Saturday, October 23, 2010

Three is a magic number

We're in bed at ten. River's said something about being tired. About not being as enthusiastic as she was this afternoon. I hope I'm not pressuring her when I tell her my plan. "Some muff dive for warmup. You do your orgasm and I fuck you in it." It's accepted. She knows I've been itching for muff dive. It's not her favorite thing, but ovulation is making her receptive.

"I can't just dive in, so to speak." "Why not?" "It seems too abrupt." "You need a warmup for the warmup." "Exactly." I sit next to her, run my fingers over her tummy, ribs, breasts, inner thighs, up the hairs along side her lips, onto her lips, up to her clitoris. Do the circles on it. "You're getting good at that." "I've been watching you." Her vagina makes smacky sounds as my circles open and close it. I feel myself stiffen just a bit. Do myself. "I'm responding already." "Good." Time to dive. My over-the-side position. "It's dark down here." Her parts have disappeared into shadow as I bring my face down. That's ok. I can feel my way around.

I'm surrounded by her warm and luscious scent. The way I like it. Filling me. Turning me on. Making me want to do anything she wants. Anything I want. I want to taste my sweetie's pussy, the pussy I just fucked and came in this afternoon. I stretch my tongue out to get my bearings, feeling for landmarks in the dark. Her lips. Down to her opening. A dark, sparkly taste. I like it. Up to her clitoris. Back and forth with her opening for a while, then settle in on her clit, my hands under her legs pulling her against me, sucking her clit hood, steady circles with my tongue, trying to get some good pressure on her. I'm having a good time, but I'm not sure she is, and I don't want to overstay my welcome. I sit back up and circle my fingers on her some more, enjoying how she feels, enjoying her body, enjoying her trust.

We dry her off and she takes over. I hope she's got one in her. She said it didn't seem to be going anywhere this afternoon. Sometimes I'm too distracting, fucking her while she's masturbating. This time I'll be patient. Still, I put a hand on, skimming over her tender breasts, teasing at her nipples. "I hope I'm not distracting you." "The warm hand is nice." "I was noticing how cool you feel. Like a wild outdoor sweetie. Not like a hot-house girl." Now she sounds into it. Breathing. Moving. I've gotten surprisingly hard surprisingly quickly, considering it's only been five hours and I sometimes have the ED thing going on. It's as hard as it was this morning when I walked into the bathroom. It might have something to do with her scent and her taste. "I'm ready." Ready for a decisive stick-in. I want to tell her I'm ready to fuck her with a good hard one when she comes, but I really don't want to distract her right now. I rub her nipple between my fingers as she heats things up. "Here it comes." My cue. Get between her legs. The decisive stick-in. Fuck her hard as she comes under me, leave room for her hand until she takes it away and pulls me to her, shift to missionary, go her speed, fast, and hope it's as good for her as it is for me.

Finally I collapse on her and we hug. "The good thing about just having done it five hours ago is I can last a long time." Usually it's hard to hold back when I hear her orgasm. She goes back for another one, her legs spread in the V. This time I don't worry about distracting her, just stroke in and out of her pussy while she does her clit. "I wish the first one was as easy as the second one." I take that as my cue, fuck hard, hands on her shoulders pulling her against me, feeling her cervix, hoping it's a good time to be going that deep, then it comes out, and doesn't just line up and go back in, my hands are still on her shoulders, River has to reach down and line it up for me to push in and fuck some more and I feel a little bad about the break in the action even though River probably doesn't mind.

Eventually our frenzy dies down. It's been a great power fuck and I haven't even had to hold off, but I can feel my orgasm getting ready to burst out during her third one. And she's going for it already. She's said it's mostly a matter of timing and it must be the right time. I'm not sure what my cue is this time but I fuck her harder and faster than ever, in her third orgasm, pulling her body up and down on my cock, shallow angle, aiming for her g-spot on her front wall, hoping I'm having an effect. It sounds like a good third orgasm. A long one. I have to come, too. "My turn." Mine is a fast fucking orgasm with no clear beginning, I just know I'm coming, feel the sensations, and I strain against her as I whimper and thrust in and out, letting my body feel what it needs to keep the contractions going. I don't have the parched feeling I get sometimes, there's plenty of goo squirting, at least it feels like there is. I collapse again and breathe hard, then sit up, hugging River's legs up in front of me, my head resting between them, my cock still sticking into her. We stay like that and talk until she squeezes me out. "Show off."

"I feel bad about the break in the action." "You know I kind of like that. It's so amazing when it goes back in. You could really tease me by doing it on purpose." "I don't think I could. It would be torture. I'll just have to leave it to chance." Or maybe not.

"How many was that?" "Three." "Three is a magic number."

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