Thursday, October 14, 2010

There's hope for her yet

I've been awake a while. I notice I've got a pretty good stiff. I'm expecting it to go away after a while, especially while I lay on my side. Shortly after six I snuggle over on River, enjoying squeezing my hardness against her butt as we spoon, remembering our nice grinning butt-parking snuggle as we fell asleep last night. I'm really expecting it to go away, but I give a small thrust against her every now and then, feeling the underside of my cock slide against her butt as it settles back into place, and it's just enough stimulation to keep it up. After about fifteen minutes I push it down under her butt, between her legs, feeling her bush hairs rub along its length. Every now and then I pull back a little, push forward against her, and give a squeeze to keep it hard.

She's awake. "I'm just enjoying myself back here." "You can do that." It would be nice to slide it into her, but I'm having a nice enough time without it. Really nice. Fucking with a morning erection isn't always my favorite thing. Sometimes it's harder to come than it should be. Another fifteen minutes go by, small dry humps, just enough to stay hard.

Then River reaches down. I know what she's doing. I don't mind. We push towards each other and I feel it slip into her. Push harder, squeezing in, forcing her pussy to open up inch by inch to take me. Hold it in for a while without moving, enjoying the squeeze of River's pussy on my hard cock. Then a slow fuck, pulling all the way out, pushing in, feeling the head push her lips apart and slide through them, into her wetness, farther in, deeper, all the way, hold it, then slowly pull back out. A wet hump, my arm around her, hugging us together while my cock moves in and out in a sweet fuck.

"I'm thinking start now finish later." My excuse for doing it twice in one day. When will later be? Before lunch? Afternoon? This evening? Tomorrow? Whenever it is, this heavenly feeling will stay with me until then, torturing me, making me want more. Before we stop I have something for River. Speed up, hand on her hip, a good fast bang for a good long time. When I finally feel like coming I stop, we rest together, then I pull out, expecting River to get up and shower.

She kicks the covers off, relaxing with her legs spread. "Air drying?" "Not quite." I run my hands over her smooth skin, down to her bush, down over the edge to her lips and her very wet pussy. I like how it feels, soft, slippery, friendly. I move my moistened fingers to her clit and start some slow circles. She likes getting handjobs. I like giving them. I'll give her a good one. Circle faster and harder. She moves under me, positioning her clit for me. For her. She's a lot wetter than she usually is when we do handjobs. Because we've been fucking. But she likes it drier. "Is it too wet?" "No." Good. I make sure her clit is between my fingers, feeling them bump across it as I slide her skin from side to side, up and down.

"It's close. If you do bigger circles you'll get it." I appreciate the guidance, and hope it didn't set her back too much to tell me. I do bigger circles. Harder circles. She's really moving with me now. I keep it up for a few more minutes. But I'm tiring. I want her to have one. "You can finish if you want." "Ok. You got it really close." She takes over. I pay attention, watching her pace, her circles. She slows down a bit. It looks like she's using her internal feedback to make every stroke build on the one before it. Will I get hard again so I can fuck her in the orgasm? I'm leaking quite a bit, some good lube for a bit of jacking while she's doing herself. But I'm not hard enough yet. "Here it comes. Here it is." I pay attention this time. She orgasms, hips arching, head tilting from side to side. I like watching. Now I'm hard again.

She likes come first fuck second. So do I. I stick it in and we do missionary, deep, her legs wrapped around me. Her pussy juice is classic today, a nice frictiony slippery. I sit up with it inside her. "Do you have another?" "Probably". Her fingers go back to her clit. I don't move. I don't want to distract her. She moves up and down on my cock a bit as she does herself, maybe half an inch. That's good enough for me. "It's starting. Here it is." Default position, fucking in her orgasm, hands under her shoulders, pulling her as I push, fast, faster, harder, slippery, longer, deeper. Where's my orgasm? I feel it but it's a ways off. A good long fast fuck in her orgasm. Getting closer. Finally. "My turn." Slam in and come, feel my cock pushing her cervix out of the way as I spurt again and again, pushing harder each time, keeping it going as long as I can. My turn is over. We stay in bed together for a few more minutes until we have to get up. We've gone fifteen minutes past our usual wake up time, but it was for a good cause.

That was nice. Reed dry humps, River sticks it in, we fuck, we stop, River gets a handjob, gives herself an orgasm, we fuck some more, River gives herself another, I fuck her in it until I have my turn.

"I wasn't just doing it for you. You got me warmed up." "There's hope for you yet."

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