Sunday, August 8, 2010

River doesn't have one in her but we have a great fuck anyway

"We're not going to do it this morning, are we?" "Handjob tonight." "Should we fuck, too?" "That would be a nice addition."

River is on the bed in a gray shirt and pink panties. Perfect. I put on divbyzero. We light the candles. I sit behind her. River may not be into tonight's activities as much as she could be. She seems a little resigned. I can't always tell how she feels, and she usually warms up as things go along. But I feel bad for not asking. She goes to take her shirt off but I stop her, reach around, and feel her boobs through it, her nipples poking against the thin material. Her shirt comes off. Feeling her boobs like this reminds me of how she dries them with a towel, scooping and squeezing and rubbing. She leans back against me. I look over her shoulder. My hands move down her sides, my fingers trace the bottom curve of her pink panties, up and down, feeling bush, the edges of her lips, slipping under the fabric a bit. It's fascinating for me, like playing with my own pussy, but not comfortable for River so she lays out in front of me, panties still on, and I gaze and smile and run my hands over her from the side. I strip to my boxer briefs. I want to play with my pussy some more. Straddle River, facing away, her pussy between my legs, running my fingers along the edge of her panties, feeling her lips through them with both hands, my right hand finding her clit and starting the circles while my left hand does a slower rhythm on her opening. I hear wetness. I like rubbing her through her panties, my left fingers pressing gently against the gap between her lips, my right fingers circling the firmness of her clit. Then her clit is gone. Maybe I've worn it to a nub. Maybe it's retracted. I keep circling in the same place. Again River isn't comfortable. "You like it dry." "But not abrasive." Her pink panties come off and I keep going, my fingers working on her pussy, my pussy, her clit reappearing under my right hand, my left hand fingers pushing into her. A bit drier than I expected. It's not as easy as I'd like getting a finger in for her g-spot. So I feel her walls, the ridge at the back, swirling circles inside her while my right hand keeps going on her clit and she moves under me. I'm trying to remember big circles, up and down. Her clit has disappeared again. This is fun. I'm enjoying using both hands on her. Eventually my left leg tires and I slide to my left and sit on the bed, my right leg still draped across her. Now I can see her face, head back, eyes closed. My left hand reaches under her leg, two fingers going in at a better angle for the g-spot while my right hand keeps going. And going. And going. I don't think I'm going to get River off tonight. She's not easy. And I don't need to wear her out trying. "Do you want to take over?" She does. I leave my fingers in and stand beside the bed while my underwear comes off. It reminds me of how we usually leave it in while we're rolling into a new position. I wasn't sure we'd be fucking today. Maybe I'd handjob both of us. Now maybe River will come first and we'll fuck second. Or maybe she'll have an orgasm and I'll fuck her in it. I'm getting my cock ready while I do her g-spot, hoping she'll have another orgasm like when she felt like she was squirting. But River gives up, too. She just doesn't have one in her today. Time to fuck instead. I move between her legs, getting hard, putting my thumb in her. It's snug and comfortable. "I like having my thumb in there." "That's strange." "What should I have in there?" I pull my thumb out and River helps my cock slide in. And we fuck.

(To be continued.)

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