Saturday, October 30, 2010

A relaxing time for both of us

River's itch seems to have gone away by itself. She's giving signals about doing it tonight. I haven't been expectant since our "start now" session on Tuesday. She gets to make the call on the "finish later", but I wouldn't mind if she initiated tonight. But she might have to be out late. "I'll wake you up when I come back. After midnight." "You'll be too tired." "I'll be wide awake." But her late-night errand falls through, and her plan falls through with it. Too bad. I like being woken up to do it.

In bed together as usual. A nice relaxing snuggle. River relieves some stress by talking about what's stressing her. I'm here to listen. But I have to ask. "So are you going to do me tonight? As a stress reliever?" "How about if you do me?" We make a plan. I give her a massage and then do her. Stress relief. Hers. Mine. But not our usual post-massage butt position stick-in. Much as I like it, I'd rather have more variety tonight. I suggest inviting. We haven't done that for a while. "Ok. We might want to pre-lubricate, too. Both of us." I can do that. "Do you have one in you tonight? It could help with the relaxation." "Probably not." I'd like to find out, but we can skip it tonight.

River lies face down and pulls the comforter off. "River's amazing ass." Perfect. We were at the mall today. No competition. Only one other ass was even close. I pointed it out to her. Where have all the cute girl butts gone? I oil her and massage her back. Nice feedback when I go over her favorite spots. Do the shoulders, sides, lower back. I get more oil for her butt. It's going to be nice and slippery tonight. I really enjoy her body.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oiling River in the morning

Sometime before 6am I'm awake. River sleeps next to me. This used to be my time to snuggle on River but now I usually just let her sleep. She needs it. She had a restless night.

I've got an erection. It feels nice. I push the covers off myself and point my cock upwards into the cool breeze coming from the window. Just feeling it, keeping it hard, my thumb stationary on the top side, two fingers running lightly up and down the bottom, barely touching the sensitive underside of my glans when they come up. It's been about nine months since I've masturbated to orgasm. I don't plan on letting myself go that far this morning. Stroke my thumb all the way down to the base. Use my fingernails lightly on the bottom and sides. Turn my hand over and pretend it's River's pussy. I'm not doing any visuals today though. I don't have to. After about fifteen minutes I reach over for some massage oil and quietly unscrew the cap. It's ok if River wakes up while I'm jacking off next to her but I want her to sleep a while longer. A few dabs, just enough for some nice friction. Then a bit more. I recognize the scent. Sensual. Dangerous stuff. I've got a bit of a Pavlovian response to it. My hand glides smoothly up and down my cock, firm, not too fast, just enough to feel nice. Still no plan to come.

But another plan forms. River's vulva has been been itchy the past couple days. She put some olive oil on it a few days ago. I could put some oil on it for her. With my cock. I put a few more dabs on. She's sleeping the wrong direction. On her side, facing me. I can't just lift the covers for access. I move around the foot of the bed to her other side. She starts to wake up and rolls onto her back. I move the covers aside and push her legs apart. She seems to resist a little. But she'll say no if she doesn't want it. Unless she's too sleepy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Three is a magic number

We're in bed at ten. River's said something about being tired. About not being as enthusiastic as she was this afternoon. I hope I'm not pressuring her when I tell her my plan. "Some muff dive for warmup. You do your orgasm and I fuck you in it." It's accepted. She knows I've been itching for muff dive. It's not her favorite thing, but ovulation is making her receptive.

"I can't just dive in, so to speak." "Why not?" "It seems too abrupt." "You need a warmup for the warmup." "Exactly." I sit next to her, run my fingers over her tummy, ribs, breasts, inner thighs, up the hairs along side her lips, onto her lips, up to her clitoris. Do the circles on it. "You're getting good at that." "I've been watching you." Her vagina makes smacky sounds as my circles open and close it. I feel myself stiffen just a bit. Do myself. "I'm responding already." "Good." Time to dive. My over-the-side position. "It's dark down here." Her parts have disappeared into shadow as I bring my face down. That's ok. I can feel my way around.

I'm surrounded by her warm and luscious scent. The way I like it. Filling me. Turning me on. Making me want to do anything she wants. Anything I want. I want to taste my sweetie's pussy, the pussy I just fucked and came in this afternoon. I stretch my tongue out to get my bearings, feeling for landmarks in the dark. Her lips. Down to her opening. A dark, sparkly taste. I like it. Up to her clitoris. Back and forth with her opening for a while, then settle in on her clit, my hands under her legs pulling her against me, sucking her clit hood, steady circles with my tongue, trying to get some good pressure on her. I'm having a good time, but I'm not sure she is, and I don't want to overstay my welcome. I sit back up and circle my fingers on her some more, enjoying how she feels, enjoying her body, enjoying her trust.

Strike while the iron is hot and finish what we started

River comes home about 4:30. She's got some chamomile oil which is supposed to be good for rubbing on a hurty tummy. We're not convinced, but we're eager to try it out. Any excuse to rub oil on River. Up to our room. She undresses. Leaves a sophisticated black bra on top. And fun polka-dot panties on bottom.

River lies on her back. Her bush peeks provocatively from the top of her panties. I squirt some oil out, warm it up by rubbing my hands together, and put my hands on her tummy. She flinches. Still too cold. I smooth the oil over her, side to side, dipping below her panty line, circling clockwise. I like it. She likes it. She's thinking maybe she has girl part pain, not gut pain. "Where's your uterus?" "It should be just above my pubic bone." My fingers track through her bush to her pubic bone, and I picture a pear inside her just above it. Some gentle rubs. This is the place we can see bulging out when we fuck.

"I sure liked that nice hard rod this morning." Oh did she? She figures this is ovulation day. Making her extra receptive. I end up sitting on top of her for some passionate kisses. More tongue than usual. She's feeling juicy. She wants to fuck. Are we going to finish now, or finish later? What we started this morning. I start taking off my clothes. She shuts the door. Bra off. Panties off. I get everything off but my socks. "They're cute." "Not as cute as you wearing socks." She rubs my cock on her pussy and clit. I help, squeezing against her. But it's not nearly the hard rod of this morning. "You can do yourself." I watch her rub herself, seeing her lips get pushed around as she circles her clit above her pussy opening. I put my left thumb on her opening. My right hand works on my cock. I push my thumb into her pussy. It always feels nice. Friendlier than a finger. There's the fleshy ridge on the back that I've gotten to know so well. And she wasn't kidding about being wet. It's wall to wall juice in there. As wet as I've ever felt her. "You're making sounds." Nice squishy sounds with all that wetness. "I kind of like them. If you don't mind." She doesn't. It's no problem getting hard with my thumb in such a wet pussy. "I'm ready to fuck."

"You could hang a towel on it."

We wake up. River gets up to pee but changes her mind. We snuggle. Face to face. My hyperactive hands feeling her back, her butt. My morning boner presses against her. "I had a dream about walking around a college campus with you, and you'd persuaded me to let you put your penis in me." Is that why she got back in bed? "I wonder how I did that." "The mechanics were interesting." I'm wondering more about the persuasion. She rolls into spoons. I ask her to stick it in. "I have to pee. Just for a little while?" "Yes." I don't need to come. Start now finish later. She puts it in, I push, we have a short sweet delicious fuck, maybe 20 seconds, then I push in, hold it, pull out, and she gets up to pee. When I come in to shower with her I'm still fully hard, my moist cock pointing up at her. "I remember that. Gazing at it in wonder in our early years." "You did?" She asks me to get her a fresh washcloth from the laundry basket downstairs. "I don't want anybody to see me." I'm just teasing. I don't care who sees me. "You could hang a towel on it."

"I liked putting my penis in you. Your dream was inspiring." "It's good to make use of those morning boners. It reminds me of the good old days." "If you ever want to, feel free."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning snuggle and fuck

River gets up to pee in the morning. I like to watch her come back from the bathroom and get into bed with me. When I'm awake enough, I'll even watch when she comes back in the middle of the night, propping my eyes open, her shape revealed as she opens her robe, her bush evident even in the darkness. I snuggle against her. We each think the other is nice to wake up with. Somehow I feel myself stiffen, unbidden, just snuggling against River's naked body, thinking warm squishy thoughts. Like old times, just getting hard because we're in bed together. She reaches down to scratch her butt where I may be tickling it. I put her hand on my hard cock. It's even harder than I thought. "That's a nice one. Would you like to do something with it?" "If you do." "Okay."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

There's hope for her yet

I've been awake a while. I notice I've got a pretty good stiff. I'm expecting it to go away after a while, especially while I lay on my side. Shortly after six I snuggle over on River, enjoying squeezing my hardness against her butt as we spoon, remembering our nice grinning butt-parking snuggle as we fell asleep last night. I'm really expecting it to go away, but I give a small thrust against her every now and then, feeling the underside of my cock slide against her butt as it settles back into place, and it's just enough stimulation to keep it up. After about fifteen minutes I push it down under her butt, between her legs, feeling her bush hairs rub along its length. Every now and then I pull back a little, push forward against her, and give a squeeze to keep it hard.

She's awake. "I'm just enjoying myself back here." "You can do that." It would be nice to slide it into her, but I'm having a nice enough time without it. Really nice. Fucking with a morning erection isn't always my favorite thing. Sometimes it's harder to come than it should be. Another fifteen minutes go by, small dry humps, just enough to stay hard.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Juxta position

We were talking about River's period. How it still bugs her and pushes her comfort zone doing it with the goo, but how it helps that I don't mind at all. It's a very girly thing that happens and I like her girlness.

Today is the last day. She wears panties to bed. "Does that mean we're not on for tonight?" I told her earlier I'm hoping, but not expecting. "Not necessarily." I laugh. What does that mean? That she'd give in if I pushed? That's not what I want tonight. "Maybe something sweet." That surprises me. I snuggle against her with her legs crossed over mine. "That's what I was thinking. Starting like this." A warm snuggly start. I rub my fingers across her breasts. We kiss. She takes her panties off. "Should we put a towel down?" "We don't need to."

Friday, October 8, 2010


Three days again. I don't remember much. Pushing in deep in jackknife. Then the extra half inch, a couple times, each time suddenly feeling her cervix next to my cock and pressing against River's tender uterus until I have to back off. An intense orgasm.

Now I remember more. Starting by feeling River's bush under the covers, slowly slipping my fingers down beside her lips, her legs parted for me, still feeling her tantalizing bush hairs, onto her lips, feel their fleshiness, up to the firmness of her clitoris within the folds of her labia.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A bohemian artist

"I'll be in and out for a while." That's what I tell the people at work while we have an afternoon tryst. "Doesn't this seem strange?" "Yes, but that's no reason not to enjoy it." "I feel like I'm having an affair." "Cool." "Have I come to your house, or have you come to my house?" "You've come to your bohemian artist's studio. Your lover's studio." "How many other people visit you?" "I don't kiss and tell." I hope it's not sloppy.

We take our clothes off. She kneels on the bed, I sit, my face against her chest, her nipple exciting me, my hand on her smooth butt. I kneel with her. We kiss. I stroke my cock to get ready for her. Look down her body to her bush, her womanhood, waiting willingly for me to violate it. We feel each other. She falls onto the bed and spreads for me. "River doesn't like it so much when I lick her. I bet you would." "Yes." "Would you like me to?" "We don't have enough time for that and a nice fuck." Good point.