Sunday, January 18, 2009

River likes to watch

After an episode of desperate housewives that River thinks is sappy but I think is cute. River gets a nice back rub, then a foot rub. River returns the foot rub with oil. River in pink boyshorts. We smooch, I climb on top and rub up a good one. River mentions it's my last chance to fuck her before she ******. Her panties disappear somehow. We put on a condom and get to it. Missionary, default, jackknife (funny time keeping it in, but it stays good and hard), River on her front.  Nice and tight.  River says she likes to watch. I'm surprised and lean down to see her point of view. Then River on top for the first time since our restart.  A nice treat.  Cowgirl, single point, hugging in close. I get River to watch from my point of view. But I'm losing it. Flip River over. Back on top. It's just not going. We could stop and both be happy, but . . . condom comes off, into missionary, then flying v, wow that's great for both of us, what's so special about this position? I pull out and shoot on River. Later I remember my "admit one" ticket. Good thing I got in without it.

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