Saturday, October 23, 2010

"You could hang a towel on it."

We wake up. River gets up to pee but changes her mind. We snuggle. Face to face. My hyperactive hands feeling her back, her butt. My morning boner presses against her. "I had a dream about walking around a college campus with you, and you'd persuaded me to let you put your penis in me." Is that why she got back in bed? "I wonder how I did that." "The mechanics were interesting." I'm wondering more about the persuasion. She rolls into spoons. I ask her to stick it in. "I have to pee. Just for a little while?" "Yes." I don't need to come. Start now finish later. She puts it in, I push, we have a short sweet delicious fuck, maybe 20 seconds, then I push in, hold it, pull out, and she gets up to pee. When I come in to shower with her I'm still fully hard, my moist cock pointing up at her. "I remember that. Gazing at it in wonder in our early years." "You did?" She asks me to get her a fresh washcloth from the laundry basket downstairs. "I don't want anybody to see me." I'm just teasing. I don't care who sees me. "You could hang a towel on it."

"I liked putting my penis in you. Your dream was inspiring." "It's good to make use of those morning boners. It reminds me of the good old days." "If you ever want to, feel free."

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