Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning snuggle and fuck

River gets up to pee in the morning. I like to watch her come back from the bathroom and get into bed with me. When I'm awake enough, I'll even watch when she comes back in the middle of the night, propping my eyes open, her shape revealed as she opens her robe, her bush evident even in the darkness. I snuggle against her. We each think the other is nice to wake up with. Somehow I feel myself stiffen, unbidden, just snuggling against River's naked body, thinking warm squishy thoughts. Like old times, just getting hard because we're in bed together. She reaches down to scratch her butt where I may be tickling it. I put her hand on my hard cock. It's even harder than I thought. "That's a nice one. Would you like to do something with it?" "If you do." "Okay." "What's your plan?" "I don't have one." I get on top, my hardon proudly displayed for her. She reaches for it and gives it her expert attention, fingers on the shaft, hand closing over the head. I lift up a bit and move with her. She puts her other hand underneath, pulling my balls forward, stroking the sensitive skin beneath them. It's almost as good as fucking.

"What kind of warmup would you like?" "Playing with your thing is working well. I want you to fuck me with it." I reach behind myself and give her pussy a cursory feel, liking the wet sounds I make with it. "We could do a decisive stick-in." "Would you like to?" She spreads, I get between, my cock finds her opening, a no-hands stick-in, decisive, penetrating. When it's pushed halfway in I feel her start to pull back, preparing for the next stroke when I pull out then go in all the way, but I want it to go in one push, and this is my stick-in, so I keep the pressure on and feel it slowly slide all the way in as she gasps and moans. Then back out and the second thrust goes in easily, nice and wet. She was right about the warmup. A few slow strokes then shift to missionary for maximum depth, speeding up for a good morning bang, my hands on her head, holding her in place. Her left leg on my shoulder for a while, then both legs, jackknife. "You're the cute girl from the pumpkin patch." The one who set off my cuteness detector. "I didn't know your pussy was so wet." I go deep, and feel her cervix getting squeezed aside. I wonder about the time I put my finger in and there it was, low and hard, pointing right back at me, feeling like a penis with the os at the end. I'd like to feel my dick rub against that as we fuck. It comes out. I try to get it back in without hands but I get impatient and slide it down her groove until it slips in. "The more jackknifed I am the harder it is to get it back in." After some jackknife I sit back with her legs up, together, and grab her waist and pull her against me for some more fast and hard.

"Doggy?" "Ok." She rolls over, not taking her usual care to keep it in. So I can have the fun of sticking it back? I line it up between her closed legs and slip it back into her pussy. "Is there some air in there?" We fuck as she squeezes it out, the plunger action helping. I wonder if we pushed it in in jackknife? Hands on her hips pulling her. Pushing in deep. Hands behind my head. She goes low and I feel a warm tickle on my balls as they rub across her feet. Reminds me of her doing them with her hand. "I could come any time." I've been holding off. "This can be a quickie." I give it a good bang until I'm about to come, then slow down, pushed deep into her, barely moving, and I'm over the edge, no turning back, just waiting as it builds, gripping my balls, then squeezing them, emptying them into her, falling forward onto her back, moaning loudly. "Good one." She likes that.

Still plenty hard. We keep fucking. It doesn't feel softer at all. It's still a good bang. Still a nice hard cock disappearing up into her. "It's nice and wet now." Oh yeah. I've made a significant contribution. More fucking. "If you were me you'd be close to a second orgasm." "My second orgasms are a lot harder to get than yours. You never know what's going to happen." It's a good hard stimulating afterfuck, but eventually I feel it get softer, and we finish up.

"Now I can go to the store. With my hair looking freshly fucked." "I bet everybody will look like that this morning. Even the cashiers." "Or maybe I'll wear a hat." "I wonder if this is what all those people are doing before they go to church?" "They should be."

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