Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

River is on the bed, shirt and panties, feet up on the wall. Can I fit under her legs? I can. I sit between her legs with my legs by her sides. The legs forward position with good access for River. But that's not what I'm thinking. The foot rub I promised needs my attention. The foot cream jar is almost empty, but there's enough. Start on her heels, work up the soles, between her toes, tips of the toes, back down, squeeze the top and bottom between my hands. She tells me she likes her boobs now. They've served her well. That makes me happy. She's got a nice compact set. Manageable. Always right where they should be. I never have to look around on the bed for them. She lists off the advantages of small boobs. Not getting in the way. No backaches. And small boobs are fucking hot. I'd rather look at small boobs any day. Especially if they're River's. "I haven't had to worry about people looking at my chest while they're talking to me." "I'm looking here." "Pink stripies." Staring right into her crotch, which her panties aren't doing the best job of covering. I rub her with my socked foot. She pulls her panties to the side. I notice my pants are unzipped for some reason and I pull my cock out. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." We sit like that while I finish her feet. I love being silly with River.

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