Friday, January 30, 2009

Everybody gets waffles in the morning

I'm a bit upset about the sleeping arrangements with a semi-unscheduled sleepover going on.  I was hoping for some action.  River doesn't want to keep up the three or four times a week schedule.  After talking things through with River, I'm happy.  I undress her and masturbate next to her.  The next morning I think nice thoughts of talking with her, looking at her after our shower, undressing her, and her luscious lips.  I'm so happy I make everybody waffles.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Afternoon jack

I masturbate to orgasm in the afternoon.  Astroglide, spit, left handed, right handed, it never gets very hard.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reed likes on top with River

I've been thinking about River all day.  She shows me her pink stripy panties.  She comes home early and slacks when her class is canceled.  When I suggest I can get the kids to bed she wants to do me in the bathroom.  I get a small head start.  River's presence and rub gives me an erection.  I have something else on my mind and work into a muff dive.  Classic position isn't as good as my favorite so I switche.  After a while I moves River's hand into place and put in a finger for the g-spot.  Hard not to interfere with River.  Finger comes out after a while.  River orgasms.  Seems like a good one.  River and I work together to get it up.  A limp dick fuck at first.  Then it gets there.  I'm on top.  Default, jackknife, missionary.  I'm about to come the whole time and keep slowing down.  Flying v then legs straight up with River's butt bouncing up and down then flying v again and River knows I'm about to squirt and pushes back before I come and slides off me so I don't come in her pussy. Cute.  Now River wants to sleep.  She likes the variety we've found with me on top.  I like being on top with River.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plan B

I get a foot rub then jack off next to River.  That's plan B when River doesn't want to fuck. It never gets very hard though.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trainwreck wilder than dreams, or, River's seal of approval

Trainwreck.  River has hinted all day that she wants to do it tonight.  I've taken the L-arginine pills and go to bed to get some sleep.

I wake up. River is here.  She doesn't want to do it after all and has come in quietly.  The pace is too much for her.  She doesn't seem to want to help get me hard.  We talk.  A lot.  My expectations are dashed in a 500 mile an hour trainwreck of confrontation.  Lose/lose/lose/lose for me. But in the long view things are still good.  After much gnashing of teeth, a final request.  River on her front, no panties, stretched out on the bed like one of my fantasies of her, while I jack off.

River gets a back rub.  A butt rub.  "I can't believe I get to do this."  A leg rub sitting on River's back.  It's all I can do not to put my face in her spot.  More butt rub.  I'm jacking.  My seal of approval.

River is moving her butt and opening her legs.  Beyond unbelievable after the trainwreck.  "Why?"  "For anything."  River presents and mentions doggy which I'd mentioned the day before.  I tongue her pussy, then move into position. River guides it in in the dark.  Mmm. This is so amazing.  River flattens out. I can have a fast orgasm like this. But I'd rather stretch it out. "You can go as long and hard as you want."  River feels balls on her legs.  After much sweet friction and sounds of fuck I pull out and let my come spurt onto River's back.

Clean up and talk some more. I feel a rhythm next to me.  Could it be?  River is talking and rubbing her button.  OMG.  "You can put in a finger."  OMFG.  I circle her wet opening, which really gets me hot, and slip in a finger as River comes surprisingly quickly.  A long one.

River's seal of approval.  Wilder than dreams.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you even feel that?

River wants me to wear the cologne and wants an orgasm before fucking, but comes back from the lab with a fast heartbeat and is not so hot for it anymore.  I give River a foot rub with oil, then there is some awkwardness before I get a taste of her pussy.  She wants gentle sex.  Not the original plan when she wanted an O, but sounds nice.  But she's intentionally not enjoying being eaten as much as she could, and that's no good for me.  After some talk, I finger her pussy from the side and try to get it up.  Problems.  It goes in really soft.  "Can you even feel that?"  "Ok, it's feeling more like a dick now."  Slow and sensual missionary, slow and sensual jackknife, just feeling it inside is wonderful.  River seems to like when it bottoms out against her cervix.  She drops her right leg and that works, too.  Then some we haven't done for a long time.  River on her back/me on my left side, my legs under River's legs, then spooning into a really nice snuggly fuck.  Mmm.  We can both feel the friction.  River likes the rhythm I'm using to get myself off in her.  I feel an orgasm coming up and stay on rhythm and squirt on River's hiney.  She thinks its cute or something.  What happened to the raging erection of two nights ago?  Maybe it had to do with being woken up.  We'll try that again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Magic capsules

River and I visit Dr S together.  I get magic capsules.  L-Arginine.  We both want to try them out.  I'm skeptical but take them.  I lure River in my dark blue boy underwear and cologne then go up to sleep.  River comes up and wakes me.  I like being woken up to do it in a dreamy mental state.  She has her panties on like I hoped she would.  She gives smooches and snuggles with intertwining legs and gives a very arousing hand job through the underwear, rubbing the hard base of my cock under my nuts.   It is working but I'm still skeptical and think it could be harder.  My underwear comes off.  I move into position and River's panties come off up her legs and over my head.  River rubs my hard cock on her parts.  This should make it even harder but I'm afraid of losing it before it goes in. No worries.  The magic capsules seem to work tonight.  In it goes.  That's the stuff.  Strong missionary.  I could get off quickly but don't want to.  Fast and furious. Jackknife.  River wants slow and I was about to do that anyway.  All the way in until it bottoms out.  Nice.  I go for the g-spot angle.  It's funny getting it back in when it comes out.  It's a good one.  Some sitting action without fail.  River on her side, River on her front. Maybe shoot on her back for a change.  Some questions of slipperiness.  I spread River's legs a bit but it's awkward. Doggy style.  Amusing queef action.  Astroglide.  Somewhere in there I've held off again.  I'm back on top for flying v.  River is going nuts and talking g-spot.  I ask if she might come then my orgasm comes roaring up without much warning and I pull out and flop on River and keep squeezing for every last spurt.  Wow. River has been very talkative about what feels especially nice, and every time I could tell because it was the same for me.  There's this certain mutual friction.  Next morning I get hard again thinking about it all and go to the shower to show River.  Not a sleep boner but a good "morning after, wants more action" boner.  River may never see me limp again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

River likes to watch

After an episode of desperate housewives that River thinks is sappy but I think is cute. River gets a nice back rub, then a foot rub. River returns the foot rub with oil. River in pink boyshorts. We smooch, I climb on top and rub up a good one. River mentions it's my last chance to fuck her before she ******. Her panties disappear somehow. We put on a condom and get to it. Missionary, default, jackknife (funny time keeping it in, but it stays good and hard), River on her front.  Nice and tight.  River says she likes to watch. I'm surprised and lean down to see her point of view. Then River on top for the first time since our restart.  A nice treat.  Cowgirl, single point, hugging in close. I get River to watch from my point of view. But I'm losing it. Flip River over. Back on top. It's just not going. We could stop and both be happy, but . . . condom comes off, into missionary, then flying v, wow that's great for both of us, what's so special about this position? I pull out and shoot on River. Later I remember my "admit one" ticket. Good thing I got in without it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Felix felicis

A nice Thai dinner, a walk on the pier, tea and dessert at a cafe, some felix felicis conversation. I get it up halfway and put on a condom but it's not working.  Lots of oral then River does herself but it takes a while.  I jack it semi-erect with astroglide, another condom, goes in semi-erect.  Default, missionary, good jackknife, River's knees to her left, River on her front with legs closed (mmm, we remember), default position.  It's gotten hard but it's just not coming.  I jack off with astroglide while fingering River, takes a while, shoot on her tummy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sex therapy

River eats pineapple and takes a bath.  She's not sure she's got an orgasm in her so after a sample licking we decide to just fuck.  I put on a condom since we're still not sure about my vasectomy and River's period ended a while back.  Me on top, sitting together, reverse cowgirl, doggy, me on top some more, sitting together, role reversal with River on top banging me, me back on top and the flying v position for a big finish.  My eyes have been opened to the potential of straight up missionary.  "I can't believe such a sexy girl lets me fuck her." "And I like it."  River's flaky heartbeat has settled down because I've stimulated her sympathetic nervous system.  Sex therapy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I gotta see this

Unprotected.  OMFG.  River runs around braless all day.  Her small tits poking cutely against her shirt.  "Can I lick your pussy?  Please?"  Ok, but River has a headache so she doesn't want an orgasm.  A major cunnilingus session over her right side.  River changes her mind and brings herself off while I suck her nipples and finger her.  Sounds like a long one.  I jack it to hardness, slide it in.  "I gotta see this" I say, and spontaneously lift River's legs into a V shape.  I do River then lift her legs and pound her then bonk her cervix while having the most awesome orgasm ever.  "Ow". "I'm pleased".  "There's nothing quite like being on top of River."

The next day I remember River had been sitting on the couch in the V position.  Was it a less-than-subliminal suggestion?  We'll never know.

Come first fuck second.  River wasn't kidding.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reed and River are fucking

Unprotected.  OMG.  The candle is lit.  River's period is over.  I give River a full body massage.  "Want some pussy massage?"  River is frustrated with the nights of foreplay.  "I wish we could just fuck."  And we do.  Line it up, push it in, and fuck.  Like old times, only better.  It means more.  I go slightly over the edge twice and River thinks that's the end, but there is still lots of hard and fast and sweaty fucking before I come.  "Reed and River are fucking!"

Friday, January 2, 2009

Before we start fucking again

It's been about a year and a half since River and I last fucked. River got me a vasectomy a few months ago that was supposed to restart us.  But we still can't fuck.  What have we been doing?  Masturbating together.  Cunnilingus.  Talking.  Liking each other.

We've seen each other masturbate before.  It's pretty much the only way River can orgasm.  Or a shower massage.  I enjoy stroking my hard cock while River watches.  Hoping she'll join in.  She lets me come on her.  I used to think that was degrading.  Now it seems like a mutual sweetness.  Watching her rubbing her button turns me on.  Especially when a hand goes up to her nice small boobs.  I can't help but join in.  Sit beside her.  Reach a hand under her leg and finger her moist opening while I do myself with the other hand.  Hope I'm not distracting her.

We do each other.  We always have.  But we have to take it more seriously now.  In the past we both liked to get to what we call the good part.  The fucking.  River was never much for foreplay.  Now foreplay is the good part.  We get better at it.  Expand our repertoire.

A recent time comes to mind.  River lying down.  I kneel between her legs.  Her pussy staring me in the face.  I jack myself off.  Rubbing my balls on her pussy.  She's got a black nightie on.  She's hot.  I feel my orgasm building.  Usually I'm more of a dribbler than a squirter.  But sometimes I surprise myself. My orgasm builds.  The tension before the first spurt.  I feel the release coming.  My cock becomes fiercely erect.  Muscles contract.  Jizz shoots onto River's nightie at about tittie level.  We're both surprised.  I'm glad she saw that.

Today River is doing her button.  I join in.  Couldn't stop myself if I tried.  My finger explores inside her.  Her g-spot.  Put my finger on it.  What does she like?  Circles.  "How hard?  How fast?"  "That's good."  Working together.  River is coming.  "Fuck . . . oh fuck . . ."  A good one.  A long one.  "It felt like I was squirting."  Says she may not ever have another one like that.  I'm not so sure.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's going on here?

It's been three months since my vasectomy. If you haven't gotten a vasectomy, don't. Mine gave me erectile dysfunction which completely blows the point of getting one. I seem to be the only guy out of billions on the planet who's had that happen. Why me. I've had enough bad luck in this life. It is not supposed to have any effect on your abilities. Zero. None. I can tell you that's a bunch of crap.

Post-op I have to reach some number of ejaculations, about 20, then dribble my jizz into a little bottle and take it to the lab to make sure my nuts have been properly disconnected and the pipes have been flushed. Sounds easy. But shooting a load has gotten harder thanks to the ED. And all of my tests have come back with "persistent non-motile sperm". What the fuck. A bit of online research shows it is common to take three to six months to clear the pipes. Why the fuck did that asshole doctor say I'd be good to go in one month?

River and I expected abstinence to be our birth control for just a month. We don't have anything else at the moment. We pick up some condoms and give a donation at Planned Parenthood. But condoms don't play well with the whole erectile dysfunction thing. I lose erections putting them on. Even when River puts them on with her mouth. I never used to believe that could happen to people. How the fuck can you lose your erection when your hot sweetie is waiting to bang you? Then it won't stay hard doing it with a condom. I shop around for what used to be "our brand" back in the day. Birds'n'bees from RFSU in Sweden. Planned Parenthood used to hand them out. Nothing locally. I call the US distributor but they're way overpriced. Thankfully I find a place in Hong Kong and order a couple packs. What did we do before the internet.

The prolonged abstinence is a blessing in disguise. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Our sex life moves in interesting directions. We both masturbate while the other watches and participates. I shoot on River instead of in her. River gets more oral. Inhibitions drop. Communication opens up. We like it.

Fuck the lab. We've got our own microscope. We do our own tests. Shoot a load, put it on a slide, and take a look. They weren't kidding about the non-motile sperm. There are a few little swimmers. But they're not swimming. We give ourselves clearance to go ahead.