Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oiling River in the morning

Sometime before 6am I'm awake. River sleeps next to me. This used to be my time to snuggle on River but now I usually just let her sleep. She needs it. She had a restless night.

I've got an erection. It feels nice. I push the covers off myself and point my cock upwards into the cool breeze coming from the window. Just feeling it, keeping it hard, my thumb stationary on the top side, two fingers running lightly up and down the bottom, barely touching the sensitive underside of my glans when they come up. It's been about nine months since I've masturbated to orgasm. I don't plan on letting myself go that far this morning. Stroke my thumb all the way down to the base. Use my fingernails lightly on the bottom and sides. Turn my hand over and pretend it's River's pussy. I'm not doing any visuals today though. I don't have to. After about fifteen minutes I reach over for some massage oil and quietly unscrew the cap. It's ok if River wakes up while I'm jacking off next to her but I want her to sleep a while longer. A few dabs, just enough for some nice friction. Then a bit more. I recognize the scent. Sensual. Dangerous stuff. I've got a bit of a Pavlovian response to it. My hand glides smoothly up and down my cock, firm, not too fast, just enough to feel nice. Still no plan to come.

But another plan forms. River's vulva has been been itchy the past couple days. She put some olive oil on it a few days ago. I could put some oil on it for her. With my cock. I put a few more dabs on. She's sleeping the wrong direction. On her side, facing me. I can't just lift the covers for access. I move around the foot of the bed to her other side. She starts to wake up and rolls onto her back. I move the covers aside and push her legs apart. She seems to resist a little. But she'll say no if she doesn't want it. Unless she's too sleepy.

"Do you have a hard one?" "I used to. How's your vulva?" "Itchy." "I thought I'd spread some oil on it." "You can spread oil with your big thing." I push my oiled cock against her lips, circling against them, rubbing the shaft of her clitoris. Spreading the oil, spreading her lips, pressing against her, trying to be soothing. Are we going to fuck? Probably. But not necessarily. We don't have a lot of time, and I'd like to think that I'm doing this for her. Yeah right. I take a long time rubbing things around. She's moving like she wants me to move it down and stick it in. Or at least like she wouldn't mind. Small sighs every time my cock slides over her opening without going in. Probably thinks it's inevitable. I suppose it is.

I push my cock down her groove with my fingers until I feel the head stick in, and give an easy thrust. It goes in smoothly. Her legs wrap around me. We fuck. Missionary for deep penetration, only backing up a few inches when I pull out. Then pull out to her lips and feel my cock slide through them into her. "We can finish later. I don't want to contribute to your itchiness." "Whatever you want." It's what I want. It's strangely compelling to fuck for a while and stop without coming. It must be something like that for her. She fucks a lot without coming. Says it's just fine. And she's right.

I pull out and rub my hard cock over her slippery vulva some more. It's hard to resist sticking it back in. I can't resist. I stick it back in and we fuck some more, hugging, pulling back slowly so just our parts are touching, thrusting back in quickly. Pull out and rub my cock on her vulva one last time. Again I can't resist. I'm weak. She's irresistible. I push back into her, lift her legs up in front of me, hands on her tender breasts, then her waist, then hugging her legs against my chest, fucking through them into her pussy, lifting her ass as we fuck. But it's time to get up and shower. I pull out and we head down the hall to the bathroom.

"You must have gotten me all horny last night when I shaved your legs in the tub. When we finish is your call." "Ok."

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