Thursday, August 5, 2010

An emotionally satisfying fuck on the balcony

"I think your plan has something to do with that and the balcony." I've brought the library window cushion up to the bedroom. I have some problems with the candle and it takes a while to get things set up. I need something to relax. "I'll give you a back rub." "I wouldn't turn that down." She never does. On the bed. Oil her up, pay attention to her shoulder blades, some neck, shoulders, sides, fingertips on her back. Nice feedback. I take deep breaths. Lean forward and hug on top of her. She's warm. Sit up and rub down to her butt. One hand on her butt, one on me. Then two hands on her butt while my cock lays against it and I push her cheeks together, apart, up, down. I see her cute butthole in the dim light and get harder. I haven't even touched her lips yet. There's just a hint visible through the tufts between her legs. The compulsion hits me.

I get off her and press my face against her butt and legs, stretch my tongue out to her lips, stroke them, probe between them. Somehow I breathe. I sit up and see her legs spread a little bit. Encouragement, or just giving in to the inevitable? Her legs spread wide as I straddle her back and bring my mouth down to her pussy. I'm not sure I can reach her clit like this. I use my tongue on her pussy, suck her lips into my mouth, lick the sides, tongue-fuck. Reach for her clit with the tip. She looks sweet, her legs spreading out smoothly from her butt, allowing me. And raunchy, her pussy lips pulled apart, arching around her frilly pink hole. Sit up, dry some of my wetness off her, get hard enough.

"I'll fuck you on the balcony." "Ok." Through the open door to the balcony, River with her bush and her sleek body, me with my hardon and my desire. She lays back on the cushion but I need to get some hardness back. I'm a bit harder than semi-erect when I move forward and do the stick-in, my knees on the wood floor of the balcony. My cock hardens as I look at River's face and feel myself slide into her willing body. "Hi beautiful." She is beautiful out here in the candlelight. The temperature is nice. Stars are out and she can see the sky. It's a quiet night. We're fucking.

The cushion is big enough for two. Change to missionary. "Yes, get up here with me." Looking into each other's eyes. My hands on her head holding her in place for some strong thrusts. She feels nice today. I like being out here with her. I want to kiss her. "I taste like pussy. Your tangy taste that I like." River looks at the stars, looks at the candle, looks at me. Still a quiet night, no cars or foot traffic to feed my exhibitionist streak, just Reed and River. Fucking.

A breeze comes and wraps itself around my body and feels nice. River likes it too. "But I'll get cold. I want a Reed blanket." I hug against her warm body, my face against her neck. "I'll be your blanket. And your dildo. And your live-in full-service masseur." "I feel wealthy. With a live-in full-service masseur." "Just don't tell your husband about me." I feel so together with River, doing it with her out here, so much of her body pressed against mine, my cock fucking her pussy in the breeze.

I've taken my knees back off the cushion, back to default. There's an orgasm waiting but I stop to hold off and think of jackknife as I gaze at River. Scoop her left leg onto my shoulder and her pussy feels so rich and juicy and stimulating and steamy that I stop there and bang her in half-jackknife. "I'll come." A few more strokes, pause halfway in and feel the first spurt, back out and into her sweet snatch, feeling my cock slide through my own jizz, pushing her leg down against her. And being quiet. I'm not that much of an exhibitionist. I'm sure River is happy about that. Back onto the cushion for some missionary afterfuck and being with River.

"That was really emotionally satisfying and bonding for me."


Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds good, but not that detailed as I had expected it to be. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Hey... I thought there would be some photos here to go along with the story.

Anonymous said...

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Reed said...

Thanks. A nice massage, or back or body rub, gets us both in the mood and it's pretty hard not to have a nice fuck afterwards.

Brigit's Sensual is our favorite.

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