Sunday, August 15, 2010

Speed record, orgasms, and shooting stars on the balcony

"I have to go pee." "Don't let me stop you. A golden shower is not part of the plan. We would need the front yard and the slip-n-side. But here's a plan for you. Leave your panties off when you come back." "I can do that." River's wearing a skirt and a black top. No bra. She looks good in a skirt. She looks good with no bra.

Another hot day. I'm thinking the living room with the door open, but she's interested in the balcony. We sit outside, then go up to the balcony to sit together for a while so we have a more casual transition to fucking. River sees a shooting star. She lies down on the cushion. "I don't know if this will change anything, but my period just started." "It's early." "Two days." We put a towel down for protection. I oil and rub her tits under her top. She takes it off. I take my shorts off so I can be ready when the time comes.

River seems strangely interested in having me come in 30 seconds. What we call a speed record. I wouldn't think that would be very appealing, but she's liked it before. "How can I help?" I move her right hand to my stiffening cock and she does her expert thing, pulling and pushing, getting me ready. I'm not worried about her being ready. She's always ready lately. I move with her just a little. She's gotten me a bit beyond ready which is just what I want even though I don't feel an orgasm yet. But I will. Soon. I do the stick-in, the towel giving my knees some relief, then switch into missionary with my knees on the cushion and fuck hard and fast, finding the best friction right away, trying not to make too much noise on our semi-private balcony. River gasps and moans under me. That always makes me want to come. She's taking a beating. I hope she's ok. She'll let me know if she isn't. Now I feel it and keep hitting the friction and feel it build and let it come as I push into her and squeeze us together and breathe hard.

"I think I went over. That was about 45 seconds." "That's ok. Are we going to do the rest of the plan, with the additional flavors?" I sit up and rest and look at Rachel. She's still got the skirt on. Her tits are oiled. She's hot. "I'd do that." It takes a while to get comfortable on the balcony for the muff dive. I get a taste then focus on her clit. Feel her move and press against me. Nice feedback. I'm managing to keep it fairly steady. My jaw doesn't really like this position. It prefers being off the side of the bed or sitting next to River's chest. I need a short break then back to it. Trying not to be too wet. I love feeling River's clit under my tongue and feeling her move and pulling her into my face. Breathing through her muff. I try to look up at her face but all I can see is skirt and bush. It's a small world, but a nice one. River watches the stars. Another quiet night on our street. I tire again and River takes over with her fingers. "I think I have one in me." It's hard to believe we're actually following one of my plans. The next part is for her to take so long that I can get hard again and we can have a nice fuck. River called that ambitious, especially with the ED, and as I get some oil and work on myself again I'm beginning to have doubts. Fingering River might help but I don't want to distract her. "Here it comes." I'm still completely limp. "You can stick a finger in." One finger goes in. Two fingers. Circles on the g-spot as River orgasms. "It still extends them. That was a good one." I'm glad I could help.

River doesn't even take her hand away, just keeps going. "In the second one?" "I don't have anything." I'll just enjoy having my fingers in her pussy. It's sloppy wet in there with my jizz and the start of her period. To my cock, her vagina feels like a tube, from the opening to the cervix at the end. To my fingers it's more of a box, a chamber, with sides to explore, her pubic bone in the front, the familiar ridge on the back. "That was a good one, too." "I couldn't even tell you were coming." As long as they're good for her. She keeps going and gets a third. That's her point of diminishing returns, where it's not always worth going for more. "I saw another shooting star." Next time maybe I'll get to be on my back and see the stars. I pull my fingers out of her fucked pussy and River notices she's dripped blood on the towel. Good thing we used it.

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