Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you even feel that?

River wants me to wear the cologne and wants an orgasm before fucking, but comes back from the lab with a fast heartbeat and is not so hot for it anymore.  I give River a foot rub with oil, then there is some awkwardness before I get a taste of her pussy.  She wants gentle sex.  Not the original plan when she wanted an O, but sounds nice.  But she's intentionally not enjoying being eaten as much as she could, and that's no good for me.  After some talk, I finger her pussy from the side and try to get it up.  Problems.  It goes in really soft.  "Can you even feel that?"  "Ok, it's feeling more like a dick now."  Slow and sensual missionary, slow and sensual jackknife, just feeling it inside is wonderful.  River seems to like when it bottoms out against her cervix.  She drops her right leg and that works, too.  Then some we haven't done for a long time.  River on her back/me on my left side, my legs under River's legs, then spooning into a really nice snuggly fuck.  Mmm.  We can both feel the friction.  River likes the rhythm I'm using to get myself off in her.  I feel an orgasm coming up and stay on rhythm and squirt on River's hiney.  She thinks its cute or something.  What happened to the raging erection of two nights ago?  Maybe it had to do with being woken up.  We'll try that again.

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