Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reed likes on top with River

I've been thinking about River all day.  She shows me her pink stripy panties.  She comes home early and slacks when her class is canceled.  When I suggest I can get the kids to bed she wants to do me in the bathroom.  I get a small head start.  River's presence and rub gives me an erection.  I have something else on my mind and work into a muff dive.  Classic position isn't as good as my favorite so I switche.  After a while I moves River's hand into place and put in a finger for the g-spot.  Hard not to interfere with River.  Finger comes out after a while.  River orgasms.  Seems like a good one.  River and I work together to get it up.  A limp dick fuck at first.  Then it gets there.  I'm on top.  Default, jackknife, missionary.  I'm about to come the whole time and keep slowing down.  Flying v then legs straight up with River's butt bouncing up and down then flying v again and River knows I'm about to squirt and pushes back before I come and slides off me so I don't come in her pussy. Cute.  Now River wants to sleep.  She likes the variety we've found with me on top.  I like being on top with River.

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