Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something quick

"It would be fun to have sex tonight." River knew that was coming. I told her how being with her was giving me warm fuzzies, and her cute butt in black leggings was irresistible. "Ok. Something quick." I straddle her in our usual way while she's on her back. We talk about all kinds of things while I feel her nice small tits and stroke myself. The juxtaposition of talking casually while getting ready to fuck turns me on. "I'm getting a nice warmup here." My cock is surprisingly hard. I like how it feels from the inside. I obviously like her tits a lot. Looking at them. Feeling them. River is a nice shape. "I should say something sexy. I want to fuck you. No, I want you to fuck me." "You don't have to say anything sexy." It's so nicely hard that I just get in place and it lines right up and pushes in with no hands or looking. River feels nice today. Good friction. It feels like her pussy is somehow making my cock more sensitive as it slides in and out and she hugs me and I hug her back. "I'm fucking an artist." River's art seems to increase her libido. The colors are connected somehow. And the self-esteem. And the creativity, I hope. "How long should we do it?" "That's always a hard question." Just long enough, I guess. We do the usual shifts between default and missionary. River pulls some kind of move, sticking her legs up, moving them up and down, saying something about a lever. It's amazing. It completely changes the shape of her vagina, or the angle, makes me more aware of what's inside her. I watch my cock stick into her pussy under a tuft of bush, my balls held up snugly beneath it. Something quick. A hard bang in missionary, fast, the way River likes it. I hope I come before I wear myself out. I don't want to disappoint River. But she's never disappointed. I bang River for all I'm worth, feeling myself go through my stages. Coming would be nice. I will come. I'm going to come. I'm about to come. I'm coming. Something quick. What River has called a nice weekday fuck.

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