Saturday, October 23, 2010

Strike while the iron is hot and finish what we started

River comes home about 4:30. She's got some chamomile oil which is supposed to be good for rubbing on a hurty tummy. We're not convinced, but we're eager to try it out. Any excuse to rub oil on River. Up to our room. She undresses. Leaves a sophisticated black bra on top. And fun polka-dot panties on bottom.

River lies on her back. Her bush peeks provocatively from the top of her panties. I squirt some oil out, warm it up by rubbing my hands together, and put my hands on her tummy. She flinches. Still too cold. I smooth the oil over her, side to side, dipping below her panty line, circling clockwise. I like it. She likes it. She's thinking maybe she has girl part pain, not gut pain. "Where's your uterus?" "It should be just above my pubic bone." My fingers track through her bush to her pubic bone, and I picture a pear inside her just above it. Some gentle rubs. This is the place we can see bulging out when we fuck.

"I sure liked that nice hard rod this morning." Oh did she? She figures this is ovulation day. Making her extra receptive. I end up sitting on top of her for some passionate kisses. More tongue than usual. She's feeling juicy. She wants to fuck. Are we going to finish now, or finish later? What we started this morning. I start taking off my clothes. She shuts the door. Bra off. Panties off. I get everything off but my socks. "They're cute." "Not as cute as you wearing socks." She rubs my cock on her pussy and clit. I help, squeezing against her. But it's not nearly the hard rod of this morning. "You can do yourself." I watch her rub herself, seeing her lips get pushed around as she circles her clit above her pussy opening. I put my left thumb on her opening. My right hand works on my cock. I push my thumb into her pussy. It always feels nice. Friendlier than a finger. There's the fleshy ridge on the back that I've gotten to know so well. And she wasn't kidding about being wet. It's wall to wall juice in there. As wet as I've ever felt her. "You're making sounds." Nice squishy sounds with all that wetness. "I kind of like them. If you don't mind." She doesn't. It's no problem getting hard with my thumb in such a wet pussy. "I'm ready to fuck."

I stick it in just a little, about an inch of fuck. She's moaning. I'm moaning. Her legs spread in a V. Looks tiring, but she does it somehow. Fucking about halfway in now. Staying out of her way. I jackknife her leg onto my right shoulder, pushing her knee all the way to her armpit. Good thing she's flexible. Now I can plunge in to the hilt without getting in her way, a nice deep fuck in her amazingly wet pussy, her still doing her clit. I hover with my cock just touching her lips, then push in slowly. I look at her, then turn towards her leg and hide my face in it. "You're making me all bashful." "How?" She's the one who's spread wide open masturbating and letting me fuck her. "I don't know. Because you're so hot and intimidating." Or maybe sometimes I just think I enjoy this too much. I sure am smiling a lot. I look at her again. She's hot. And I get to fuck her. With her cute new haircut and small breasts and trim sporty body and well-dressed juicy pussy. It comes out, she puts it back in and sighs. "I like doing that." Eventually she stops her circles. Sometimes she just likes to fuck. Or be fucked. I jackknife her other leg too, looking forward to going in as deep as I can, push in, do the extra half inch against her cervix, but it's too much today, so after a few deep thrusts I take it easy. She's been having girl pain after all. I jackknife her enough to kiss her while we fuck, a nice shallow-angle jackknife fuck, my cock rubbing across her g-spot. It comes out again, I try to find her hole but keep missing, the angle is too shallow, and have to reach down to do it by hand. It feels nice going back in.

The kids have been playing downstairs but we hear them coming up. Somewhat unusual. They probably won't bother us. They're pretty independent. But they sound dangerously close and boisterous. We look at each other and River rolls over and pulls the comforter over her. I get under too, trying to find her hole again in spoons. "Down and to the left." "What good am I if I don't know that after all this time?" At least she doesn't mind giving directions.

River's wetness is even more intense in spoons. I put one hand on her shoulder, one on her hip, holding her in position for the best friction, the tightest opening, pulling her back against me as I thrust, and she's banging back too. "I never want it to end. But it will." After a while I feel my orgasm build, and it comes, and I'm trying to keep quiet, and I writhe and squirm as I unload everything into her and she's so wet already I can't tell the difference.

A sweet afterfuck. We talk, and she tries to laugh gently so she doesn't squeeze me out as I soften. "You didn't get your turn." "I will. Maybe tonight. Can you do it again and fuck me in the orgasm?" "Yes." Eventually it just comes out on its own and she finds a washcloth for cleanup. "That's three days worth you've got there." Plus her own contribution. We dress and go downstairs. She's still scooping it out in the kitchen when Brook runs up and gives her a hug and we just smile at each other.

"We strike while the iron is hot." I grin.

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