Monday, August 31, 2009

Cool whip and cherries in the kitchen

River is lying on the kitchen floor crosswise in front of me. "I wish I could open the refrigerator and take out the whipped cream and spray you up right here. But I already put it upstairs. Having to go get it takes some of the fun out of it." "Would it still be fun enough?" "I think so." "I'm commando." "I'll never have to buy you underwear again. What am I going to do?" I go upstairs for the cool whip and cherries. I sorted out the two with stems. "It was nice of you to get non-dairy topping." "I wouldn't want to kiss you after licking off whipped cream."

I slip her pants off. Her girl parts are revealed. The light isn't so good, but good enough. I've been walking around in boxers. She's wearing the Tinkerbell shirt. Cute. Showing me her completely hairless parts. I have some problems with the cool whip. It keeps sliding off her pussy. "Let the ice cream scooper do it." She sprays a nice swirl on top and puts on the cherry. "More of a sundae. You were going for the banana split." I start licking. She's still pretty smooth on the sides and it's really nice. "That's about the funniest thing I've seen." I think we're both into it now. My nose bonks the cool whip and the cherry falls off. Oh well. I lick her clean. Her smooth pussy and mons are nice to lick. I slip my tongue between her labia. "It's hot in there." "Yeah." Hotter than usual. On fire. I like it. I move my tongue to her clit. Remember what she said about bigger circles with my fingers. "That's perfect technique." Nice. That's what I need to hear. "That feels pretty good." Double nice. She likes it. I like it. "If you do that for about half an hour I'll probaby have an orgasm." That would be so amazing. I'd like that. I'll see what I can do.

It's nice licking her smooth pussy. Even the small amount of stubble feels nice. I hear moans. That gets me going. I moan too. I'm not even getting tired. I'd do this a long time. I look up at her while I'm going at it. Head back. Hands loose in the air. She looks into it. I'm into it. Every now and then I think big circles. She sounds like she could come but I know it could still take a while. We have a small break. "I'll fuck you." On the kitchen floor. "Ok." Plan B. Back to it. I'm getting a different flavor now. A warm flavor. She pushes into me. I push back. "Not so hard." Back off a bit. Feel a bit with my fingers. I don't want to be distracting. I need to ask about that. I want to pull her lips apart. She's liked it when I pull up on the skin above her pussy. She's moving up and down a little. I hope she's positioning for me. It's sounding intense and her clit is less noticeable. "Keep doing that." I like doing that. Is she actually going to come? I'm not getting tired. I'm having fun. But I haven't shaved. My bristles were stimulating for a while, but now they're irritating and we have to call it off. "I thought I was at the point of no return a couple times there." Wow. Closer than I thought.

"Let's see if I have anything in me." It's a bit stiff. Needs to be stiffer though. Gaze at beautiful River. Hot River. Sexy River. Smooth River. Nice shape. Girl shape. Jack a bit. It's getting there. She feels really wet and hot. It goes in easily and we fuck on the kitchen floor. The hard floor reminds me of the treehouse. "Are your knees ok? We could do a more comfortable position." "This is a good one for it to stiffen up." I'm trying to put more weight on my hands. Like the treehouse. "We're on the kitchen floor." "Yeah, you should really be up on the counter." "I guess so." River's lifting her head. I try to hold it up for her. I try mini-magnetism for a while but it's too hard. Jackknife. Nice smooth pussy view. River reaches back for a wall but there's nothing there. I slide her back. She puts her hands on the wall and arches up against me. I grab her butt and lift. Maybe a little too enthusiastic. It looks strenuous for her. "How long can you do this?" "Pretty long. How about you?" "Until I come." And I can feel one coming. "Which will be pretty soon." Soon enough for River I hope. Here it is. In deep. There's the cervix. The spasms are long and smooth and powerful. I give each one some extra squeeze. "It's . . ." She looks at her watch. "Eleven o'clock. Do you know where your balls are?" Silly. I think they're in the right place. Reach down to check. They are. "So you liked that? We can do it again?" "Yeah." The oral that is. River opens a drawer and grabs a dish towel or something for clean up. "You're breaking tradition." Up to the shower to clean up the sticky. River has a nice glow. "You look happy." "I had fun with my sweetie."

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