Sunday, October 18, 2009

Muff dive tv fantasy

“May I have the pleasure of screwing you?” River wants another butt rub tonight. On the futon. While she watches Desperate Housewives. “That would be really decadent.” I’m all for it. “I have something to look forward to.” I’ve also been wanting to do her thighs for a while, and her neck is moving up on my list.

River reads and I set up. Get the oil and a candle. Hang a blanket. Wait in the kitchen. I hear the tv come on. “I’ll be there in a minute.” She strips to her panties and lays out on the futon. They’ll be coming off soon. I strip to silkies. Not sure why I leave then on. I like being naked with River.

Oil her back to start. She reaches down and the panties come off. Her body is so amazing. The shape. The firmness. The skin. I straddle and work her back. Her legs. Her butt. How lucky can I be to have a sweetie with a butt and body like that. River is hot. And I get to massage her.

At some point I remove my silkies. We’re both naked. On her back for neck. Left. Right. Up the sides. Chest and pectorals, skirting her nipples. She sits up so I can do the front of her thighs while she finishes the show.

I’ve been thinking about whether this massage has strings. We didn’t talk about it. We just had an incredible fuck last night. I don’t think there are any strings. But it sure gets me in the mood. And then I realize. River is sitting up on the futon watching tv. Naked. I’ve told her I’ve got a fantasy of diving her muff while she watches tv. The setup is too good to pass up.

I put my head between her legs and probe with my tongue. Her parts are chilly. Her lips are cold lobes of flesh. This is a perfect opportunity to literally warm her up. River is surprised. “Do you mind?” “No.” My mouth and tongue on her lips and opening for a while. River’s pussy tastes nice. Should have stayed down there longer for the warm up. On to the clit. Not too slurpy. I like her muff growing back in. Thinking of the big circles. I hear the show in the background. This is amazing. My sweetie lets me rub her. She lets me eat her pussy and indulge a fantasy. It’s as good as I thought it would be. I could lick her for a long time. But the show ends.

“Are you having fun down there?” “Yeah. I mentioned a while back that eating your pussy while you’re watching tv has been a fantasy of mine for a while.” “It sounds familiar.” “Thanks for letting me indulge it. I really enjoyed it.” “You’re getting better at that.” Music to my ears. She was heating up. Maybe some day she’ll ask for it.

“I’ll warm the bed up.” She brushes and comes in. We snuggle. I have to say it somehow. “May I have the pleasure of screwing you?” She seems to like that. “Yes.” “I get to rub you. And eat your pussy. And screw you.” More smoochies. She reaches down for my part. “It’s interested.” “Yeah.” I like her cold hand.

I get on top. It’s not too good. It’s getting worse. “Look. Hot girl.” If I can’t get it up with my hot sweetie asking for it right in front of me with me between her legs and her pussy staring me in the face I should just give it up. I give it a good grind on her emerging muff. It feels nice but it doesn’t get much better. I wonder if it will go in anyway.

“You have a name for this. LDF.” Limp dick fuck. I push my limp dick into her and feel it pop in as I prop it up from the bottom. It starts to get it. We start to screw. “You’re really wet today.” A nice wet. Really juicy. Not so much gooey. I wonder if the muff dive has anything to do with that. It’s gotten hard. That’s more like it. Fuck with confidence now. She only lets me do one leg for jackknife. Because of the hips. I like jackknifing River any way I can.

I’m smiling like anything. She notices. “I’m screwing you.” We screw for a while but I don’t want to overstay my welcome. We go faster and I let my orgasm build until I slam it all the way in and hold it and come deep inside her again. She’s going to be dripping two days in a row. She says she doesn’t mind.

“You sure were wet today. I like the variety.” “That’s good.”

Next day. “You said getting the massage while watching tv was really decadent. I want you to know it worked for me. Like that time I did the foot rub. If you could eke out some feedback that would be nice. Not so I know you’re paying attention. So I know when I’m doing something good.”

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