Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Juxta position

We were talking about River's period. How it still bugs her and pushes her comfort zone doing it with the goo, but how it helps that I don't mind at all. It's a very girly thing that happens and I like her girlness.

Today is the last day. She wears panties to bed. "Does that mean we're not on for tonight?" I told her earlier I'm hoping, but not expecting. "Not necessarily." I laugh. What does that mean? That she'd give in if I pushed? That's not what I want tonight. "Maybe something sweet." That surprises me. I snuggle against her with her legs crossed over mine. "That's what I was thinking. Starting like this." A warm snuggly start. I rub my fingers across her breasts. We kiss. She takes her panties off. "Should we put a towel down?" "We don't need to."

I reach down and brush the head of my slightly hard dick against the fur that surrounds her pussy, up and down, feeling her lips gap open. What good is a bare pussy. Not that I didn't like it when she was bare, but her bush, like her period, is so girly. She's extra friendly today. Nice smiles. She reaches for my cock and I feel her confident pull making me stiffen.

She puts it in. I'm not sure I'm ready but I push and I'm ready enough. "Not quite a decisive stick-in." "You usually rise to the occasion. You can stick it back in when you do. You know I like that." "That's funny from the girl who goes to such lengths to keep it in when we change position. I let it come out sometimes because it's so much fun sticking it back in you know." "I know." My cock stiffens all the way. We have a nice relaxing fuck, her pussy nice and slippery. "This is what I needed. To get out of my mind, and into my body." "I'm into your body." "Yes you are."

I pull her leg up, put my arm over it, and angle back. She sticks her other leg up in the air. We like it. Another new position with no name. "This is a complete non-sequitur, but we should go to the pumpkin patch this weekend." "You know I like it when we have a casual conversation while we're fucking. I like the juxtaposition. That's what we can call this. Juxta position." I'm not sure River likes the positions where my cock sticks into her sideways. "I like them, but sometimes one side gets abraded. Like now."

I roll us into spoons, grab her hip, and go into her hard as I pull her back against me and our bodies slap together. Then once again I try to roll her into inviting and she goes all the way over into butt. She must like it. That's ok. I like it too. I lower myself to feel my balls rubbing up and down her legs as I move forwards and back, sliding in and out at a shallow angle. "I can feel your balls. I like that." That makes both of us.

Lean forward and feel the shape and firmness of her ass rubbing against me. Lift my butt so all that touches is her pussy and my cock. Steep angle, straight down into her. Do her two-speed stroke, slow at first with a fast push at the end. Go fast, her speed, I hear her react, keep going as long as I can, listening to her moans making me want to come but I stop short, my expectant cock twitching inside her. Dab some oil on for better slipperiness. Fuck some more, slow, reaching under her arms for her hands, my thumbs in her palms, this will be our finish, I'm loud, not holding back, in deep with each spurt to emphasize how good it feels, then collapse on her until I roll off and we clean up. "Good one."

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