Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fuck, continued

It's a nice time. I'm feeling especially close to River. Me on top, our bodies pressing together, kissing, she's appreciative, I want to eat her up. We fuck for a long time in default and missionary. I hold it in and move a little, soaking up the feeling of being with River and enjoying each other. We do missionary with the circular movement. She's drying out a bit but it's still nice. I think of jackknife, our new classic, and scoop her left leg up to my shoulder. Again it's so nice I want to stay that way. But I try her right leg instead. It feels a little awkward. I put her left leg back on my shoulder to see how we do it. "I'm practicing." Then we fuck with her right leg on my shoulder. It's like the same position only different. Like sleeping on different sides of the bed. We have a good time, feeling her cervix squishing out of the way as I go deep into her pussy, then I scoop both of her legs up for jackknife while I do missionary and go even deeper. Time to finish. I feel an orgasm coming on but I get greedy and my cock slips out. "And I was just about to . . ." River puts it back in. She's a little dry, but I've got some pre-flow from my almost-orgasm and I'm fucking through my own slippery jizz and I feel my toes curling with a full orgasm and the rest of my load pumps into her. I think River has warmed up to it.

"You're right, that did take a while." "It always seems like the right length." "Maybe five ten-minute sessions would be better than one fifty-minute session." "Maybe."

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