Saturday, October 30, 2010

A relaxing time for both of us

River's itch seems to have gone away by itself. She's giving signals about doing it tonight. I haven't been expectant since our "start now" session on Tuesday. She gets to make the call on the "finish later", but I wouldn't mind if she initiated tonight. But she might have to be out late. "I'll wake you up when I come back. After midnight." "You'll be too tired." "I'll be wide awake." But her late-night errand falls through, and her plan falls through with it. Too bad. I like being woken up to do it.

In bed together as usual. A nice relaxing snuggle. River relieves some stress by talking about what's stressing her. I'm here to listen. But I have to ask. "So are you going to do me tonight? As a stress reliever?" "How about if you do me?" We make a plan. I give her a massage and then do her. Stress relief. Hers. Mine. But not our usual post-massage butt position stick-in. Much as I like it, I'd rather have more variety tonight. I suggest inviting. We haven't done that for a while. "Ok. We might want to pre-lubricate, too. Both of us." I can do that. "Do you have one in you tonight? It could help with the relaxation." "Probably not." I'd like to find out, but we can skip it tonight.

River lies face down and pulls the comforter off. "River's amazing ass." Perfect. We were at the mall today. No competition. Only one other ass was even close. I pointed it out to her. Where have all the cute girl butts gone? I oil her and massage her back. Nice feedback when I go over her favorite spots. Do the shoulders, sides, lower back. I get more oil for her butt. It's going to be nice and slippery tonight. I really enjoy her body.

When I look back she's moved her knee out into inviting position. Inviting me to fuck her. I oil her, outside her lips, between her majora and minora, up into her wet pussy. Feeling her is making me hard. I oil myself and jack with my left hand while my right works on her, my right thumb pushing into her pussy and circling inside her warm wetness, my fingers stroking her vulva and feeling for her clitoris. When I'm good and hard my thumb comes out and I push my cock deep into her invitation, sliding in easily with all the extra lubrication, and we fuck.

We move into butt position pretty quickly. She's got her hand down on my leg. I like being touched. I move my feet down to where they're touching hers. "I like feeling your feet surround mine." Her pussy is making its wet sounds with each pullout. I smile because I enjoy it so much. River smiles because I enjoy it so much. And she likes the sounds too. She likes this position because she can just get fucked without doing much work. But when I pick up the pace first one hand then both hands go up to the wall and she pushes back. We go her speed until I almost come, then hold off while my cock twitches inside her a little and I'm ready to keep going.

I roll us into spoons. Lean back to grab more oil, pull out a bit, apply it to my shaft, grab my hard cock and push it from side to side against her pussy walls, keep my fingers on her lips to feel my cock sliding in and out of her. Wrap my arms around her in full snuggle position as we fuck. Relaxing. "I enjoy this far too much."

I want a more powerful position. Not that we can't do a nice hard bang in spoons. I get up on my knees, leaving River on her side, keeping it in. "Yes, I like this position." "Does it have a name?" "Not yet." It's like low doggy for me, with River on her side. All the versatile power of doggy. But we can see each other's faces. "Hi beautiful." Hands on her hip. Hands around her leg. Hands behind my back. We should end soon. "A slow finish." "And quiet." I sink my cock deep into her pussy a few more times until I'm on the verge. Another really slow push. I could probably just hold it there and wait until I come, I'm that close, but I pull out once more, push back in, and come, not moving, feeling my cock stiffen inside her with each contraction, each one getting a quiet sound for emphasis, one, two, three, feeling the goo flooding her, four, five, my cock pulsing, six, seven, eight, nine, squeezing for a few more. River likes my sounds as much as I like hers.

River reaches for my balls while we afterfuck. They're still pulled up tight at the base of my cock. She rubs her hand under them, across their scratchy fuzz. "I like your balls." "That feels really nice. If you ever want me to come in a hurry, just play with my balls."

"It worked. I'm relaxed." "Any time." Glad I could help. We fall asleep quickly.

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