Thursday, August 20, 2009

The trampoline

I'm cleaning the kitchen. Not too hard today, we went out for pizza. River is sitting upstairs with Brook after I read to her. She comes down, watching tv and knitting, somewhat earlyish, which is good because it means Brook got to sleep at a reasonable time, and I'm glad River gets to chill out with some veg time. "I'm kind of tired." I watch with her for a while. "Are you ok?" I think she's wondering if I'm annoyed at her for watching tv. It's the opposite. I'm content knowing that we're going to do it tonight. I've been more anticipatory today than I have been for a long time. I'd rather be more calm and relaxed. I got kind of high-strung for a while there.

"You know what I'm going to suggest tonight." "Didn't you already suggest it?" "Not really." "Something more specific?" "Let's see how well you know me." "The trampoline?" "You know me well. You suggested it." Well really I suggested it long ago. It's really hard to read her. She seems mildly incredulous, somewhat amused, and perhaps willing. At least she's smiling. "I've only been suggesting it every day for the last month." Ever since she seriously considered it. "Ok." "You're even dressed for it." Going commando under her dress. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear, but I'll figure something out. "There's a new moon tonight." And it was a warm day. We may not get another chance this year. I'm glad we're taking this one. It really means a lot to me.

"I have to go brush." I turn off our downstairs lights and sit in the middle of the trampoline. This is crazy. I can't believe we're going to do this. The balcony is one thing. The trampoline is something else. We're a little worried about noise. I try a few maneuvers in the middle, which is where we're planning on being. Some creaking, but not too bad.

The bathroom light goes out, the door opens, and River joins me. "It's cold out." "No it isn't." "I'm cold." Not good. I slide my pants and underwear down and toss them aside. We sit in the middle, in our recent way, my legs under, her legs over. She's more flexible. It's a nice way to start. Face to face. Accessible. Smoochies. My part seems interested. I reach down and give it some help. River reaches in and that really helps. I feel her and that helps too. Smooth. Nice lips. Wet between them. It's a nice sound. I'm glad things are going well. We had a celebratory glass of wine at pizza for our recent purchase and I got a little worried.

"Any particular position?" "I just thought we'd do the usual." "I think we're ready." "Am I ready?" I hope so. River gets it in. Is it in? Test it. That's a sign that it could be better. It's in. No doubt. I hope River isn't wondering whether it's in. And here we go. Slow. Quiet. Just a few creaks when I shift positions from default to missionary and back, higher and lower, but nothing that would give us away. "Nice stars." I'm happy River gets to see the sky.

"I may have given mixed signals about talking while we're doing it or getting ready." We're having a casual talk now. I don't know why that's a turn on. It's the opposite of talking dirty which is also a turn on. I should just shut up and let River enjoy the sky. "Fully dressed." "Not fully." "Oh yeah." I've got my butt sticking out in the breeze and it feels nice. "I can take my shirt off." "I like having some clothes on." Me too. It's like the casual conversation in a way.

So far it's been pretty quiet. Sliding in and out. Feeling nice. Exciting. River is beautiful in so many ways. Doing this with her sweetie. "You feel really nice today." I reach down for her parts. "What are you doing?" "Feeling your part." I haven't felt it sliding in and out for a while. Now I feel it going into her smooth pussy. But it's awkward so I put my hand back. On her head. On her shoulder. "We probably won't be going too fast today. Do you have any requests for angles?" "No." "Ok." I'm thinking jackknife but I'm not sure. If River were holding her legs up I'd do it. But I'm still trying to be stealthy. Even though in my fantasies we make quite a racket. "If you were on top you could control the sound."

We're doing it in the back yard and a car comes crunching up the gravel in the alley. Headlights on. We keep going. What is that car doing out there? Driving around for a better view? "No worries." After ages of crunching back and forth it stops somewhere. "I wish our yard had a gate." I look over my shoulder and see a neighbor walking across the alley. We're still doing it. Push it in deep. Voices. Walking around. Somebody whistling. Calling a pet? And then back to quiet. No worries.

I'm having a nice time with my sweetie. Under the stars. Not fast, but strong and deep. I wish I could see her boobs but I like it that she's wearing a dress. At pizza she was wearing shoes with it that made her a bit taller and I liked it. I just like everything. "Are you wondering how long we're going to go?" "No, are you?" "I'm just wondering whether you're wondering." I get more of a sitting position. Not mini-v but close. We get some bounce going. A little bit of sound. I'm thinking of magnetism but that might be too much. The bounce makes us smile. "That's good." "This would be a good one to come in. But not too soon."

We keep it going for a while. But it's really nice. "I'm going to come." I'm holding it off. Just slowing it down really. Building it up. It's unstoppable by now. My orgasm comes. Quiet. But good. River pushes into it for me. I like that.

"No sacrificial t-shirt." "I have underwear." "That will work." Some afterfuck. It does seem natural. Then pull the plug and reach for the underwear. River makes her escape fully dressed. I walk back to the kitchen in just a shirt.

I prefer the balcony. It's right next to the bedroom and the view is nicer and we can use the candle house and we could duck for cover in a pinch. It doesn't usually have a comfy spot though.

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