Sunday, January 11, 2009

I gotta see this

Unprotected.  OMFG.  River runs around braless all day.  Her small tits poking cutely against her shirt.  "Can I lick your pussy?  Please?"  Ok, but River has a headache so she doesn't want an orgasm.  A major cunnilingus session over her right side.  River changes her mind and brings herself off while I suck her nipples and finger her.  Sounds like a long one.  I jack it to hardness, slide it in.  "I gotta see this" I say, and spontaneously lift River's legs into a V shape.  I do River then lift her legs and pound her then bonk her cervix while having the most awesome orgasm ever.  "Ow". "I'm pleased".  "There's nothing quite like being on top of River."

The next day I remember River had been sitting on the couch in the V position.  Was it a less-than-subliminal suggestion?  We'll never know.

Come first fuck second.  River wasn't kidding.

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