Friday, October 1, 2010

A bohemian artist

"I'll be in and out for a while." That's what I tell the people at work while we have an afternoon tryst. "Doesn't this seem strange?" "Yes, but that's no reason not to enjoy it." "I feel like I'm having an affair." "Cool." "Have I come to your house, or have you come to my house?" "You've come to your bohemian artist's studio. Your lover's studio." "How many other people visit you?" "I don't kiss and tell." I hope it's not sloppy.

We take our clothes off. She kneels on the bed, I sit, my face against her chest, her nipple exciting me, my hand on her smooth butt. I kneel with her. We kiss. I stroke my cock to get ready for her. Look down her body to her bush, her womanhood, waiting willingly for me to violate it. We feel each other. She falls onto the bed and spreads for me. "River doesn't like it so much when I lick her. I bet you would." "Yes." "Would you like me to?" "We don't have enough time for that and a nice fuck." Good point.

It's not as hard as it was but it goes in and we fuck. It's a lot like fucking River. Only different. More carnal. Not my wife. Not my girlfriend. My lover. "What else can I do with you that I can't do with River?" She just smiles. I pull her to me, myself to her, breathing beside her as I fill her again and again and she sighs. That's why we're here. Hands beside her face pulling her downwards as I push into her. She pulls her knees up and I watch her take my cock inside her over and over.

I lean back and pull her over on top of me. She does single point, her wet cunt squishing down up and down on my hard cock, me staying still and moaning. She can do it longer than River. "How long are we going to do this? Are you trying to make me come?" "As long as you want." I fuck back, holding her still, then we move together. And it comes out. She stands up over me, taking a break, stretching her legs, then comes back down, lifts my cock, and slips onto it. I like watching that, her descending bush aiming for my cock. "You'd think I pulled it out on purpose. Next time I'll hold it for you." Reach around her legs for her boobs. It comes out again, she stands, I hold my stiff cock up, it strains towards her, and she drops back onto it and fucks me.

She rolls me on top again. We get a good fast bang going. Slapping together. Trying to get the clitoral stimulation we got last time. Hold myself up with my hands on her boobs. I keep having to slow down. Maybe take a break to eat her but I don't want to lose it. "I wish I could last longer for you. I should do River before I come here." What can she teach me that River doesn't know. Knees up legs together again and she queefs around my cock and we laugh. It feels even better without the air and we go at it even harder.

"Getting a bit dry." "Feels ok to me." She does flying V. I grab her feet and push them together into magnetism, get the bounce going. "That's really stimulating." "I'm coming." Push her legs down, plow into her and come, hugging her legs, being loud. "Good one. You couldn't do that at home. You'd wake the kids up." "Or the neighbors would hear." I lie on her and breathe. I don't pull out for a long time. We rest together. My hand goes to her lips, pulling them, spreading them, rubbing them together.

"What did you say your name was?"

I want to fuck River tonight.

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