Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 3: Back rub, butt position stick-in, I do all the work

"I rub your back, butt position stick-in, then I do all the work." "Think you can stick to your plan?" "I don't know." A way to initiate. Like it's a foregone conclusion. Has the week-long experiment started? River sure is being a good sport. I find myself feeling sweet and tolerant. But we're having such a nice snuggle I'm not even sure I can get started with my plan. But I do.

"There's your amazing butt." Trying River's quick and light effleurage style again. Sitting on her butt to do her neck and shoulders. Shoulder blades. Fists up her back bumping over her ribs. Lats. Sacrum. Hands together. Alternating. More oil for her butt.

River's being quiet. I like quiet. I feel bad for interrupting every now and then to say something. Time to see what I've got today. Right hand on myself. Left thumb dips into her secret darkness. "Are you finding anything?" She helps and my thumb finds a path through the flaps into the wetness.

It's going to be a nice stick-in today. Keep my thumb in place and slide it in right underneath. My cheek on her back. Sitting up with my hands on her. Wide straddle for butt position single point. Feeling her butt against my stomach. On my arms with my legs spread behind me.

I'm not really doing all the work of course. I can feel River fucking back. Enhancing things. I'm looking at River's shape under me. Her back, her butt. My sweetie looks like a girl. No matter how we do it, she's in front of me. Good thing I'm the visually stimulated one. Although she likes to watch too, and see me in daylight.

"Do you want to do anything else?" "I'm enjoying the colors." I'm enjoying everything. "I should finish soon. Fast or slow?" "Slow." Hold myself up on my hands with my legs spread so only our parts are touching. Butt position single point. Focusing and intensifying the sensations. A little faster than slow. But not much. Just enough to keep the feelings slowly building with each stroke into her. Be patient. I'm getting there.

When I know it's just a few more I slow way down. I feel like I'm turning inside out as I push in for the last one and she pushes back as I flood into her. We keep it in and roll over into spoons. That was sweet. "The slow ones are always interesting." "I'll probably fall asleep before you tonight. You can talk to me and keep me awake if you want. A taste of my own medicine."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 2: That's one of my favorite ways to do it

"How should we be sweet tonight?" "Maybe just snuggle." "Works for me." A nice spoony snuggle. Then we talk. About doing it for week. About other things. "Are you trying to talk me into it?" It seems like she is. Maybe her horny time of the month is working. "I said you should make the next plan. You're good at it." "It's good to take turns." "I have kind of a boring plan." "For me or you?" "You." River thinks I think doing it in bed is boring. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's always exciting. It's just that some places are more exciting. "It won't be boring for me." I sit up and look at River and feel it. I put my boring plan into action. Get on top. "What do you need for a warmup?" "Just to be warm." Hug on her. And try to arouse myself. "Is that working?" "Yes." Sit up and pull the covers over my head onto her. I can feel River in the dark. And feel myself. But it's awkward. I stop just before I fall over on her. It's a nice one. The boring left leg, right leg, between her legs. Nice enough to do the teasing rub on her parts. Down to the opening, up to the clit, repeat until it's time to dip it down and push in. Maybe not so wet today. That's surprising. A good chance to just move the head in and out and feel all the niceness. Then a little deeper. And deeper. There it is. Full pullouts. All the way out, not touching, back in through the improbable part. Half missionary. Deeper. Missionary. Even deeper. No talking. Just breathing. And fucking. And more fucking. And more. Hug and fuck. Faster. And faster. River appreciating. Making me want to come. Like it always does. Just before I come I pull out and put it partway in and leave it there, thinking I'll come that way. My orgasm wells up and just as I'm about to shoot the urge overwhelms and I push in and River pushes back even harder and we squeeze together until it's over. "Boring?" "Not for me." "Me either." "That's one of my favorite ways to do it." "Me too."

"That was our walk for today." "Next time let's take a walk in the park."

Wondering whether we'd be sweet tonight

I call after work. "I'm hanging out on a street corner here before I come home." "I'm out for pizza with the kids." "I'm not entirely serious here. I was wondering whether we'd be sweet tonight." "I could do that. After last night?" "It was kind of a blowout." Maybe something sweet. A default Reed and River fuck.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1: River initiates the best fuck in town tonight

"You're initiating tonight. That means we might be doing it somewhere interesting." I've killed the mood. And it gets worse from here. River pulls us out of the dive. "Let's be sweet to each other." I remind her that's one of the terms she came up with for "let's do it". I warm up the bed. River undresses. I stand behind her and run my fingers up her sides. She walks to the bed. "I don't have a plan." "My plans never work. They just get me horny."

River takes charge. "Lie down. On your back." She oils my chest. Feels nice. Down to my balls. Feels nicer. "I like your plan." I reposition myself so I can watch. Her hands on my cock. Gently pulling along the shaft and up over the head until it gets hard enough to push. One hand pressing under my balls. "When I press there it gets harder. Unless you're doing that." Probably some of both. It makes me want to squeeze when she does that. And it makes squeezing more effective. "It will get hard if you're patient." She's patient.

"I have to get myself ready." She straddles me and continues to stroke my cock with one hand while she reaches down and does circles on her button with the other. "You're doing us both at the same time." "Thought you were the only one who could do that?" I get a taste of what it must be like for River, with me straddling her and doing both of us before the stick in. I like it.

It's not quite as hard as I'd like when she's ready and gets on and slides all the way down. "That was smooth." Nice pullouts. "I don't think you can really do a full pullout when you're on top." "Like this?" It comes out and flops down. "If it were harder I could squeeze it and it would lift high enough for you to scoop it back in." But it's not hard enough. I reach down and position it and she scoops it back in. We share the blame next time it comes out. Both getting greedy. I reach down again and position it for her. "I like putting it back in." That's what she always says.

We've got a nice reversal of our usual roles tonight. Maybe she'll fuck me in the orgasm instead of the other way around. "Do you have one in you?" "Probably not." "You've changed your mind before." "Maybe if I were on the bottom." "You have to stay up there for a while. 135, reverse cowgirl, ..." "All the River on top repertoire." She does single point. I let her do all the work. It's always such an amazing feeling. "You're . . . fucking . . . me . . . with . . . your . . . cunt." The phrase that always comes to mind as I writhe in ecstasy under her. I fuck back. Reach under her butt and help lift. Our bodies slapping together. She's always liked that. Me too. We slap long and hard until River needs a break. She falls back and I'm pulled up and almost roll over on top of her. "That's cheating." I pull her back up. Exuberant bouncing. My chest is too slippery to brace her hands on. She slides her boobs on it then puts her hands on me for the power fuck. "You look nice up there." Making me want her with her small tits. "Thanks." I put my hands on them. "Our bushes collide." "I trimmed most of mine." "That's why it feels spiky." 135. But the other direction this time. 225? "More like 90 degrees." "Whatever works for you." And reverse cowgirl. Pushes my legs together. Feels my balls under her. I put my hands on her butt and spread her wings. Before she gets off I pull her back so she's lying on top of me. We can't quite get it going though. "We used to be able to do this better."

She rolls us over into spoons on our left sides. "Where are we going?" "This is nice." A really deep spoons position. I fuck her, I reach down and put my hand on her hip and hold still while I rock her, we fuck each other, I pull out and linger then push it all the way back in, then back in faster, then pull out and linger and slam it in as hard and fast and deep as I can, over and over, rougher than I've ever done before. Grabbing her boobs, one hand under her body and one on top. I'm surprised she's not bruising and telling me to take it easy but we're both liking it. Then take a break and just hold it in and be sweet together. Make the squishy sucky sounds we like as we work things around.

Roll her over, aiming for inviting but she goes all the way to butt. "Not too deep this way." It seems like what we just did in spoons was a lot deeper. But I do a small fuck. How it would be if my dick were just a few inches long. She fucks back. "That's nice." "Do you have one in you?" "Maybe if I roll over and get access." We keep it in as she rolls under me. I straddle her left leg, then get between. It's like coming home. She's on her button. "What do you want me to do?" "Whatever you like." I can do that.

She does her clit. I fuck. Doing what I like. Her right leg on my shoulder. Using it to pull her towards me as I penetrate. Then her left leg. "So I can reach my hoo better." It works better for me too. I pull her hard against me with every thrust. Doing what I like. It's taking a while. I hope she doesn't have to give up. But she takes her hands away and lies back. "Are you giving up?" "I don't know." But she isn't. I rub my cock around her opening while she keeps going. Put my hand down and feel it slip between my fingers and into her as I do full pullouts. Doing what I like. So much I have to pull out and stay out a while to keep from coming. "I like seeing your smile." Then I'm back. Sucking her nipple into my mouth and pulling it with my lips while I stroke my tongue across the tip.

This time I think she's got it. She leans back, I lean forward, and fuck her fast and hard in default. Really fast. Then missionary, fast and deep. River always like fast. I'm not going to slow down until I come. And I come, and I haven't made so much noise since I don't know when, and River is pushing against me and helping and it's amazing and I'm not even sure what's happening except I'm coming and feeling a little bad that I can't keep fucking River but it all seems ok somehow and we've just had another tremendous fuck. I wince as my sensitized head collides with the oncoming traffic of her cervix. We have a sweet and long afterfuck until it finally slips out. River doesn't even want to roll over and go to sleep right away.

"Did it work?" "Yeah. That was perfect." "Best fuck in town tonight." "Yeah."

"We should be sweet to each other more often." "I've been saying that for a long time."

River may jump me tonight

"Thanks for the hint about what might be coming up." River may jump me tonight. With an early start. "Should I take something to make sure I don't let you down?" "Do you think you're going to let me down?" "Not really. But this is a momentous occasion." "Because you waited so long that my libido is kicking in instead of yours?" On the way home I was remembering the time River was musing about what we could do for variety. We overlooked an obvious answer. She can initiate.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Muff dive warmup with swirling colors

"I feel like the world's worst cunnilingist." "Because I wasn't getting into it?" "Yeah." I really enjoy doing it, but even more so when I'm getting some feedback from how she's moving or breathing, or when she's telling me things. "I was just relaxing and enjoying it, letting colors swirl in my head. It really enhances the experience." I feel better now. Colors are one of River's favorite things. Letting colors swirl in her head while I'm diving her muff is flattering. Like when she just relaxes and enjoys massages. I was hoping something like that was going on. "You're getting better. I didn't really have one in me. But you got everything warmed up." She says it does make a difference. Her vaginal walls felt more textured. Or maybe just her g-spot. To me it was wetter, kind of a drippy wet, not a sticky wet, and smoother. But it's also her gooey wet time of the month.

"I'm going to take a short bath." Interesting. That's one of River's ways of getting in the mood. She bathes. Dries off and gets on the bed. "I'm sprawling disreputably." "I've got a bit of a plan." "Oh?" "Could I lick your clean pussy?" "I'd allow that. But I'm not sure I've got one in me." "I'm not sure I could get it out if you did. I enjoy it whether you have one or not. Just like you enjoy fucking with or without." I no longer feel infectious and we do a few kisses. Then we get River set up at the edge of the bed with me kneeling on the floor with a pillow. It worked well before. Tastes like clean pussy. A little watery, but ok. She tries her feet in various places. My shoulders, my legs. I kind of like that, with her legs in close to my head. It's cozy. Ends up with one foot on the bedside table and one on my leg. Like the "cunnilingus chair" where she had one foot up on the radiator. Whatever works for her. I'm flexible. I spend some time probing here and there, licking with my whole tongue, then move in on her clit and keep it there. Trying to do big circles with the right firmness. How often to change things up a bit. I don't want it to get boring for her. But I don't want to be too erratic. She seems fairly constant when she does herself, but she can feel just what to do. I stay fairly constant but change every now and then for my own reasons. Maybe I'll hit on something she really likes, or she'll tell me to keep doing what I was doing. I'm really not getting much feedback though. I hope I'm not indulging myself at her expense and wearing out my welcome. My hand has been wandering, to her nipple, her tummy, her bush. I come up for air. "Any hints?" "You can fuck me now that you've got me warmed up." "I'll see what I can do." I reach for my cock. That's a nice thing about having River on the bed with me on the floor. It's easy to do myself. It hasn't been getting erect on its own, but she's got me leaking. It gets harder as I work on it. River asks me to dry her off. I try, but she takes over and does a more thorough job. "Don't want it too wet." Move my left thumb onto her pussy. "You said once you're warmed up you stay warmed up quite a while." "Right." "I like feeling you with my thumb." "Because it's your biggest finger?" "I don't know." It does feel nice sticking my thumb inside her. Now my cock is hard enough for a stick-in. "That looks nice." "It's been better." Scoot River back and do the stick-in and have it immediately get harder. "That's nice." A nice solid Reed-on-top fuck. "Is it better after a warmup?" "Probably." "Probably?" There's not a whole lot of room. My legs hang off the edge of the bed. A couple times I cross my legs and lift my feet into the air behind me so they don't dangle off the bed. It makes me feel like tinkerbell which is a little ironic while I'm fucking my sweetie. We're mostly doing default and missionary. I consider doggy, but this seems like a good night to just stay on top. Into jackknife and aim for River's g-spot. That does seem better for her with the warmup. And I like how it feels sliding past her pubic bone and along her front wall. I need a break to keep from coming, and feel the flow of a half-orgasm as I stop. We continue with my hands on her head pulling her against me. My contribution has made things even slipperier. I move a hand to her shoulder and speed up. Our bodies slapping together, going even faster. Am I thanking River for letting me eat her? If I am then I'm not entirely altruistic. It's intense for me, and I feel the beginnings of an orgasm, and keep the speed up until I come and squeeze into our drippy wetness. "At least we should sleep well." "I have an orgasm and it helps you sleep well?"

Monday, June 21, 2010

A morning hand job

Nice no-strings massages for both of us last night. We were both really on. This morning I wake up and snuggle on River while she sleeps. I press my erection on her a bit then let it subside. She wakes up and we snuggle with my leg over her. A nice-to-wake-up-with morning. She's wearing the blue-and-green stripy panties. Fun. Her butt looked great in them last night. And she put on a tank top some time in the night. When she wears panties to bed I like it better when she wears something on top too. And I like a top with no panties. But panties without a top just doesn't seem right. River usually sleeps naked because I like it and she's gotten used to it. But she likes to wear tops. And maybe she should wear panties more often. They're fun to feel her through. And take off. Or just move aside.

I get on top of her to snuggle. And start getting hard. She looks nice with her head nestled between the pillows. Her nipples show through her top and I brush my hands over them. And get harder. Start slowly jacking myself off. Lift her top a little, see her bellybutton, rub my hands on her tummy. Rub my cock on her. "I'm not sure where I'm going with this." Maybe I'll finish. Maybe I won't. Maybe River will finish. My cock is so hard it looks a bit obscene standing out above my nuts as they rest on River's blue and green striped panties.

River moves her hands to my legs as I continue my slow strokes. They feel friendly. Now I know where I'm going. I let go and slide her hands up my legs until they just touch my balls. A clear drop emerges from the tip of my cock. I move River's finger to it, spread it around, her finger sliding smoothly over my taught skin. She takes over on the hand job, slowly, easily, confidently. I look down every now and then, but it's nicer just to feel it. She's doing most of the work. I move into it just a little and she picks up the pace to match. I hope it doesn't take too long. But we're patient with each other. She could probably finish with no lube. But I ask. "Do you want some slippery?" I put some on my cock. She puts some on her hand. That's just right.

Her hand slides up and back down. My slippery fingers reach under her top for her nipple. I feel her warmth under my balls. Wishing they were resting on her bush. But if they were we'd be fucking now, and it's been too long since River's made me come with her hand. I feel her strokes, smooth and sensitive, squeezing down over the head, pulling up along the shaft. I'm starting to turn the corner to the finish, still moving just a little, River's fingers stroking across the ridge of my cock head, a nice firm rhythm. I feel my orgasm start warming the tip of my cock, then spread out from my balls. "Here it is." I feel the squeeze and look down as my goo flows out, clear and white, over River's hand, onto my cock, thick globs dripping onto her smooth tummy. Close my eyes. A few more strokes as I squeeze and finish but my cock is too sensitive. Only River's pussy is soft and gentle enough to keep going through an orgasm.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Finishing later, or, those tantric guys might be on to something

Neck rub. Eye gazing. "Did you remember?" Smiling. Slippery nipples. Thumb clit. Stick in. Perks up. No turn for River. Half jackknife. Heart attack. Dripping. On top? In a few minutes. Drying out. Getting sore. Legs forward. River arches. Hands under. On top. Come quick? Exuberant. "Full pullouts." Single point. Hugging. "Do you not like that?" "I guess not." "Good to know." Back up. Single point. "Here it is." Extra special orgasm. Afterfuck.

River's neck has been bothering her. I offer to help if I can. "It would probably work best with me sitting up." I sit behind her. The leverage isn't good. She has to resist with the same muscles I'm rubbing. Turn around. Face to face. Forehead to forehead. Eye to eye. "Tantric eyegazing." "I'm gazing at your boobs, too." "I'm not sure it's the same when you look like a cyclops." "I think those tantric guys might be on to something though." I've felt like a spring all day after not finishing this morning. A shiny flexible piece of metal running straight from my brain to my nuts, making my cock want to stiffen to relieve the tension.

We gaze while I rub. Her shoulders feel unusually tight. I hope I'm helping. If nothing else it's a good warmup for me. River leans back across the bed. "You haven't forgotten? What you were going to finish." I want to pull her to the edge of the bed and put my face in her muff. "I haven't forgotten. Let's see if I've got anything." I try. Maybe a little something. River has her arms up behind her head as she lies cross-wise on the bed. "You look resigned." "I'm smiling." Too dark to notice. Dab some oil on her nipples. "I like slippery nipples." "I like them too." Feeling her boobs always seems to help. Sit up with my left thumb on her clit and my right hand on myself. I'm trusting my left hand more lately. She's said the thumb is more subtle than fingers.

I haven't gotten hard enough for a decisive stick-in. Hard enough though. It goes in a little soft but firms up quickly when it feels the wetness and welcoming squeeze of her pussy. "Do you want to have a turn?" Not tonight. It's a nice long fuck, picking up where we left off, missionary, jackknife, half jackknife with my hand on her left tit. "I hope you don't have a heart attack like that. I'd never get you off." "I'm not going to have a heart attack." We're both hwp and healthy. I like being hwp with River. "I don't think girls are supposed to say things like that while we're having sex." "You can say whatever you want."

It's been one of the warmest days of the year. River has opened all the window blinds and the balcony door. It's almost like being outside. "Do you want me to be on top?" "In a few minutes." I like River on top. It's hard to believe I can postpone an offer like that. But that's how much I like being on top with her. My fuckable and appreciative sweetie. But she says she's getting sore. I turn my head to look up at her feet above and behind me, one on my left, one on my right. And something runs out of my nose. "Did I just drip on you?" "Yes." "Sorry. It's the sinus rinse. You're above and beyond the call of duty." More missionary. "I like feeling your feet rub on my butt like that." More drips.

"Let's get you on top. You can probably make me come pretty quick." I bring my legs forward. River puts her hands behind her and arches onto me and fucks me. "Or we could just do it like this." That would be fine but it looks strenuous and I want her on top now. We try to figure one out where we were holding hands under her legs but can't get it to happen again. I lean back and she's on top, having an exuberant time, bouncing on me, a good ride. I'm trying to relax and enjoy the fuck with her doing the work. "Full pullouts." "Is that a request or a comment?" "A request." She bounces higher. Then single point. This is worth keeping still for, just feeling her cunt slide up and down my cock. But she needs a break. I hug her to me and fuck her from the bottom until she sits back up. "You don't like that one?" "I guess not." "Good to know."*

I put my hands on River's boobs while she fucks me. It's taking longer than I thought it would. Back to single point. This is going to work. I don't move. My eyes must be closed. All I can see are fantastic designs in my mind as River fucks me with her cunt. "It's coming." I explode in a noisy writhing orgasm, pushing towards River, not knowing where I am or how long I've been coming and finally collapsing back into River's afterfuck and breathing.

"Where are your balls?" I'm pretty sure they're where they should be. I feel River's hand as she reaches back and checks them. "Is that why you wanted to finish later? The extra-special orgasm?" I think those tantric guys are onto something. All I can do is breathe while River cleans up.

* I ask River about this later. It's not that she doesn't like it. She was liking the other sensations better. I'm glad I don't take this as an edict and not try it again for years. That's happened before.

A lovely start in the morning, to finish later

I'm awake around 6:15 with an erection. Snuggle on River. But she's very twitchy this morning. "You can look, but you can't touch." She pulls the covers off her. "That's something, anyway." I don't mind. I gaze for about fifteen minutes. Thinking of how I haven't masturbated for five months. Maybe I should now. No, I'll save it. "Maybe I could snuggle on you." She does. I love being snuggled on. But I'm thinking. River seems fairly awake. I have to ask. "Would you like to have some sex this morning?" "It's not even seven. I want to doze for a while." That's fair. She dozes. My mind wanders. Thinks about eating her pussy while she's on her side. Will I get one this morning? I can't always. A few minutes after seven I try. I think I can. River rolls closer and offers her butt. My left hand feels her butt, then dips under for her parts. A tricky angle. The feel could be going better. "The hand that was recently named Claude." Sit up, feel her, find the wet, get hard. Kneel behind her and rub the head of my cock around her opening and along her lips. She's got nice lips. Dark and meaty. I could suck them into my mouth and tug on them and tease my tongue between them. But not now. Stick my cock in just a little. Fuck just a little. "Are you liking me sideways?" "We've done this before." "I know." And yes I do like it. Even though it's not very deep. "It's a good way to start." Like inviting. She's just there and I just fuck her. Look at River. Watch the action. Disappearing into her. Go as deep as this position allows. "It looks like I wanted to have some sex this morning." My erection is strong and classic. Like they used to be. River kicks her leg over me and rolls onto her back. Missionary. Slide it in all the way. "We could finish later." "We could." "That's my new thing. A tricky way to do it twice in one day. It's so transparent." A nice intimate fuck. Jackknife, her legs up on my shoulders. Pushing her cervix out of the way. "Are you ok?" "Yeah." Watch her eyes, close my eyes and enjoy it. Look down and watch. See her bush sticking up between her closed legs. "Tuft." I'm almost getting a taste in my mouth it's so nice. How to end so we can finish later. Push in deep and rub against her cervix. I want to disengage but I can't. The urge to grab her and slam into her deep and hard until I come is nearly overwhelming. But I can master it. I think. Lean down in default, my head against her body, pull her down onto me with her shoulders, her hands on the wall, faster, shallow. Try to disengage. Sit up in default. Full pullouts. Press my achingly hard cock on her parts with my hand, tease her opening, slide up to her clit, back down, will it or won't it, back up, back down, it will this time, slip it in and fuck some more. We both used to tease with my cock like that, wondering when it would go in, then she'd press it down and I'd know it was time to sink into her. "I can't stop." "I think you're trying to go against evolution." "You're drying out a bit." "Does that make it easier?" "No." Push my cock against her parts with my body and rub against her, angle for a no-hands stick-in and fuck some more. After four or five false finishes I manage to pull out for good. Standing by the bed with my still hard cock rising between us. How my erections used to be. A classic. "Now we stop, and it's all the same to you." "I like it when you come. Eventually." "And you won't even drip all day." "Have a lovely day." "I'm not sure how it could get lovelier." "You have something to look forward to."

It's a long drive to work. I wish she were next to me. I want to thank her for the emotionally bonding and therapeutic day we had yesterday. I haven't felt this good for a long time. I want to do thousands of different things today. Again I want to capture the feeling so I can get back to it when I need it. When I get to work I call and thank her for yesterday.

As usually happens, I'm wanting to eat her pussy tonight. Get the real taste in my mouth.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

No-strings massages for both of us

In the shower we make plans to give each other massages. No getting too tired. We get a late start. I get mine first. I like River's effleurage. Quick and light. Mine is heavy and slow. She does the fists on me. Sides of the spine, then farther out. It's a satisfying power stroke, and going wider is brilliant. I'm taking mental notes as my feedback purrs out. I enjoy her doing my butt. "I see why you always want me to do your butt." "You have a cute guy butt." She can say that all she wants. "Girl butts don't get any better than yours." It's a good thing I can say that all I want. I say it a lot. I like looking at nice girl butts. I think it's good to keep up an interest in them. So does River. She even spots some nice ones for me. "Anything else?" I ask her to hit a spot between my shoulder blades that was just hinted at earlier. That's the spot. "Anything else?" "Stick your dick in me." "That would be a surprise." I've been imagining what it would be like to have a pussy and have River do me with her hard dick. I would like it. "Like this?" I feel her thrust on me, her bush sliding against my legs. "Yeah." I would like it. She's got me relaxed. I could fall asleep right here. But she's also got me wanting to return the favor. She gets on the face pillow. I oil. I try her quick and light effleurage. Playful. I like it. I'm always so intense. I do the fists like she did. Her sides, kneading her butt, backs of her thighs. Tops of her shoulders by request. Finish and hug down on her and squeeze her hands and breathe deep. Snuggle and sleep.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

River gets her handjob

"Are we going to do it tonight?" We've had a rocky day but things are ok now. At least mostly. "If we are, I have a request. An early start." "Usually it takes me a while to recover. But I think so." River finishes with Brook. I've realized that planning these things has been essential to lighting candles. It would be demoralizing to light a candle and then be turned down. I light a candle and River brushes. I brush and join her. She's gloriously naked on the bed. She's been wearing a sleeveless top with a skirt today. I love River in sleeveless. I love her in a skirt. "Only one thing could be better than that." "Naked?" "No bra."

I strip and sit next to River. She's turned on the streaming radio and I hit the divbyzero preset. Still our favorite music to fuck to. Candle light and fading daylight. River looks golden. Golden delicious. But sweeter. And better tasting. She's in such a nice body, her nipples throwing long shadows across her breasts in the soft light.

I still owe her a handjob. I'm hoping she'll claim it tonight. "Should we oil?" "Oil what?" "Whatever you want." It was an invitation for both of us but I always want to do her. I enjoy her body. I tip some out of the bottle and rub my hands together to warm it up. "Where to begin. I'm working backwards from where to end. Usually we'd end with your back and I'd do the stick-in that way. But I want something different tonight." "Less routine."

I start with her breasts. I'm remembering her oiling them last month, sliding her hands over them. Twisting and pulling and squeezing. I massage the muscles above her nipples, her sides, slide my hands over her boobs. Her arms. She rubs her hands on her arms for the silky feeling as I oil her stomach and legs and work down to her feet. I sit on her and slide my butt on her thighs and put my hands on her chest while she fucks me like I'm a girl and I imagine her hard cock penetrating me and coming out wet. I like it.

Sit beside her and work up her thighs. This time I'm going to do it right. Like she does me. Her legs are apart. I oil the inside of her thighs, up to her pussy, the sides of her pussy, fingers feeling her soft skin, working towards her lips, slide up and down them, moving towards her button, focusing the circles on it. I've got it between my fingers like she showed me. "Bigger." I do bigger. I wonder about faster and slower, harder and softer but I trust myself and I trust her to guide me. My left hand roams her body, her nipples, her stomach, her thigh, her bush, rubbing, pulling the skin where her lips come together, tugging her brown muff hair.

She moves my hand down. "Put your fingers here." Thanks. Trying to remember the big circles. She's moving under me now. I'm trying to get a rhythm from her. Pick it up a bit. "I'm really enjoying this." River is too. My hand isn't getting tired though. Am I not working hard enough? I've gotten tired before. Even River gets tired. We've got the Magic Wand for backup but I don't think we want to go there. And I don't want to overstay my welcome.

"What do you want to do?" I can think of some things. Keep going. Eat her. Or fuck. "Do you want me to finish?" "That would be nice. I can't remember the last time I finished you. I only remember the doorgasm." She came in less than a minute while I fingered her, standing by the door long ago. "You were doing great."

She takes over. My right hand goes to her opening, a finger inside, feel her walls, left, right, front, back. Her cervix is hiding today. Press my thumb downwards on the bottom of her pussy. Or is it the back. Hope I'm not distracting. My left hand does my cock as my thumb slides into her. I like how that feels, soft and warm and wet and snug and comforting. My left hand works fine. My cock gets hard. My thumb runs up and down the ridge at the back of her cunt.

"I'm ready to fuck you." Just so she knows. Two fingers in for her g-spot, circling. She sounds close. "Here it comes." I leave my fingers in, hoping to feel something. But I don't want to wait too long. Despite feeling more maneuverable lately I'm a bit awkward moving into place. Not too slow I hope.

River puts it in and it's soggy wet and we fuck for all we're worth through her long orgasm. Hard and deep and fast. When it comes out River puts it back in. I pull out to the tip. Teetering on the edge. The slightest movement will set me off. "Twitch twitch." That was half an orgasm. Some jism flowing. But not the finish. "Sorry for letting it come out." "I like putting the head back in." She's said that before. And she's known for her sincerity. "And it took me a while to get started because I left my fingers in to see if I could feel anything." "Did you?" "No." Maybe next time.

"Do you want to fuck me in my second orgasm?" "That's my favorite. What would you like me to do?" "What you want. The second one is easy. No need to worry about distractions." Fucking River in her second orgasm and coming with her always seems right somehow. "I call this idling." Fucking partway in. Keeping it hard. Jackknife. "Can I put my right leg down?" "Of course." River rubs her button and I back out all the way to her lips and hold it there, poised for the moment. It's not as easy as she said it would be. "Here it is." Like the first one only more so. Harder and deeper and faster. Her left leg bent upwards under me as I crush down on it. I don't know how she bends like that. My right knee forward, left leg straight behind me. Even faster. An amazing position for power. "Yeah . . ." Even deeper. I'm hoping my half orgasm didn't throw my response too far off. This is a lot of work. But it's an incredible fuck while River flows beneath me with her second orgasm.

I feel mine. Her cervix can't hide from my cock, it gets banged all over in this half-jackknife position and it stimulates me and makes me come and my orgasm bursts over me and I stick it even deeper and push her leg down even harder and squeeze everything I can into her and finish. Maybe a third, but no. We keep it in while we talk. "That one was right there without coming for a long time." I forget it's still in until I feel a big squeeze, too strong for the reflex, and it squirts out. "There it is. You did that on purpose." "You left it in on purpose." "Wouldn't you?"

"That was a great fuck." "Yes it was. With orgasms." For getting an early start, it sure is late.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A nice snuggly sleep-in morning

A nice snuggly sleep-in morning. River snuggles over and puts her leg on mine. I feel her leg against my balls. She must feel my balls against her leg. Fuzzy. Like she likes them. I'm feeling a reaction. And more reaction. Seems like she's about to get out of bed when I take her hand and move it down to my hardness. Her left hand. Not her preferred hand. But I like them both. She brushes her hand up and down my cock. It's nice. "What do you want to do with that?" It feels nice just having her touch me. I like the attention. I don't need to do anything else. "I don't need to do anything." Maybe she wanted me to say I'd like to fuck her with it. Probably not. She probably would have been more direct if that's what she wanted. It's me who's not always direct. She rolls over and we spoon. "Unless you want to do something." "I'm not going anywhere." Maybe she's not direct after all. I push it down beneath her butt. Let its stiffness push it against her as I move it along her snatch. River pushes the covers off us. Sticks her leg in the air and rubs it against her and sticks it in. Slow start in spoons. Go smaller and feel it get wetter. Then faster. And deeper. We've been doing it slow a lot lately. It's nice to go fast. Looking down at her butt. Again I'm thinking inviting. Roll River over. She goes into butt position. That works. Powerful thrusts. Fast. Slapping together. Deep. I feel a little strange just banging away like this. Roll her for face to face. She reaches for her button. Unexpected. Surprising sweetie. Stay out of her way. Move enough to stay hard but try not to distract. Pull her right leg up and towards me. Feels good but maybe distracting. Mouth on her nipple, sucking it in and out, sliding my tongue over the end, squeezing with my lips. I feel her hand rubbing against me as she does herself. Other nipple. Sit up with hands on her boobs. This is a bit of a balancing act for me since I'm weaker. She takes a break. "You can come first." "Not if you're going to." "My arm's getting tired." She goes back to it. It's hard work today. Why don't I think of trying to help. She's at it for a while then lets go. Doesn't say anything. I don't know whether it worked but I fuck her like it did. Hard, deep, fast, long. Her legs around me. It's really wet now. Slippery smooth. But I don't think she got there. Something about her reaction just doesn't seem right. Not flowing enough. Not as much abandonment. It's still a good time though, face to face with River. My orgasm is taking longer than I would have thought. I could have come long ago but wasn't ready. Now I feel a little bit like River as I pound into her again and again with my whole body, trying to get there. I guess I prefer having to hold off over having to make them happen. But it will happen. The warm tingle is there. It's spreading. It's heating up as I pound in until I can't stop it and it explodes as I pound in again and hold it and feel myself come and feel River's pubic bone pressing back against me as I press in to get everything out of it that I can then collapse and breathe. "You just wanted me to make waffles, didn't you?" We stay in bed together a while longer but still get up before the kids. I make waffles, with a special one for River.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Giving you a back rub would get me in the mood

"I'm going to get really tired pretty soon." "Thanks for the warning." We go upstairs. Snuggling. "Are you in the mood?" "I don't know." I was earlier but I'm not sure I've got anything. Maybe a little something. "Are you in the mood?" "I could be." "Giving you a back rub would get me in the mood." It would get River in the mood too. So I start.

River is pretty much better

River is pretty much better. Nice smooch session in the shower. "Three days. Peak of physical desire." "I think we can do something about that today." I was checking the calendar and noticing that with the kids out of school now there won't be much opportunity for this and that during the day. Although we haven't been above heading up to the bedroom while the kids are occupied.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too sick

River would do it tonight as part of the experiment, but really we're both still too sick for it to be much fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitchen skirt fuck

"It's ok if we don't do it tonight." We're both sick. Especially River with her breathing. I don't want her to go back to the hospital for fucking. And she wouldn't want to go while she was dripping afterwards.

"I'm feeling friendly." Friendly means she's got some libido going and wants to do it. I know how she feels. I'm always feeling friendly. Except my nipples don't get tender from ovulation. "You've been feeling friendly for days." "We wouldn't want to pass that up. Can you do it without making me breathe too hard?" "I don't know, can I?" It comes down to whether she'd enjoy it. We have a hot hug and smooch and my hand runs down to her butt, feeling her shape. She'd enjoy it. "I'm not wearing panties." That's friendly. "Earlier today you were leaning against the counter, with your legs spread." She leans against the counter and spreads her legs. "And I wanted to do this." I stand behind her and give her pussy a feel through her skirt. No panties. Undo my belt and drop my pants. Am I reading her mind? I hope. I've got the pleasant weightiness. Do myself with one hand, reach under her skirt and feel her with the other, her bush, her skin, her flaps and folds, her wet pussy. I want to sit on the floor and eat her while she's standing over me. She probably just wants the good part tonight.

I think it's as hard as it's going to get tonight before we start. We try to get it in from behind while she's standing at the counter but it's not hard enough. Try again. River takes off her shirt with one hand. "Can you do your bra with one hand?" Useless bra she doesn't need. "Sometimes." "I can do it with my teeth." Feel River's boobs. Turn her around to kiss. Use my hand. Kiss some more. It doesn't get any harder than the first time and still doesn't go in. Third try. River is patient. She must want it. She does want it. Turn her around again. River does me with her hand. That feels better. "How can you do me better than I can?" "It feels better when someone else does it." Same with her. "You're making me wet." "Nice." "It will work for a kitchen skirt fuck. You like interesting things." This time it feels harder but it's still not going despite River standing on her toes and us taking turns propping it up.

River suggests starting on the floor. She must really want to do it. She's turned down floors and other uncomfortable situations before. Who should be on top? Me. I need to drive for a while. "The kitchen floor will never be the same." "We've done this before." "With the cherries." "It's the trampoline that will never be the same. Except we gave it away." We'll have to inaugurate the new one this summer. At least the floor is fairly clean today. It's a little hard maneuvering with my pants around my ankles but we get set. I slip a finger in and circle her g-spot. Wet. She wasn't kidding. She never does. Something I like about her. "Have you ever done your g-spot?" "No, just you." We'll have to find out what she likes. It's ok if she just likes me doing it but I'd like to see what happens if she tries.

Feeling River's g-spot and looking at her on the floor ready to go in just her skirt gets me hard enough. She looks good in a skirt. It goes in. Stiffens in the wet friction of her pussy. This is what we've been waiting for. "Are you comfortable?" "Yeah, are you?" "Except for my knees." But I've already forgotten about them. "I don't have much range of motion with my leg and my pants. That's why it's not in very far." We scoot around and get it in farther. Nice full-length strokes. "I'm helping." I like it. "I could pop off any time." It's been a week and we're fucking on the kitchen floor and River's still got her skirt on. And a jade necklace. And she's into it.

We take a short break to stand back up. This time we get a good deep decisive stickin. Hide River's butt under her skirt so I can't see it. Just feel it. Grab her and admire her shape and fuck with my pants still down around my ankles. "Now I know why girls wear high heels." I suggest a few possibilities but they all lead to one thing. "It's all about fucking." River doesn't need heels. She's barefoot. On her toes. A slow fuck. Sinking in from her lips to the very end of her cunt. And back. "I like slow. I can feel every nuance." "I like it too." Slow but deep. Feel our bodies press together. "Remember the time you said I could only not come once? That was fun." This time we take a few short breaks. A sweet fuck but it won't be a long fuck. I've been close the whole time. I need to come. "Just a few more." Really slow. Slide back in to her wetness that's both warm and cool, feel it surrounding my cock, coaxing my orgasm along. "One more." As slow as I can. It builds as I push in and comes right at the end, the squeeze stiffening it inside her, leaning against her to stand up, my legs against hers, holding me up as I come, feeling the spurts, one, two, three, four, five, six, .... "Did you feel that?" "Yes. I'm glad you did it slow." We stay together and afterfuck. Grab a dishtowel from the stove for cleanup. The kitchen has some advantages.

"You have the patience of a saint." I picture Joan of Arc doing it. "That was my libido." I'm glad we didn't pass that up. "That was really friendly when you said you weren't wearing panties." "It was meant to be." My goo has liquefied and drips down her leg. I knew about the leg, but I didn't know about the liquefication until I had to bring samples to the lab in a little bottle and they'd gotten all runny by the time I got there. It's not the kind of stuff a guy tends to keep around too long. I just knew that in the shower part of it will wash away and leave sticky stuff that likes to stick in hair and to the bottom of the tub.

Upstairs in the bathroom. We admire ourselves in the mirror. We look good together. A well-matched pair. "This is my favorite skirt. But I need a sexier top to go with it." "You can't do any better than what you've got right now." Just the jade necklace and a smile from the waist up.

How can we ever do spontaneous standup quickies if I can't even do them in our kitchen, or in our shower?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It would be a noble experiment

"A week." "Since we've done it?" "No." "What? Oh yeah." She said something like that once before, but this time it seems like she's actually thinking of following through. It would be a noble experiment. We lounge around naked in bed together in the afternoon. River needs rest and says I look like I need rest, and she knows how to get me in bed and keep me there. "You're nice to irresist."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We can fuck our brains out every night for a week

Everybody except our oldest has been sick the past week. River had to go to the ER. It's not worth taking any chances doing it before River's breathing is good enough. Even if she can breathe well enough for that handjob I owe her. We're missing her ovulation. Her nipples are tender and she seems horny. "We can fuck our brains out every night for a week." I think her steroids have kicked in. Or her libido.