Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wax first, fuck second

“Do you want to do it before, or after?” We’re going to wax River’s landing strip today. And fuck. But which to do first? It’s so different from the time she had her sphinx done at the spa, and didn’t want to do it at all the previous day, to make sure she wouldn’t drip. It doesn’t matter, I said. They’re professionals. Everybody drips now and then. Even them. But I have to think. I wouldn’t mind seeing her drip if we fuck first wax second. I’d like it. Maybe too much. I’d come barely inside so I could watch it drip out. Then I’d want to eat her dripping, freshly waxed pussy. But if we wax first fuck second then we’ll get to put her landing strip to good use right away. And she’s going out of town, so we won’t get another chance for about a week. “After.” Wax first. Fuck second. If she still wants to do it after getting the better part of her bush ripped out.

She takes her jeans off and sits casually on the bed like I’m going to eat her. I get a sacrificial towel, scissors, and the wax jar I’ve warmed in the microwave. River’s bush is well-lit by the reading lamp she’s moved onto the bed. Using wax is new to me. I’ve used sugar before. On myself. Now I realize how easy I had it. Wax is messy. It’s hard to keep drips from getting in the wrong places. My hands. My shirt. Her bush. And unlike sugar, it doesn’t clean up with water. What are we going to clean up with? The little bottle of stuff that came in the kit might do it. Or it might not. I’ll stick with the ounce of prevention strategy and be careful. If I can.

I’ve read the instructions but River gives me a refresher. “Put it on in the direction the hair is growing. Pull the skin at the bottom tight—that’s important—and rip it off the other direction. Then press your hand down on it for a few seconds.” “Let’s talk style. What do you want left?” “Up here and around the lips.” “Leave it around the lips? Isn’t that kind of seventies?” “The seventies are coming around again.” That’s not what I want to hear. And not just for reasons of pubic fashion.

We trim things up first. I start giving her an all-over trim until she reminds me we’re leaving the strip in the middle. The first batch of wax is the most difficult. How thick. How warm. How much. Get it in the right place. Hold the skin. Rip. Press my healing hand to her savaged flesh. When I take my hand away there’s some leftover wax and my hand sticks to her. I pull her hairs and she winces. “That hurt worse than the rip.” “Sorry.”

It’s going well. River is her usual calm and collected and reassuring self. I still prefer sugar. But she likes wax better. I’m getting used to it. Trying to keep the wax where I want it. And the rips are pretty clean. Until I forget to pull the skin down. And it’s a slow rip. And it takes two yanks. She’s brave. “Sorry again. We can trade places and you can get me back.” I wish. “I don’t need revenge.” Oh well.

We’ve cleared the gutters. We work on the shape. I’ve gone closer to the center on the right so I even it up on the left. In closer to her lips. One more rip to even the top. A good clean rip. Holding the skin at the bottom. My hand pressing her flesh afterwards. Removing it carefully. All done.

Will that little bottle of stuff clean up wax? It will. I’m not sure I want to know what kind of solvent we’re putting on her in such a delicate place. River cleans her skin and what’s left of her pubic hair while I do my hands. And my shirt. And my pants. “It’s kind of cooling. It feels nice.” “I wish I could soothe your skin with my tongue.” “It might get numb.” I quickly run my tongue over her pussy. It tastes strange. Somewhat minty. Not what I expect when I eat her pussy. The feel of my nose against her bush is comforting, but her pussy should taste like pussy.

She gets off the bed, walks into the room, and turns. Wow. I call it a landing strip. She calls it a mohawk. Whatever. She’s hot. Even with her angry red skin. We did a good job.

We’ve waxed. Now we fuck. She makes me strip. Takes her shirt off. Her compact tits look great with her new compact bush.

She’s doing me on top, by request. We sit facing each other and she works on my cock. Knows when to pull it towards her. Knows when she can slide her hand down the shaft. “You’re leaking.” “With good reason.” We’re about to fuck. She milks my cock, running her thumb up the bottom, pressing the thin, clear, slippery liquid out the slit. I lean back and she brushes my nipple. Then she hovers over me. Her fleshy labia dangle enticingly from her denuded pubes. I want to suck them into my mouth. Swirl my tongue around them. Neither of us is much for 69 but I find myself wanting it right now, her on top, even with her minty pussy.

She takes my cock and rubs the tip teasingly against the pussy lips that I love so much. Then between them. My fingertips trace over her small breasts. “I’m not decisive enough yet.” “A decisive stick-in isn’t everything.” She stands over me, reaches for my cock, holds it in place, and slips onto it, taking it fully into her pussy.

Her snatch looks like it means business, with its lean new look. No longer the warm fuzzy of her full bush. Stripped down. A racing stripe. There’s a nice visual interplay between the two thick vertical lines of my cock and her pubic hair.

The squat for single point. I can’t help but fuck back a bit as she slips her cunt up and down my cock. “You don’t have to do that the whole time.” Even though it’s my favorite. “What else?” “135. Reverse cowgirl.” “And I want to do some hello kitty.” I’d be happy to. It’s another of my favorites. Our favorites. She spins into 135 and pumps my cock at an angle. Reverse cowgirl between my spread legs, me pushing her ass away, her falling back onto my cock. I raise my legs and cross them on her back. She checks the view between her legs as she plunges her hole onto my cock.

Hello kitty time. River in front with her legs together, me behind with my legs spread and my balls on her feet. Her cunt grips hungrily at my cock as she fucks me with it. She leans forward into low doggy. Her ass pushing straight back at me. Maybe we can do it this time. “This always makes me want to . . .” I press my cock against her asshole. But she reaches down and slots it back into her pussy. And it feels wonderful. Warm. Wet. Squishy.

We get River back on top for the finish. Straight-up River on top. I can see the strip of her fur again while she rides me. “I’ve never seen that before.” The strip of dark fuzz plummeting downwards onto my pubic bone with my hard cock under it. It doesn’t detract from her girlness. It emphasizes it.

“It’s working.” I feel my orgasm swell. Let it build while she fucks me. She fucks me good until I come and she pumps and squeezes and holds still and lets me fill her with jizz. “Keep going.” I groan as she coaxes colorful waves of sensation from my super-sensitive cock with the rhythms of her body, up and down, in and out.

I have no memory of how long we stay together, or when we finally uncouple. Only of lying in bed next to her, running my fingers over her vulva, and asking, “How do you feel?” “Fine.” “We should get you on top more often.” “We have been.” Not often enough.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A very long day

We’re folding clothes yesterday evening. There’s a pair of panties on the floor that don’t seem to be part of the load. I hold them up. “Is something going on around here that I don’t know about?” “No.” A pause. “Somebody should wear those.” Another pause. “Is my butt really that big?” “This is one of your biggest pairs.” All River’s panties are size small. It’s just that this style has more coverage. I always have a hard time believing that her perfect ass is a size small. I never think of her as small. I think of her as medium height and nicely HWP and just right. “You know how many women would kill to have a butt that size?”

Later I’m thinking. What did she mean by somebody should wear them? And asking whether her butt was that big? “When you said somebody should wear them, who might you have had in mind?” “You.” I seriously doubt that’s what she was thinking. More likely she's teasing me. Or she knows what I'm angling for. She can read my mind sometimes. Not that it's terribly difficult.

I have worn panties exactly once. I don’t remember how it happened, but we swapped underwear and fucked at a Wyoming motel on our first road trip. Or our second road trip, depending on how you count. No. Our third. In the moving truck. My erection springing virtually unrestrained from the skimpy confines of her panties sticks with me.

By this morning, her panties still haven’t found their way into her drawer. I'd like to put them to good use. Surprise her sometime. I put them in my drawer. And get an idea. Why not surprise her now? I slip my jeans and boxer briefs off. Pull her panties on. Tuck myself into them. I like how they hold my package high and tight. It seems to enhance my presence. No, that’s just my cock stiffening with an obscene arousal that I like.

When to surprise her? We have a visitor this morning. Before, or after? I don’t know. Maybe there will just be a right time. I come downstairs. “I’m sitting in your place.” Drinking her coffee at the dining room table. It’s not like we’ve really got places at the table. At least I don’t. I just sit wherever for breakfast. But I can’t remember ever seeing her in that spot. My dinner spot, where I sit across from River and can look into her eyes. I sit down across the corner from her. Now is the time. “How ironic that you’re in my spot.” I’m in her panties. I pull down the top of my jeans to flash the magenta-pink waistband at her. She smiles. “Comfy?” “Surprisingly so.”

I’ve got a plan now. After our visitor leaves I’ll corner her in the art room closet and we’ll fuck standing up with her back against the wall. She turned it down yesterday, but circumstances may have changed.

It feels like I’m leaking in her panties. I go up to the bathroom to check. I catch my reflection in the mirror with my pants down and I’m struck by the color combination. Light blue jeans and a bright yellow t-shirt framing the magenta-pink panties. I get my camera. It’s harder than I think being both subject and photographer in my erotic photo session in the dining room. But I’m learning a lot about posing. A few years ago this would have made my cock rise uncontrollably out of the panties which would have made for some nice shots. Sadly not any more.

The back door clicks open. River is home. “I’ve been doing my own erotic photo session.” I show her a few of my favorites. “You’ve got a nice primary color thing there.” “Would you like to be my photographer?” “I’m afraid of your camera.” She’s actually a good photographer who knows her way around a film SLR and has a sound sense of composition. She’s an artist, after all. “But I could be a prop. Do you know where the tripod is?” I wonder what she has in mind. I’ll have to find out later because as usual she’s got things to do. It may be a while before I can corner her in the closet.

River has a pretty full schedule this morning. She is very sweetly trying to accommodate my perversions, but it looks like she’s only got time for one. Closet? Or photo shoot? I can’t decide. On top of that we’ve planned a hot date tonight, along with whatever comes unplanned afterwards.

I explain my dilemma to River, and express my regrets that perhaps the closet moment has passed. “It’s not that I’ve been hoping for years to do it in that closet with you. It’s that cleaning it together was a nice time, and there was the moment.” When it comes to doing it, I’m less about what we did yesterday or the day before or last week, and more about what’s happening now. Somehow, she thinks up a way to do both. She’ll be my photographer now. And we can do it in the closet after our date. A scheduling genius.

River is my photographer. And what a photographer she is. I set up the camera and give her a few ideas for directing me and she takes off. “Pull them down at an angle.” “Lift your shirt.” “Butt out.” “Chin back.” “Reach in.” “On the bed.” “By the window.” “Look manly.” “Look girly.” “Show me what you got.” She looks hot with the camera. I’d definitely look better with a hardon. A few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to keep it down. But not any more. So I oil up and start jacking off, reaching in, showing her what I’ve got, getting hard. Cutting loose and rather enjoying myself while River shoots away. But I’m more about erotic and we’re doing porn now. I don’t buy that line that lighting is the only difference. Erotic is far more subtle. And far more powerful. But I jack, River shoots, until . . . “I better stop. Unless you want a come shot.” “We might as well go all the way.” I hope I’m not sabotaging our closet action tonight.

The camera is silent. She’s waiting for it. “Here it comes. Well, a few more.” She snaps the shutter prematurely and misses the money shot. There’s always next time. I put my arms around her. “That was awesome.” The first time I’ve masturbated to orgasm in over a year. I picked a good time.

And if I learned one thing from that session, it’s that I need to brush my hair for our date tonight.

We have our date. I brush my hair. River styles it. The kids are old enough to leave at home now. Out to our favorite Italian restaurant with our favorite squid appetizer. During dinner I excuse myself to go to the men’s room to remove my panties. It would be easier in a skirt. Just whip them off. No pantyhose for me. I come back and show them to River. We have some nice smoochies in our corner table. Dinner was delicious. Sadly, no room for dessert.

Due to the unscheduled afternoon come shot, I’ve taken a cialis for insurance tonight. It’s kicking in, and the stimulation from going commando is more than I want. Once again, a skirt would be better. When we get home I slip the magenta-pinks back on and enjoy the high and tight feeling again.

Looking back, I was a bit irritable this morning, but my mood has been good ever since I put this pair on. I recommend them to River if she ever needs a mood lifter. “They’ll never be the same again though.” “Because you stretched them out? Your butt isn’t that big.” “In the front.”

The kids are asleep. At least they’re supposed to be. River brings in the wax kit she got yesterday. She wants to do a landing strip, and wax her bikini line throughout the summer. That’s a first. The femininity of her bush attracts me strongly. But change intrigues me. Especially when I get to help. But it’s getting late. We’ve already done our photo shoot and had a nice dinner date. Doing the wax and the closet fuck would make an almost impossibly full day. So we save the wax for another day and head for the closet. I wonder what changed her mind about the closet. She’s not telling.

“Should we bring something to make it comfortable?” “I was thinking we’d just do it standing up.” Quickie-style. I switch on the closet’s soft pink light for mood. River takes her pants off. That’s a little disappointing. In my standing face-to-face quickie fantasy we don’t remove our pants completely. She knows what fuels my fantasy. But we don’t like to talk about it and consequently I’m not comfortable suggesting we keep them on, just pulling them down enough to fuck. Especially since lately it’s been hard enough doing it standing even with them off. We can't usually pull it off in the shower any more. At least we keep our shirts on today. And she leaves her bra on. Quickie-style.

The cialis has my cock on a hair trigger. But it takes a little more of River's attentive fondling than I thought to get a nice erection. I would have skipped the cialis completely except we haven’t been very successful at standing lately and I did the come shot this afternoon. Now I’m good to go. Erection pills. Those must have been some fun drug trials. What will they come up with next. Maybe something for River.

River backs into the closet. It’s 75x75cm. With a window. Good practice for a phone booth. I consider closing the door but something is making me too self-conscious to do that. I lift her leg up on my arm and squootch down while she lines us up. After several tries we get it in and I feel the familiar pleasant squeeze of her pussy on my cock head. But it’s awkward. “Move this leg forward and this one back.” That’s what I want to hear. Maybe she's more comfortable directing me after being my photographer. Our adjusted position works better but it’s still not conducive to a good fuck. Or much of a fuck at all. I push her against the back wall and lift her other leg, she tries to brace her feet on the narrow door jamb, and we get in a few silly thrusts before I have to put her down. At least it’s playful. And she’s a good sport. But if it weren’t for the cialis I’d be losing my erection by now.

“There’s another way to do it standing up, you know.” I’m hoping she’ll pull out something face-to-face that I never would have thought of and that doesn’t require a swimming pool. But she turns around and bends over with her hands on the wall. I haven’t forgotten this way. How could I, after what we did on that glacier on our Alaska road trip. I’m really in a face-to-face mood, but I find her pussy and slide my cock in from behind, finally getting a decent fuck going. And the view is arousing. I can't quite see her pussy from this angle, just my cock repeatedly disappearing into her somewhere beneath her ass. I grab her hips for a good bang. We have our usual problem of slowly drifting backwards while we do it, until River can’t reach the wall. And things tend to dry out in this position and today is true to form. We lose a bit of precious juice every time I get greedy, wanting to feel my cock slip in through her opening, and I pull back too far and it slips out. It would be easy to come like this, but I suggest that we move upstairs for some nice face-to-face on the bed. She accepts gladly. I knew she would.

I kneel between her legs. She raises one of them. Rests it on my shoulder. I oil her pussy, thumb her clitoris, stroke my cock a few times to stiffen it back up, then stick it in. My thumb stays on her clit, circling her hood over it while we fuck. The leg draped on my shoulder gives her a luxurious reclining look, and gives me the feeling that I’m servicing her. A nice feeling. I'll do my best to serve her well. The closet was fun. But I guess this is what I really wanted. A more luxurious fuck with my sweetie.

We get a vigorous bang going, my hands on her hips again, her leg still on my shoulder, our bodies thwacking together. She’s always liked vigorous. It’s usually too much for me and I end up coming or having to stop every 20 seconds to hold off. I’m hoping the cialis and my afternoon orgasm will increase my endurance, but I doubt they will. “How long do you want to go?” “Not too long.” I’ll just come whenever then.

Something about this ad-hoc position tonight is reminding me of mini-v. River is obviously enjoying it, and so am I, but I’m wondering what it will be like to come this way. Because I’m about to find out. My orgasm starts and I thrash desperately for some deep penetration, pulling her towards me, trying to push her legs up and go deep to feel her against the base of my cock, but it’s not happening. It takes a couple spurts before I get things sorted, pulling us together by her legs, pressing into her, feeling my jizz flow.

“That was really stimulating.” “Which part?” “The finish.” I’m glad she liked it. So did I. I wish we could do it longer. I never want to stop.

“That was a long day. Maybe we should start every day with some cunnilingus.” “Did we?” “In the shower.” “Oh yeah. That was so short it was more like just cu-.”

Sunday, March 27, 2011

That makes a three-fuck weekend

“Should we go upstairs and get naked?” How could I turn that down. The irresistible River has invited me to massage her ass and hips. I’ve been using my elbow on her ass cheek, through the faded denim of her comfy-cute jeans, and I’m eager to continue on her properly exposed butt. In the bedroom I oil her ass to a silky-smooth friction. Rub my fingers around the muscles of her hip joints until she purrs. Learn about her gluteus minimus, one on each side. It makes me horny when she goes latin on me.

Her butt has its customary chill. I spread her cool cheeks and her pussy makes succulent smacky sounds as it opens and closes. We laugh at that together. And I get hornier. After last night’s midnight fuck I’m not expecting anything today, and River doesn’t seem to be thinking in that direction, but she knows what usually happens when I sit behind her ass and let my hands wander over her body. She usually warms up to the inevitable.

My hands move to her back, going over all the spots we like. I’m in a creative mood and she just relaxes into it. After twenty minutes I leave one hand on her back and start stroking my cock with the other, getting ready. She knows what I’m doing. She waggles her butt invitingly. My thumb drifts towards her pussy opening. Despite all the smacky sounds it made earlier I can’t work my thumb between her lips. She wiggles some more, angles her butt, and pushes back. There it is.

Feeling her wetness always gets me harder, and my cock is quickly standing up, seeking the warm moisture under her chilly ass, straining to be put into her comforting pussy. I line it up. It inches into her. We fuck. I whisper in her ear. “I sure like doing this with you.” She whispers back. “So do I.” My balls slide along her leg. My cock fucks into her, right under her gorgeous, just-right ass. Her butt always makes me think of the same thing. I ask. “Do it in your butt?” Silence. She’s trying to figure out a way to say, not this time. She wants more warning. That’s ok. It just seemed like a good night, good emotional and physical connections from all the work and gardening we did together this weekend, rubbing her sore muscles, and now a nice fuck in her welcoming pussy.

I have another suggestion. “Low doggy?” She gathers her legs under her. I drop my ass nearly to the bed to stay inside her, then watch my rigid cock work its way into her soft pussy and glide back out. It feels huge, taking a long time going in, a long time back out, then back in, and out, and River’s pussy is feeling especially friendly today. “That was a good call.” The low doggy. I’m glad I made it. I’ll be happy to come this way. Delirious. I slow down and enjoy every lush sensation of the push in, and the pull out, our parts sliding together, skin on skin, slow and wet and delicious, my desire to come building with every stroke. I know how it will feel to explode into her, my balls pulling up, my cock throbbing as my load spills into her, her pussy squeezing back. My breath comes in whispered shudders as my cock slowly slides into her, out of her, my orgasm edging closer, stroke by slow stroke. A warm tingle of cold spreads over my body, from my hips, up my back, down my legs. “I’m gonna come.” A few more slow strokes and my orgasm is mind-blowing, literally taking my breath away, my whole body electrified. Where am I. What am I. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m with River. River’s with me.

It’s still early. Can I stay hard and come again? River lowers her head, her back angling smoothly up to her ass. Is she trying to keep from dripping, or just getting more comfortable? We have a serious bang of an afterfuck for a while. I try to get that feeling of impending orgasm, imagining it right around the rim of my cock head, but I’m drained and it’s not happening. We clean up. River doesn’t even leave to go drip. That’s so cute.


“Someone pulled your panties down and had his way with you last night.” “I vaguely remember something like that.” She should put it up as her facebook status.

Last night. I fall asleep quickly but wake up at 2am and know it’s going to be one of those nights when I can’t get back to sleep for hours. Especially with River being twitchy and fidgety next to me. So I come downstairs and write. The kids have a sleepover guest so I’ve put on some boxer briefs to roam the house in. When I go back to bed I’m still not sleepy. But I’m horny. I think about it. River doesn’t like to be woken up. But she’ll have hours to sleep afterwards. Ok. Maybe. I’ll let my dick decide. Hard, I do it. Soft, I don't.

River and I are both wearing undergarments instead of sleeping naked like usual. Tank-top and panties for her, the boxer briefs for me. I feel myself through them. Not much response. I’m disappointed. I’m too horny for that. Who am I kidding. Forget what my dick says. It has no input in the matter. Except veto power, unfortunately. My head has decided I’m going to find a way to get hard and do it. I pull my cock out through the fly, wet my fingers, slip them up and down the head, grab my cock in my fist and squeeze against the base. I feel the tell-tale pressure as my cock begins to stiffen, but it’s fairly tenuous. Quietly I reach for a bottle of massage oil, unscrew the top, let it dribble out onto my fingers. That should help. And it will make for a nice easy stick-in and a smooth fuck. If I get hard. Which I’m still not.

As a last resort I sit up on my heels with my knees spread. That wakes River up enough to ask “What?” “I want to do you.” She goes back to sleep. Or something. And now I’m getting hard, my cock sticking out of my fly, nice and slick, pumping it with my hand. My other hand probes for River’s pussy through her panties. She’s curled up on her left side, facing away from me, and I can feel her lips and asshole through them. I concentrate on her pussy opening, circling and pressing it with my finger, still pumping my cock and getting a good hardon. It’s probably best if this isn’t a long fuck. I don’t want to wake her too much or ruin her sleep. Maybe I can get myself close before I slide into her. But I can’t wait. I pull her panties down and run my fingers along her lips, trying to press between them into her pussy. But it’s not going. I use my lubed hand, sliding a finger up and down her lips, and they part and allow my fingertip into her wetness.

My cock slides in next to my finger and I sigh. This is it. For some reason I’ve been really hot on fucking River while she sleeps lately. It’s not as intimate as when she’s awake. But there’s something about it. I fuck her in t-bone, my cock sliding in and out easily, and I think of the quickie we did in this position, all of 45 seconds from penetration to shooting my load. I don’t think I can pull that off tonight. And I don’t want to.

I slip down next to her in spoons and I have a nice fuck, my cock humping in and out just a few inches at the speed River likes. She moans. Is she awake? Or not? I don’t know. When I feel my orgasm coming I slow down for a nice, slow come. But it’s not working. I’m not coming. The slow fuck feels nice and I push in a little deeper. I put my hand on River’s ass cheek, fingers in her crack, some feeling my cock slide gracefully in and out of her pussy, others resting against her soft asshole. I think about doing her in the ass, or just pushing my finger in, but that might not be a good idea unless she’s awake.

The slow come isn’t happening tonight, so I speed up and bang out a steady rhythm. My orgasm builds slowly, taking its time, and when it comes I give a deep thrust, and push with each pulse, a long orgasm, coming deep in her pussy, making it last.

My arm is around her. I don’t want to wake her up any more than I have to, so I keep my cock inside, feeling it go soft, small backwards slips inside her pussy, at least ten minutes of slow softening. Her breathing sounds tell me she’s definitely asleep now. I wonder about my jizz dripping out of her. We usually clean up with a t-shirt afterwards, but I don’t want to wake her up and I don’t think I’ve got a shirt within reach. So I just leave my arm around her and leave my cock in as a bit of a plug and drift off to sleep myself.

After an hour she wakes up a bit. I pull out, roll over and find a t-shirt within reach. I must have planned ahead. She wipes herself, and can’t believe it’s been an hour since we started. She doesn’t realize she’s been sleeping with me inside her.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tryst in the woods

It’s not as warm today as yesterday. A bit chilly actually. Doing it outside in the cold doesn’t seem like River’s thing. But she’s into it. “It will be an adventure.” And the setting will be nice. I like it when she’s adventurous. Or as I like to think about it, an adventuress. I tell her I’m excited. Sex with River always excites me.

She brings a pile of blankets so we can have a warm nest. “Did you bring anything slippery? Or will we be using Reed’s oral lubrication service if we need it?” “I don’t think we’ll need it.” On the way out of town we pick up supplies for a gourmet picnic. Three kinds of goat and sheep cheese, a baguette to share, thin-sliced salami, whole-wheat wafers, figgy chocolate for dessert. Like old times when I’d pick her up after work with picnic makings. Only better.

The cabin is a short walk into the forest. We make our nest in the outside area, light candles even though it’s not yet noon, have our picnic in the fresh air, listen to birds and frogs and wind in branches, have a nice time together in the woods. Then we peel our pants off and warm each other up under the covers.

It’s nice feeling River through her cotton panties. My thumb and fingers loop around the crotch, feeling the edges of her bush. My first finger probes the cotton and finds the hard shaft of her clitoris. We should start like this more often. But I like sleeping naked with River far too much to do it in bed. Out here it’s natural as we peel our clothes off. But I doubt we’ll be peeling much today. Just the bare essentials.

She feels me through my boxer briefs. I get hard for her touch. It’s been five days, and we postponed last night for this. I offered to do her last night and today but she turned me down. Delayed gratification doesn’t usually seem to work out but today is an exception. The sensuousness of the woods, the company, and the impending fuck are worth not doing it last night.

She pulls the boxer briefs down, and there’s the nice touch of her hand on my shaft, grasping the base, sliding deftly and confidently up and down, not even doing the head, just leaving me to anticipate what she’ll do with that sensitive part when the time comes.

River isn’t usually much for warmup, and she seems even less interested today. Anxious to get to the good part. To feel my cock inside her. To be with me. The ambience, and the satisfaction of feeling my cock harden for her, are enough. She’s not even opening her legs to give my fingers better access. That’s a good sign. Along with her confidence about not needing lube. And getting this whole tryst set up. All I had to do was skip out on work for a few hours.

“Will you be comfortable enough starting on the bottom?” I’ll start on the bottom whether I’m comfortable on the wood floor or not. It’s always a treat when River starts on top. She pulls her panties off and rolls on top, rubs her slit on my cock. I feel the tip press against something soft and wet. She lets go, and I realize our fuck has begun. I must not be as hard as I should be or the penetration would have been more obvious. She fucks me, fondling my cock with her pussy. I’m plenty hard. She’s just unusually wet. Slipping my cock inside and sliding down it was unusually frictionless. I gasp when her pussy slides up my cock. “River’s legendary upstroke.”

We’ve both got sweaters on. Sweater sex. River thinks we could use some wool hats in the chill, too. I peek under the covers and we’ve both still got our socks on. Her sweater is nice and soft and snuggly. I’ve asked her to wear it to bed, but out here is better. She reaches up in back, unhooks her bra, slips the straps down her sleeves and somehow removes it, never missing a beat as she rides my cock. “She can fuck and remove her bra at the same time. I like it.” She lifts her sweater and shows me those nice compact tits, knowing how much I like that view, knowing how desirable she is and how horny she makes me. I reach for them, feeling their soft resistance, and her nipples harden for me.

She squats over me for single point. Just her cunt sliding up and down my fully erect cock. “You’ve been practicing. This is longer than you can usually do it.” “It’s the hard floor. No wasted energy balancing.” She’s not pulling out as far as she could and I want to whisper “full pullouts” to her but in the end I’m happier just enjoying being fucked by River, letting her run the show, just fucking back a bit and angling left and right and grabbing her tits while she fucks me. On impulse I throw the blankets off us so we can fuck with the cool breeze blowing against our parts. I like it. I feel free. But it’s too chilly for River and we hunker down under the covers again.

She puts her knees down on the floor for standard River-on-top, then rolls us over. I try to stop halfway through for a side-by-side fuck but the wood floor isn’t comfortable. We keep going until I’m on top. It’s my turn to do the fucking. One hand under her sweater on her tit. One hand on top feeling her nipple through the fuzz. She coughs a few times. I push in to feel the squeeze, and to keep from being squeezed out.

When I look down to watch the action, my sweater hangs in the way. This must be what it’s like to be so overweight you can’t see your own dick. Watching is half the fun. Even River likes to watch when we’re fucking. I try to move my sweater aside. “Now I can see your bush. But I want to see the whole thing.” I sit up and finally see my cock in her, moving in and out of the slipperiness between her fleshy lips.

I fuck her long and hard, her legs on my shoulders in jackknife, then missionary, doing River’s rhythm, a slow thrust with a firm push at the end. I look at her face and see her cute, happy smile. And I’m about to come. “I don’t want to come yet. And I don’t want to have to stop every 20 seconds. Don’t move.” We're motionless until the urge passes, then hold still longer, for good measure.

More jackknife, our new classic, until River asks me to put her legs down. Her hand goes to her button. I’m surprised. But happy that she’s going for an orgasm out here. I look forward to fucking her in it. I sit between her legs and probe her pussy with my cock, lift her leg and pull her against me with it, while she does the circles on her clit she needs to come. But she doesn’t get it this time. That’s sad. I always get to come.

We fuck some more. I take in our surroundings, the trees, the birds, the breeze, the fresh woodsy scent. It’s a nice place to fuck. “I could make a habit of this.” Skipping work to come down and fuck outside. In the woods. “Me too.”

Then she’s back on her button. This time I stay still so I won't distract her while she’s doing herself. She does better that way. I just watch her. Put my thumbs on her nipples. Feel her pussy gently tugging on my cock as she fans her fur. Sometimes that’s enough to make me come, but not today when I’ve already been holding off so long. She really wants this one. She’s working hard. Concentrating. Eyes closed. Taking a while. Good thing I’m not distracting her. I just reach for my cock and press it downwards in her cunt, towards her asshole.

“Here it comes.” I give her a few more seconds to rub her clit, then plunge all the way into her juice box and fuck her hard while she comes under me. A good one, by the sounds of it. “You can scream out here.” Out here in the woods. No one around to hear. Just us. She doesn’t scream, but she’s louder than usual, her body twisting as she comes and I fuck her in her orgasm. I’m thinking I can somehow make it through this one without holding off and join her in her second one, but listening to her come is triggering mine and I come with her, loudly, like old times, and she squeezes against me while five days of load gush into her snatch.

We have time. I fuck her for real in the afterfuck, hoping to stay hard and come again. But eventually I soften and we just lie together in our nest under the covers.

“I'm glad you wanted to have one out here. That was a nice surprise.” “I guess everything was pretty sexy.” “I was trying not to distract you too much at the end there. It seems like it’s easier for you when I’m not distracting.” “That was a good call.”

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A good, solid fuck

“Hi you.” “Is that a Hi you Hi you?” Maybe it was just my imagination, but that used to be my cue that she wanted some action. Now it’s a bit of a running gag. She snuggles on me tonight. I remind her that if she wants to initiate, all she has to do is reach down. She says that if I want to do it, I should initiate. Does that mean she doesn’t want to do it? We’ve had such a nice emotional warmup day. Sitting outside in the sun together. Talking about how we got together. Having an early spaghetti dinner. I point out that I’m being sweet by not initiating, since I’m not putting her in the position of having to decline, and perhaps she could reciprocate the sweetness by initiating. She doesn’t buy it.

I take the opportunity to solicit some hints on initiating tonight. “I like a man with initiative.” That’s fair. I like a girl with initiative. I get on top of her, cradle her face in my hands, and we have some passionate kisses while I rub my cock on her, feeling it brushing against her bush, getting hard, then harder, then fully erect, no manual stimulation required. Nice.

Initiative. I move my legs between hers and my cock rubs against her snatch, up and down against her clitoris. This will be an easy no-hands stick-in. I let it slide down, feel the spot, and push. And meet resistance. “That’s the right spot. You just have to push harder.” It feels nice trying to push such a solid hardon into her, like old times, but it still doesn’t go. “Are your lips in the way?” “Yeah.” That happens sometimes. She’s got beautiful lips, nice to look at, fun to play with and suck into my mouth, but sometimes they guard her cunt a little too well. She reaches down, spreads them, and I push in, still cradling her head and kissing, just a little ways in at first, then a little more, her feet on my ass pulling me in, then shifting to missionary with my legs crossed for full penetration. And we fuck.

She has a request. “Just a quickie.” We’ll see. This is a nice solid fuck, the fuck she deserves, not an erectile dysfunction disaster limp dick fuck. This is as hard as it gets, a nice rigid cock boning her, like I used to take for granted. It should be savored with more than a quickie.

I have a request, too. “Something relaxing.” “Relaxing is nice.” A nice end to a nice day together. So we have a nice solid relaxing medium-speed fuck, going through a variety of Reed-on-top positions, especially liking it when she pulls her knees up to her chest and leaves her pussy hanging out for unimpeded access.

And it’s more than a quickie. More of a nice weekday fuck. A nice solid weekday fuck, a nice hard cock and a nice wet pussy, Reed’s cock and River’s pussy, the steady rhythm that she likes, the relaxing speed that I like.

We’re doing full pull-outs, feeling my cock plunge through the frilly opening of her pussy each time, and she starts gasping on every thrust. That doesn’t sound relaxed. “Is this relaxing?” “I’m relaxed.” Good. Me too. I sure like doing this with River.

“Uh oh.” “What?” “I forgot Brook’s antibiotic.” “You can go give it to her now.” It might be kind of fun to take a break and keep going. I’m sure I’ll still be hard when she comes back. “She’ll be just as asleep in ten minutes.” Ten more minutes? Ok. Doesn’t sound like a quickie any more. “Sorry for thinking about things like that while we do it.” “It’s ok. You’re a great mom.” “A great mom would have given her daughter her antibiotic.” She’s still a great mom. Who would have guessed she’d be so great.

So we keep going, enjoying our nice, solid fuck, shifting positions occasionally, me staying on top, River staying on bottom. We could do all kinds of crazy positions with this hardon, but it’s relaxing this way, and we both like it.

We’re fucking with her knees pulled up to her chest and I feel it. “Here it comes.” I want to slow down for the last few thrusts but I can’t, the steady rhythm pulls me until I explode and push in hard and River squirms under me, making me come longer and harder, and again I don’t even notice the individual spasms, it’s just one long feeling that goes on forever then slowly winds down.

Our afterfuck is really nice. It would be nice to try to stay hard and come again, but River requested a quickie and we’ve already gone over. So I roll to the side, flip her leg over me, into snuggly position, and we keep a small fuck going while I go soft, giving an occasional thrust. Even when it feels fully limp I squeeze it to some semblance of rigidity and push a little deeper into her a few times. It still feels nice, and sloppy wet. Neither of us seems to want it to end.

“That was a good, solid fuck.” “Yes, it was.”

River gets up to give Brook her antibiotic. She’s a great mom.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

“I never knew a girl could just get on and off like that.”

I wake up after eight. River is downstairs studying for an exam. She’s such a good girl.

I feel something slip upwards between the sheet and my stomach. It’s my cock spontaneously getting hard. Why does that happen in the morning sometimes? And then sometimes not, when River is so obviously ready for me to fuck her? I don’t get it. I push the covers down, flex my muscles down there, watch the head swell out into a purple mushroom.

Someone is bounding up the stairs. Sounds like a kid. I cover myself. River bursts into the room. She pulls her clothes off, flings them around, and stands there, smiling and naked. The timing is too good to be true. I push the covers back down and stand my highly erect cock up for her. “That’s nice. Someone could pick you up by that knob.” “You could pick me up. I wasn’t expecting this.” “For me to come into the room and take my clothes off?” “That either. To have a boner.”

She sits on the bed. I move her hand to my erection and she strokes it up and down, pushes my balls around. “I like a nice friendly feel.” We were just talking about that last night, how River might be avoiding the friendly feels because she doesn’t want me to interpret them as come-ons, and me saying that I like a friendly feel regardless.

“Do you want to get on it?” She’s got more studying to do so I don’t imagine we’re going to have an all-out fuck, but a quick friendly in-and-out would be nice.

Then I realize what’s going on. She started some oral steroids last night. They gave her a terrible sleep but now they’ve made her energetic and loopy. Bounding into the room and flinging her clothes off.

River stands on the bed, towering over me. I point my cock up for her and she drops down to it and her pussy starts swallowing my cock. I feel her pleasant moistness as my cock disappears into her. She’s halfway on. I take my hand away, my cock secure in her pussy, and she pushes all the way down. The last inch is almost painful before she’s completely lubed, but there she is, squatting on me, her lips at the base of my cock.

She gives a few friendly pumps, up and down, smiling, her pussy now smoothly lubricated with her sweet frictiony juice. Then she gets off and my cock thwacks down onto me. That was a nice wakeup.

We head off down the hall to the shower, my cock sticking out lewdly. “You could put a leash on it and make me follow you around.” It’s still nicely slippery with River juice and I give it a few strokes, but it dries quickly.

We talk about how scripted that whole scene seemed. I wake up, get hard, squeeze my knob, she bounds in, throws her clothes off, comments on my knob, gets on it, gives a few friendly pumps, then gets off. Even that last part seems perfect for this morning. “It can take a long time to get off with a morning boner. But you got off it pretty quick.” “It’s amazing what you can get away with. I never knew a girl could just get on and off like that.”

Friday, March 18, 2011

Afternoon muff dive

We go for a walk in the afternoon. We’re talking, and forget to have a kiss in our usual sunny spot. But when we get home River snuggles with me on the futon. We talk about going out to dinner. “Then I can slather you, and then . . .” “That’s hard to turn down. I’m probably open to anything you want today. Except in the butt.” Her IBS is bothering her. “We should do that again sometime.” “Should we go upstairs and get naked?” “I was actually thinking of after dinner.” “Well, in your spirit of doing it while we’re in the mood . . .” I’ll go along with that. She reaches for my balls. I feel her boob through her shirt, and she moves her bra cup out of the way to give me direct access to one of my favorite boobs. And I start getting a response.

We go upstairs. I peel. Put on divbyzero, our favorite music to fuck to. River comes in and peels. She’s hot. I look again to make sure she’s as hot as I think she is. And she is. Trim. Sporty. Compact tits. She turns away and the curves of her ass are undeniable.

I slather her back, sitting behind that nicely shaped ass as usual. She reaches a friendly hand down to my knee. I like that. I work down to her butt, gripping her ass cheeks in my hands, pulling them apart, pushing them together, slathering body butter down her crack. This time I don’t have to deny myself. I scoot back, put my face down, and tickle her lips with my tongue, up and down, probing between them. She giggles. I like that. “I can roll over so you don’t have to have your nose in my ass.” I didn’t even really notice.

When she rolls over I pull her to the edge of the bed and sit beside it, my most comfortable muff dive position. She starts with her feet on the bed. Her pussy is served up nicely, ready for whatever I’ve got. I give her whole pussy a once-over tasting, tongue-fucking her tangy opening, pulling her lips into my mouth, flattening my tongue and rubbing her with it. I move up to her clitoris, feeling it with the tip of my tongue. She pushes back against me and I dive in hard, rubbing her hood over her clit with my tongue like she’s showed me with my fingers.

She’s really into it today, moaning, squirming, grinding against my mouth. That gets me even more into it, tonguing big hard circles on her clit, higher and lower, exploring with the tip of my tongue while I circle with the flat, pulling the skin at the apex of her slit for better access to her sensitive clitoris, my nose in her muff inhaling her scent, her feet on my back, my finger in her pussy, my arm around her leg pulling her into my face.

“What you’re doing now is making me want to get to the good part.” That’s a really sweet way of putting it. I move back and gaze at the thick lips of her pussy, up at her face, reach for my cock and spread my own slippery leakage around the head as I start to get hard. I expose the glistening button of her clit and River watches as I brush it with my tongue tip, then up and down her lips, then suck on her clit while I jack off.

I want to keep my cock hidden until I can surprise her with something nice and hard and ready to fuck her with. It doesn’t take long. I stand up, her pussy gaping in front of me, ready to be fucked, my cock ready to fuck her. “That’s nice. Proud and defiant.” I get on the bed with her, my knees right on the edge, slide my cock into her hole, and we fuck. The good part. Deep and soft and slippery.

There’s not much room for me on the edge of the bed. It’s hard to stay deep. So I hit it at a quick pace, not very deep, but stimulating. “I know what you’re doing.” “What am I doing?” “Going for the g-spot.” “The interesting terrain in your pussy.” Stimulating for both of us. But we want something deeper, so with each thrust I bang River backwards while she scoots until we’re both fully on the bed and she rocks up into jackknife with her legs on my shoulders and I push in until I feel cervix. “That’s deep,” she says. We both like it. Her cervix gives me some extra stimulation as the tip of my cock squeezes past it at the end of each thrust. I push in again and again to feel it.

It’s a nice sweet happy fuck, in jackknife, minimagnetism, missionary, default. We’re back in jackknife, thrusting against her cervix. I think it’s time for me to come. My body agrees. I feel my skin tingling. “I’m going to come.” River already knows that. She feels the goosebumps crawling up my back. A few more thrusts and I’m there, totally over the top, everything dissolving and melting together, I don’t even notice the individual spurts, just keep my cock pushed deep inside her while I have a huge orgasm, hugging her leg against my face to get me through it until I can breathe again.

We’ve got about ten minutes until we’ve got to get on with our day. I roll to my left and we stay together in snuggly position while my cock goes soft inside her. She doesn’t even squeeze it out.

Monday, March 14, 2011

River's first in over a month

I'm buttering River's back, at her request. I wonder what kinds of thoughts she's thinking. Uh oh. I can't believe I asked him to butter me. Now he's gonna want to screw me. But River is never thinking what I think she's thinking. I sit forward to do her neck, and she comments as my cock thwacks onto her back. It's obviously not hard or it wouldn't be anywhere near her back, but staring at her butt as I sit behind it has given it a pleasant weightiness.

When I finish we snuggle, on opposite sides from our usual. I don't really like having usual sides. It's more interesting sleeping on whichever side we want on a given night, but River likes it. Says she doesn't sleep well on the other side. Sometimes I can convince her to switch for a week, and it's like having a new girlfriend. Only better. I'm thinking we'll do an opposite-side snuggly position stick-in, side by side, her legs over mine, which will be interesting, but I'm not getting hard. Not even when I feel her boobs. My favorite boobs.

She opens her legs up while we talk. Is she doing something to herself down there? Probably not. Probably just getting comfortable. Wait. Yes. She is. I peek under the covers and she's got her hand on her bush, fingers draped over the edge, casually rubbing her clitoris. I oil my hand and slide the palm over her boobs, left boob, right boob, her nipples sliding between my fingers.

She says she's not getting much response, which feels strange to her. I hope I'm not distracting her by playing with her boobs. "You're not." I sit between her legs for a better view. Her pussy opening glistens between her lips. Her lips mosh in circles, following her fingers going around on her clit. How could I watch this without wanting to fuck her? I couldn't. But somehow River can roll over and go to sleep while I'm jacking off next to her. I don't get it.

She puts a dab of oil on her fingers. I'm not sure if that's a good sign, or not. She usually likes to be pretty dry when she does her button. One of the reasons she says she doesn't like cunnilingus so much. Too wet and slippery.

Watching River masturbate has gotten me hard. Really hard. River notices. "That's a nice one." I want to say "I'll fuck you with it if you have an orgasm" but I don't want to pressure her to have one. Sometimes she just can't come. Not for lack of trying. And I'll fuck her with it even if she doesn't have one.

"Here it is." That was fast, especially for being unresponsive at first. My cock slips into her pussy under her fingers and I fuck hard as she clings to me. But I can't even tell she's having one. I hope she is. I hope I didn't ruin it. I hope she's just trying to be quiet. Without feedback I just do what feels good to me. We usually agree on what feels good. So I just fuck River and enjoy it, happy that she's had her first orgasm in over a month. I was getting worried. After the fast banging I slow down, nice full-length strokes, a relaxing fuck, feeling the whole depth of her pussy with my cock.

"I'm going to get another one." She stirs her button, and again I can't tell whether she's coming or not. She is. "We need to do this somewhere where you can scream." "I've never been much of a screamer." It's true. I used to be more vocal, but I think I've quieted down to match her.

Now it's my turn. I didn't have to hold off while I fucked her in her orgasms, which was nice. I stay on top, work my cock in and out, aim for the interesting and stimulating terrain around her g-spot, and fuck her until I come, pushing her legs up out of the way somewhere and squeezing in and closing my eyes and pumping my load into her. When I look up, she's got a nice smile. I smile back.

She gets two more. "I wish I could do that." "You used to be able to." Without even pulling out. "But not as fast as you."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Half-orc pussy

"I'll see you in bed." That sounds friendly. "I'll be up soon." When I come up she's on the bed, her freshly trimmed bush not looking too different, but even the subtle change is interesting.

River's got the body butter. "Would you slather me?" I think she knows the answer to that. I peel, she rolls over, and I sit on her legs behind her butt. Slather her back, gaze at her butt. "That is an amazing butt you've got. I can't imagine any girl's butt looking better. I really can't." "Thank you." She doesn't mind hearing that. I'm just being honest. And her butt is going to look even better in some of the positions she gets into tonight while we're fucking. She's got a lot of other great attributes that I also can't help but gush over periodically. She's sweet. Smart. Fun. Funny. Thoughtful. Level-headed. Fair. I could go on. Her being incredibly hot is just a bonus. I don't know how I could get so lucky. Fortunately she thinks she's lucky, too.

I slather her back for a long time, working the butter into her skin. I could slather her all night. I remember the first time I did a massage on her. Her whole body. I was dripping sweat by the time I finished. It must have been summer. And then we had some amazing sex. Our second time, I think. She started on top, like she did the first time. Today she asks me to work some muscles between her shoulder blades, and sighs contentedly when I press into them.

I butter down to her ass, running my fingers and palms over her cheeks, peering between her legs at the tufts of fur around her lips, wanting to taste her pussy. "You've been a good boy. Would you like a reward?" Two responses flash into my mind. The first is "yes, mistress." But I go with the second. "Some half-orc pussy?" Our son is wanting to play D&D. We've been rolling up characters. A half-orc rogue for her. A human monk for me. We've been talking about how our characters would get along. "The half-orc would have to initiate." "I think she would." We laugh about orcs farting while they do it. Part of the full orc mating ritual experience. If it happens, it happens. Almost a badge of honor. A monk won't be disturbed by such earthly earthiness.

River rolls onto her back to offer my reward. I wonder how hard I'll get tonight. She's alluring, all cute face, small tits, and trimmed bush. But we hear kids wandering in the hall. Going downstairs for snacks. They're not old enough to be spying on us yet. River gets up to make sure they're ok, then shuts our door. That's serious.

When she comes back I'm sitting on the bed with an amazing hard on springing up between my spread legs. It's almost like it came up by itself when I wasn't looking. I take my hands away and let it stand up, proudly erect. If anything it gets harder with an audience. "Would you like to hello kitty onto that?" "Uh huh." She gets on the bed in front of me and backs her amazing ass up to my cock. Maybe she'll take careful aim and just back all the way onto it with no hands. But she reaches under, lines things up, then slowly slides her pussy down onto me. And fucks me. I lean back, my hands on the bed behind me and fuck back, then let her do all the work while I watch her ass going up and down and feel her cunt tugging my cock and see my cock going in and out of her under her amazing ass.

I lay all the way back onto the bed, my head tipped off the edge, and enjoy her enjoying herself. She's good at enjoying herself. I straighten my legs out on either side of her, lift my head up, and the view is incredible. I can't believe how nice her ass looks. I wish she could see it, flowing down from her waist into the glorious smooth globes of her cheeks, spread wide with a sweet gap between them, her pussy underneath still riding my cock. I lift my legs onto her back, then pull my knees to my chest, my cock sticking down lewdly between them for River to fuck herself on.

"That's an interesting view." How is she getting a view when I'm hiding behind her? "Your butthole and balls, and nothing else." She's bent completely forwards, her head on the bed, staring back between her legs. Crazy weird.

I sit back up and take my turn, fucking her in low doggy, pushing in until I feel her cervix moving aside to make room for me. The reading light by the bed casts an interesting shadow on the sheets, River's tit hanging down from her chest, looking larger than life, the nipple protruding enticingly, begging for a feel. I grab her tits, pushing her nipples into her chest, then pulling them to the sides as we fuck.

River rolls over and flips a leg over me. "Where are we going?" "Wherever." We stop halfway through, our legs scissored together, my hard cock still fucking into her. I feel like a lesbian, grinding against my partner's pussy, and push into her as far as I can, feeling her grind back against me, her bush rubbing nicely against the inside of my thigh as my cock slides into her and we mash together.

"This is turning into an all-out marathon." "Yeah. There sure are a lot of ways to do it." A playful, energetic, creative, interactive fuck session. It's been a while since we've had one like this. It's just what we needed.

Enjoyable as the scissors fuck is, I know River was aiming to be on bottom. I sit up and maneuver us into default, my cock staying in, and we have another nice basic fuck, a steady bang, in and out, like yesterday morning. River is really going nuts, grabbing me, fucking back. I'm almost going to come, but sometimes the longer we fuck the harder it is to come, and it's easy to hold off today without slowing down. But my nipples are begging her to slip her thumbs onto them, and if she does I don't think I'll be able to stop myself.

"Sorry for getting off on you so much." What's she worried about? "That's what I'm here for. I get off on you all the time." It seems that things are really hitting her g-spot today. Maybe it's because I've got such a nice stiff, always angling up. Maybe it's her post-period horniness. But my next thought is to do her in the steep angle that I really like, so I move my hips forward until my cock is dropping towards the bed when it penetrates, and hold myself up on my hands and knees and fuck hard while River opens her legs wide into what's becoming her trademark vee and I put my hands on her boobs to hold myself up and my cock is hitting her pussy opposite to her g-spot but her sounds tell me she's still really liking it and she's going wild, something is really hitting the spot today, and the stimulation of my cock head slipping in and out of her opening at this angle is unbelievable.

But my knees keep slipping back until we end up in standard missionary, deep and slow, feeling every inch go in, and every inch come out, squeezing in hard at the end of each stroke, angling left and right, remembering how River kept lining things up a little off-center when she was doing hello kitty. "Fancy hug." "I like feeling all the skin. And there are some really nice sensations today." We're both in good form. And we sure like each other. We've had a couple lube breaks, River doing the oil this time, me liking the feeling of her fingers spreading it on my shaft while it's sticking into her pussy, and how good and smooth things feel when we start back up.

"How do you want to finish?" "Finish?" We've been at it quite a while. A marathon. I guess we should finish. "Me on top?" It's a nice offer and I hate to turn it down but I've got something in mind. "How about this?" I pull her legs up under my arms, put my hands under her knees, lift her ass with what energy I've got left, and bang her. This should be back to the g-spot. "Mmm, that's nice." "The plow, you named it. You've got a nice furrow." And it will be a good come, when it happens. If it happens. We've been doing it so long it might be a problem. But not a big problem.

I plow her furrow, then bend her legs against her chest, her pussy rocking upwards towards me, and fuck her for all I'm worth, getting off on her, laying my head against her leg, feeling intimate, feeling the warmth of my orgasm building in my crotch. It's a huge come, my head turning from side to side, squeezing my cock deep into her pussy for each spurt. I'll fuck her half-orc pussy any time.

I've left my t-shirt on the radiator to warm it up. River appreciates it as she wipes her pussy with it. All I can do is collapse on the bed and breathe hard, trying to catch my breath.

"Wait till I tell the guys back at the monastery about what I just scored. I'll spread the work about half-orcs, if you spread the word about monks." "Our allegiance is sealed. Our people will have a long and happy life together."

Trimming the bush

River is cold and runs a hot bath for herself. I sit in my usual and customary spot next to the tub and admire the scenery for a while, then shave my face. When I finish I get a fresh razor and shave River's legs for her. She calls me her aesthetician. I'd rather be her stylist. "You can wax me." "Your legs?" "My bush." That's the first time she's offered. I've got a small amount of experience waxing myself. Or sugaring, rather. I like bush. It's girlie. It turns me on. But she'd be cute with a landing strip.

She dries off, runs a fresh bath for Brook, and I follow her into the bedroom with the hair scissors. "What are those for? For this?" "Yes." For her bush. I'm her stylist. We've talked about it before. But the timing has never worked out. She puts her towel out on the bed and lies down. I trim. A bit timidly. Not nearly down to the skin, like when I'm doing myself. And I'm not trimming much in the places we might wax later, firstly because trimming there can cause irritation, and secondly because we might wax there later. But to her it sounds like I'm cutting huge swaths. "This is all I've done," I say, and grab a few tufts of curly bush hair from the towel to show her. She takes the scissors and does a much bolder job than I did. Still not nearly as much as when I do myself. I think she's even trimmed the cute tuft at the apex of her pussy that I like to look down at when we're doing jackknife.

Her neck has been bothering her. I oil my fingertips and give her the on-her-back neck massage that I've been hinting at for weeks, holding her head turned one way, then the other. Then her ears and face, thumbs smoothing across her forehead. More oil, under the covers to her chest, giving her muscles some nice work before moving to her nipples. "My inclination is to dive your muff." I've even got a fresh shave. No irritating stubble. And it's been months. But she's worried about the kids coming in. I think it's just an excuse. What kind of girl doesn't like cunnilingus? At least she's merely ambivalent about it now. That's an improvement. And she does like to fuck.

"Mom! I'm done with my bath!" Saved by the bell.

Follow up: Having her bush trimmed to about half length made River itchy, even in front. Now I feel bad. She says that's happened before, but she forgot. "Maybe we should have trimmed almost all the way to the skin, like I do on myself?" "I don't think so." But she's a good sport. She's still talking about us waxing out a landing strip.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Basic fuck

We get to sleep in this morning. I spoon on River and feel a stiffening. Harder than it was last night. Stick it between her legs. We stay like that for a while, my cock just sitting there, pressing against her vulva, being hard. Crazy morning boner. River gets up to pee and comes back. She shucks her robe off and there she is, looking like a girl, feeling like a girl, soft and warm. My cock hasn't softened while she's been gone. Put it back between her legs. And snuggle.

I'm often wanting to do it again the next morning. And this seems like a good morning to do it again. Sleeping in. Hardon. Desire. So I get on top and we have a few yucky morning kisses, which are always actually quite nice, never yucky at all. Get between her legs, feeling her feet on my butt, my crisp erection rubbing on her. It wants to poke right in. I maneuver for the no-hands stick-in, River wiggles to line it up, and we start in. Laying my body on hers. Our heads together. Just a shallow fuck at first, wondering if she'll be wet enough, or if we'll need something slippery.

Eventually things get stirred up and the moisture kicks in. We won't need any slippery. It feels nice. It seems like it's been a while since I fucked River with a nice hard cock, probing eagerly into her pussy, but to me it always seems like it's been a while. We pick up the pace to River speed, in and out, trying to get the head far enough out to squeeze back in through her opening each time, like she likes. She sounds like she's enjoying it. I certainly am. Either that or she's trying to make me come. But this morning boner could be hard to come with, even though I got it for the right reason. So we just do a steady bang, in and out, in and out, and I hope I'll come some time, but for now I'm just glad I don't have to slow down or stop to hold off, just keep banging, long and steady, like River does with her clit.

After a while I feel my orgasm in the distance. I'll come if we just keep this up. In and out. Our intensity increases. Our bodies are still pasted together, a fancy hug, I'm pulling her against me with her shoulders, we're making the slapping sounds. And still we're going and going, in and out, the friction of her snatch on my hard cock feeling nice, her body feeling good against mine, in and out, and finally the in and out has done its job and I slow down to come and pump my jizz into her.

My cock doesn't get soft. We stay together, liking the feeling. River breaks the silence. "Good morning." "Good morning." "A good basic fuck. That's what I'd call that. No frills. It was good." I'm glad she liked it. I certainly did. It was nice how everything fell into place for a good basic morning-after fuck.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have a bit of a mix up at bedtime. I come to bed at 10:30 and am surprised to find River is already in bed, with the light on. We had a nice emotional warmup day and she was expecting me earlier. She's even wearing a shirt and no panties for me. And she stayed on top of the covers until she got cold and crawled under them. "I would have loved to come in and find an inviting, half-naked sweetie on the bed." "Now I was almost falling asleep." "That could work out." We figure out why I didn't hear her go to bed. Now it's so late I'm not sure I want to do it. I'd rather wait until we have time to do it right. River is fine either way.

So we just snuggle. Until I start getting hard. "Now I feel like starting, but I don't feel like finishing tonight." I'd like to feel it get hard and go in, but I want to save the orgasm for a better time. "Would you still think that if we started?" "No telling." "A sleepy fuck would be fine."

Somehow we get started. "It would be nice to do a no-hands stick-in in this position." I'm probably not hard enough though. River wiggles and lines things up and I push, but it doesn't go. "Is that the right spot?" "It was, but it slipped." She reaches down and I feel her put it in place, and I push it through the improbable spot into her pussy.

It did feel nice getting hard and going in. We have a nice spooning fuck, doing some different angles, our legs in different positions. I think about what she said about being on top of the covers earlier and roll her partway over, into inviting, sit up, straddle her leg, and do her in the invitation. Her ass looks amazing, smooth flesh spilling from under her dark shirt in the pale light. My fingers run over it, my hands caress it, I pull it towards me as I push into her. And wonder what anal would be like in this position.

River looks so sweet, her eyes closed, her hair flowing around her face, moaning softly. I lean forwards over her, put her arm over me, turn towards her, and we kiss, long and hard, face to face while fucking in what seems like a rear-entry position, our bodies spiraling together. I sit up and my cock feels long and hard sliding into her, disappearing in her pussy.

The feeling of impending orgasm builds, and I push in deep before I start to come, wait for it, then I'm coming, strong spurts, feeling six days worth of jizz flood into her and flow around my cock. She wiggles her ass, milking my cock with her pussy, as I keep coming, counting ten spurts in all before it ends.

My cock stays hard and we spoon some more, until River coughs and I feel the squeeze, then she coughs harder and her pussy spits my cock out.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Panties partway down

Bad timing. I have my worst erectile dysfunction in a long time on the first day that River is genuinely horny in a month or two. It goes something like this.

River pushes her crotch against me in bed and reminds me she has to get up early. So one of us should make a move. I pull out one I haven't used for a while. "Would you like to fuck?" "Yes." That was easy.

River's period is imminent so she's left her panties on. That always seems kind of forbidding. She knows that on the rare occasions when she wears panties to bed I like it better if she wears a tank-top, too, but she's topless. "You can whip them off. Or maybe partway down." I like it when we just push the crotch aside and have at it, but let's see what we can do with partway down. I'm thinking that will mean doing her from behind, but River quickly points out we can do face to face in jackknife, with her legs on my shoulders. She likes the novelty. "Or we could do this one." I kneel in front of her, hold her legs up in front of me, and pull her panties to mid-thigh, exposing her snatch between her closed legs. It's hard to believe that it's easy and comfortable for her to hold her legs up like that. Must be a girl thing.

I try to get hard for a nice stick-in in this position. But it's not working so well, even when I put my thumb in her pussy for inspiration. River reaches around her legs, grabs my cock, and jacks me off. She does it better than I do, but I still don't get very hard, even when she rubs my cock in her slit while I feel her boobs.

"I'm ready. Or as ready as I'll ever be tonight." Still only halfway hard, but we've started with it softer. "I've been ready since two in the afternoon." "How do you know?" "Thinking horny thoughts." Poor girl, thinking horny thoughts all that time and not getting any. I know what that's like.

It goes in easily. She wasn't kidding about being ready. She's sopping wet. My cock should be stiffening up now that the fuck's started, but she's so wet I can't hit the usual friction to get it there and give her the fuck she deserves. River doesn't seem to mind. She's making some nice sounds as we keep up a long, steady rhythm at her favorite speed, my hands on her waist to pull her against me. Her sounds are too nice. She's enjoying it too much. It's making my orgasm want to happen. I wonder how long she wants to go. "We have time, but something short of a marathon." I back off and have a partial orgasm, my cock twitching, some jizz flowing into her.

I lean forward onto her for jackknife and we keep going. I'm not hard enough to get this position's usual full-length thrusts. I gaze at her face between her legs and smile. "Sometimes when we're doing this we fold your legs up far enough to kiss." She pulls her legs closer to her chest and we kiss while we fuck. When I pull back she lifts her head up for more, and the feeling of our wet kiss and our wet fuck is making me want to come again but I'm still not ready so again I slow down and let more jizz spill into her without really coming.

We fuck, her panties on her thighs, switching between jackknife and magnetism, holding her feet up, the scent of her pussy making me want to put my face in all the wetness of our combined juices and eat it. That might be the best I can do if I'm not able to finish tonight. Maybe I'd get harder in t-bone, it would be easy to switch, but we're both liking face to face tonight and I'm still hard enough to fuck, but just barely.

We're back in jackknife and right when I'm about to come my cock comes out. But I'm not coming just yet, and I manage to reach down and get it back in, I think. My cock is so soft, her pussy is so wet from her juices and my own contributions, and the sensations from my almost-coming cock are so mixed up that it's hard to tell. I start coming before I know it and it's not until the third or fourth spurt that I manage to get things sorted and give a nice thrust in time with the spurt to finally get the satisfied feeling of a nice come.

"I wasn't sure if you were going to come in or out." "Yeah, that was kind of confusing. And I wish I'd gotten nice and hard for your horny time." "I'm not complaining." "How'd that panty thing work for you?" "It didn't really do anything either way." "Same here."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Typical weeknight fuck

A typical weeknight fuck for us. I light the candles while River is in the bathroom. She wants to get all her studying out of her mind and go to sleep. I can help with that. We snuggle for a while, then I do a back rub for her, no talking, just relaxing and luxurious. I move down to her perfect ass and take my time on it. Then stroke my cock with one hand while I probe for her pussy with the other. She tilts her ass to give me better access, and reaches her hands back for my legs. I press my thumb under her butthole until her lips part and let it in. The nice wet sounds of her pussy get me harder. I guide my cock in under my thumb, pressing in, pressing further in, then back out and stir things around until we have a nice fuck going. Straddling her. Laying on top of her. Fucking her. I speed things up and River puts her hands on the wall to push back. I sit up with my hands on her back, then press my thumb between her pussy and asshole, using it to keep my cock from springing up when I pull all the way out and push back in.

Her cute butthole tempts me. I slide my thumb up to it, press against it, feel the firm, rubbery circle. My subconscious links my thumb, her asshole, and my cock, turning me on, making me want to come, and in a few more thrusts a powerful orgasm makes me push in deep. "Ow!" Too deep. Back off, easier thrusts, squishing around in her pussy, keeping my orgasm going, a nice long one.

We stay connected while we talk. "That definitely took my mind off things. You do a better job than the professionals." She just had a massage the day before. "That's because they're not sitting on you naked." I hope.