Sunday, August 29, 2010

A really nice sequence of positions

We do a really nice sequence of positions. River on top, single point, 135, spoons, interlock, half-jackknife leg straddle, half-jackknife missionary. The last two have clearance for River to do her button, and still let me go all the way deep.

"I'm going to take a bath. What are you going to do, watch the scenery?" "I might work on a plan." "You can do that." I come in to watch the end of her bath. Her legs are up, together. I rub her muff, then stick a finger in. "I just wanted to feel it cooler inside you than outside." "Is it?" "Yes." "I didn't wash my hoo. It should have its natural oils and scent."

River sets up the music and lights a candle. Something classical instead of our usual electronica. She wants to create a station: "classics to fuck to". She's been making art. Says it makes her less inhibited. Walking around the bedroom naked with the shades up and the light on. I like it.

She gets on top. Sucks my nipples. "You are less inhibited." Drops between my legs for a handjob. Pushing my balls up alongside my shaft. Tracing downwards beside my balls. Tickling under my balls with her other hand on my cock. I wish I were responding better. But we'll get there. She's serious about this tonight. We're going to have an amazing all-out fuck.

Back on top. Delivers her left boob to my mouth. I like it when she offers her boobs to me like that. Lick her nipple, circles, tongue tip, tongue flat, pull the tip between my lip and tongue, suck it in and out of my mouth, run my tongue across the tip. Then her right boob. "I like your boobs." "My boobs like you. That feels good."

I'm getting harder but I'm not ready yet. River is patient. When I'm ready she does the stick-in and drops on and we fuck. "I like it when you fuck me. Fuck me with your cunt."

She goes to single point right away, I close my eyes, fold my arms above my head, and feel the soft wet sleeve of her pussy working up and down on my cock. All I can do is roll my head back, twist it from side to side, eyes still closed, flowing under her as the waves of sensation flow from my cock into my whole body. Then I fuck back, hard, slapping together, River gasping and moaning. She puts her knees back on the bed, sits straight up, gives it a good bounce. I put her hands on my chest and feel her weight press down on me. "That's a nice rhythm." Her downstrokes have two parts. Slip over the head, brief pause, then quickly all the way down. It's amazing. Back to single point. My hands under her butt, lifting to take some of the strain off her. We bang together some more as I fuck back hard again.

"What else?" "135." She turns to her right with her left leg between my legs and I watch my cock reaching up into her pussy as it slides down onto it. My hand on her ass, feeling her lips. I fuck up into her, fast and intense. Then she rolls down and spoons us. "I like it slow too. You don't have to go fast for me." "I was going fast for me. I always do what I like." Slow down for some sweet spoons with a full hug with my cock squishing in and out. Hold it in. "It doesn't get any slower than this." Start again. I pull her left leg over me and slide my leg up for interlock. Push her left leg up and sit up, straddling her right leg, pushing deep into her.

Her left hand goes down to her button. "I hope I'm not distracting you. Fucking you while you masturbate." "Not at all." This is a new position for her to be doing her clit. We like how deep I can get while still being out of her way. She wants to switch to her right hand so I straddle her right leg and put her left leg on my shoulder. It works just as well this way.

"Nice view." I'm glad River likes to watch. I look down too and see my cock stroking into her while she does circles on her clit. "I'm glad you like the view. The view likes you." We go to half-jackknife to get her leg out from under me. "I need a break." "You can watch." I don't want to come before she does. I want to fuck her in the orgasm and come with her.

Pull out, put my thumb on her opening and push down, slip a finger in and sweep an exploratory circle against her walls, stroking my hard cock gently with my other hand while River keeps working her button. Then back in, I do missionary while River is in half-jackknife, going really deep into her squishy wet pussy, feeling her cervix being pushed out of the way on every thrust, River feeling it too, still with room to do her button. But she stops. "Are you going to keep going?" "No."

I take my turn. A few more hard bangs, sliding against her cervix, and I'm coming. I stay hard for a long afterfuck while we talk. Look at the clock, it's not even 9:45 yet.

"It was feeling so good I didn't need to have one." "It would have felt even better if you did." "Probably."

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