reach under her skirt and feel her with the other, her bush, her skin, her flaps and folds, her wet pussy. I want to sit on the floor and eat her while she's standing over me. She probably just wants the good part tonight.

I think it's as hard as it's going to get tonight before we start. We try to get it in from behind while she's standing at the counter but it's not hard enough. Try again. River takes off her shirt with one hand. "Can you do your bra with one hand?" Useless bra she doesn't need. "Sometimes." "I can do it with my teeth." Feel River's boobs. Turn her around to kiss. Use my hand. Kiss some more. It doesn't get any harder than the first time and still doesn't go in. Third try. River is patient. She must want it. She does want it. Turn her around again. River does me with her hand. That feels better. "How can you do me better than I can?" "It feels better when someone else does it." Same with her. "You're making me wet." "Nice." "It will work for a kitchen skirt fuck. You like interesting things." This time it feels harder but it's still not going despite River standing on her toes and us taking turns propping it up.

River suggests starting on the floor. She must really want to do it. She's turned down floors and other uncomfortable situations before. Who should be on top? Me. I need to drive for a while. "The kitchen floor will never be the same." "We've done this before." "With the cherries." "It's the trampoline that will never be the same. Except we gave it away." We'll have to inaugurate the new one this summer. At least the floor is fairly clean today. It's a little hard maneuvering with my pants around my ankles but we get set. I slip a finger in and circle her g-spot. Wet. She wasn't kidding. She never does. Something I like about her. "Have you ever done your g-spot?" "No, just you." We'll have to find out what she likes. It's ok if she just likes me doing it but I'd like to see what happens if she tries.

Feeling River's g-spot and looking at her on the floor ready to go in just her skirt gets me hard enough. She looks good in a skirt. It goes in. Stiffens in the wet friction of her pussy. This is what we've been waiting for. "Are you comfortable?" "Yeah, are you?" "Except for my knees." But I've already forgotten about them. "I don't have much range of motion with my leg and my pants. That's why it's not in very far." We scoot around and get it in farther. Nice full-length strokes. "I'm helping." I like it. "I could pop off any time." It's been a week and we're fucking on the kitchen floor and River's still got her skirt on. And a jade necklace. And she's into it.

We take a short break to stand back up. This time we get a good deep decisive stickin. Hide River's butt under her skirt so I can't see it. Just feel it. Grab her and admire her shape and fuck with my pants still down around my ankles. "Now I know why girls wear high heels." I suggest a few possibilities but they all lead to one thing. "It's all about fucking." River doesn't need heels. She's barefoot. On her toes. A slow fuck. Sinking in from her lips to the very end of her cunt. And back. "I like slow. I can feel every nuance." "I like it too." Slow but deep. Feel our bodies press together. "Remember the time you said I could only not come once? That was fun." This time we take a few short breaks. A sweet fuck but it won't be a long fuck. I've been close the whole time. I need to come. "Just a few more." Really slow. Slide back in to her wetness that's both warm and cool, feel it surrounding my cock, coaxing my orgasm along. "One more." As slow as I can. It builds as I push in and comes right at the end, the squeeze stiffening it inside her, leaning against her to stand up, my legs against hers, holding me up as I come, feeling the spurts, one, two, three, four, five, six, .... "Did you feel that?" "Yes. I'm glad you did it slow." We stay together and afterfuck. Grab a dishtowel from the stove for cleanup. The kitchen has some advantages.

"You have the patience of a saint." I picture Joan of Arc doing it. "That was my libido." I'm glad we didn't pass that up. "That was really friendly when you said you weren't wearing panties." "It was meant to be." My goo has liquefied and drips down her leg. I knew about the leg, but I didn't know about the liquefication until I had to bring samples to the lab in a little bottle and they'd gotten all runny by the time I got there. It's not the kind of stuff a guy tends to keep around too long. I just knew that in the shower part of it will wash away and leave sticky stuff that likes to stick in hair and to the bottom of the tub.

Upstairs in the bathroom. We admire ourselves in the mirror. We look good together. A well-matched pair. "This is my favorite skirt. But I need a sexier top to go with it." "You can't do any better than what you've got right now." Just the jade necklace and a smile from the waist up.

How can we ever do spontaneous standup quickies if I can't even do them in our kitchen, or in our shower?

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