Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Low doggy with a fancy single-point come

We're sitting on the balcony. The stars are out in the clear sky. The nearly full moon should be appearing soon. "It's warm." "Warm enough for the balcony?" "To do it?" "Yes." "Not quite. It's a nice view though." "You could keep your clothes on." "Not all of them." "Just making sure you've considered all your options." I hope she won't think she's disappointing me by not doing it on the balcony. It would probably work out better on the bed tonight.

Come inside, River goes to brush, I strip, light candles, and sit in the chair. River has made the bed, its pale comforter cover looking smooth and inviting in the candle light. I'm imagining River on it, looking smooth and inviting. I hear footsteps. She comes in. Naked. Smooth and inviting and sleek and small-breasted.

Onto the bed at an interesting angle, her head near the foot. Fresh air breezes through the open door. I sit beside her, lean down, wrap her head in my hands, and we kiss. "Hi beautiful." I feel my cock stir as it hangs down into the air. Put a leg over her and straddle as we keep kissing. Rub lightly against her and feel it stiffening. More kissing, more rhythmic rubbing, and I'm hard. Neither of us has used our hands.

"Doggy style." "For the stick-in?" "Yes." River positions, butt up, head down, legs together. I spread her lips, line it up, and push. I want to slide all the way into her but it doesn't get very far. River reaches down, spreading herself I think, and we work things around until it slides all the way in. "That's better." The smell of her pussy arouses me even more. Fuck my cock in and out of her. Slow. I'm not in a hurry. I hope River isn't either.

The candles behind us light River very nicely. I describe her shape to her, lines sweeping in from her shoulders to her waist, looking impossibly small tonight, then flaring out into her perfect ass. Fold my arms behind my head. Only our parts are touching. "My version of single point." Watch my hard cock plunging into her. Feel it slipping backwards through her vagina as I pull out to the tip then push back in through the improbable spot. Exploring her pussy with my cock like I do with my fingers.

"You're doing nice driving tonight." I realize that River has mostly been still the whole time. Letting me fuck her. "Thank you." A few pauses while River squeezes air out. A few pauses while I reach down and put it back in when it slips out. A few banging thrusts until River asks me to be careful tonight. Deep but slow. A few pauses so I won't come. My hands wander around her back, hips, butt. Her breasts are just out of comfortable reach.

"Anything else?" "Low doggy?" River drops her butt onto her feet and leans all the way forward. Her feet jostle my balls. "Are you trying to make me come?" "Just feeling your fuzzy balls." "The way you like them." Low doggy is so nice, with River's pussy pointing straight back at me and my cock moving straight into it. She sits up a bit and again her waist looks impossibly small. Feels impossibly small as I grab above her hips and pull her against me and listen to her sighs and moans. Lean forward and fuck up into her.

"I should come sometime." "You can do that." Single point with my arms behind my head again. "In single point." I slow down, making every stroke count. Close my eyes. The only things in the world are my penis and her vagina, sliding against each other, loving each other. I feel myself getting closer with each slow push, and when it comes I let myself go and push into her, my cock jumping in her pussy as I come, one, two, three, four, me making satisfied sounds with each spurt. River seems to like feeling it. "That's cool." I'm not finished. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. "It is cool." "That was a fancy single-point come." "Glad you liked it." We enjoy each other's orgasms.

Again I don't go soft for a long time. River watches moonlight on the trees. We have a nice afterfuck with River sitting up, straight up, barely enough room to keep pushing up into her. I want to roll her over and fuck some more with me on top. But it's late. I find a shirt and River wipes up. "I'm not going to wipe tonight. I like having some residue in the morning. Something to remind me."


Anonymous said...

Nice one mate.

Anonymous said...

You should make another.This time more erotic, more aggressive. Don't listen when she says to lighten up. Go harder... make her alarmed but still beg for more. Go all night, till after mornings light...

Anonymous said...

sick bastard

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