Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trainwreck wilder than dreams, or, River's seal of approval

Trainwreck.  River has hinted all day that she wants to do it tonight.  I've taken the L-arginine pills and go to bed to get some sleep.

I wake up. River is here.  She doesn't want to do it after all and has come in quietly.  The pace is too much for her.  She doesn't seem to want to help get me hard.  We talk.  A lot.  My expectations are dashed in a 500 mile an hour trainwreck of confrontation.  Lose/lose/lose/lose for me. But in the long view things are still good.  After much gnashing of teeth, a final request.  River on her front, no panties, stretched out on the bed like one of my fantasies of her, while I jack off.

River gets a back rub.  A butt rub.  "I can't believe I get to do this."  A leg rub sitting on River's back.  It's all I can do not to put my face in her spot.  More butt rub.  I'm jacking.  My seal of approval.

River is moving her butt and opening her legs.  Beyond unbelievable after the trainwreck.  "Why?"  "For anything."  River presents and mentions doggy which I'd mentioned the day before.  I tongue her pussy, then move into position. River guides it in in the dark.  Mmm. This is so amazing.  River flattens out. I can have a fast orgasm like this. But I'd rather stretch it out. "You can go as long and hard as you want."  River feels balls on her legs.  After much sweet friction and sounds of fuck I pull out and let my come spurt onto River's back.

Clean up and talk some more. I feel a rhythm next to me.  Could it be?  River is talking and rubbing her button.  OMG.  "You can put in a finger."  OMFG.  I circle her wet opening, which really gets me hot, and slip in a finger as River comes surprisingly quickly.  A long one.

River's seal of approval.  Wilder than dreams.

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