Friday, March 25, 2011

Tryst in the woods

It’s not as warm today as yesterday. A bit chilly actually. Doing it outside in the cold doesn’t seem like River’s thing. But she’s into it. “It will be an adventure.” And the setting will be nice. I like it when she’s adventurous. Or as I like to think about it, an adventuress. I tell her I’m excited. Sex with River always excites me.

She brings a pile of blankets so we can have a warm nest. “Did you bring anything slippery? Or will we be using Reed’s oral lubrication service if we need it?” “I don’t think we’ll need it.” On the way out of town we pick up supplies for a gourmet picnic. Three kinds of goat and sheep cheese, a baguette to share, thin-sliced salami, whole-wheat wafers, figgy chocolate for dessert. Like old times when I’d pick her up after work with picnic makings. Only better.

The cabin is a short walk into the forest. We make our nest in the outside area, light candles even though it’s not yet noon, have our picnic in the fresh air, listen to birds and frogs and wind in branches, have a nice time together in the woods. Then we peel our pants off and warm each other up under the covers.

It’s nice feeling River through her cotton panties. My thumb and fingers loop around the crotch, feeling the edges of her bush. My first finger probes the cotton and finds the hard shaft of her clitoris. We should start like this more often. But I like sleeping naked with River far too much to do it in bed. Out here it’s natural as we peel our clothes off. But I doubt we’ll be peeling much today. Just the bare essentials.

She feels me through my boxer briefs. I get hard for her touch. It’s been five days, and we postponed last night for this. I offered to do her last night and today but she turned me down. Delayed gratification doesn’t usually seem to work out but today is an exception. The sensuousness of the woods, the company, and the impending fuck are worth not doing it last night.

She pulls the boxer briefs down, and there’s the nice touch of her hand on my shaft, grasping the base, sliding deftly and confidently up and down, not even doing the head, just leaving me to anticipate what she’ll do with that sensitive part when the time comes.

River isn’t usually much for warmup, and she seems even less interested today. Anxious to get to the good part. To feel my cock inside her. To be with me. The ambience, and the satisfaction of feeling my cock harden for her, are enough. She’s not even opening her legs to give my fingers better access. That’s a good sign. Along with her confidence about not needing lube. And getting this whole tryst set up. All I had to do was skip out on work for a few hours.

“Will you be comfortable enough starting on the bottom?” I’ll start on the bottom whether I’m comfortable on the wood floor or not. It’s always a treat when River starts on top. She pulls her panties off and rolls on top, rubs her slit on my cock. I feel the tip press against something soft and wet. She lets go, and I realize our fuck has begun. I must not be as hard as I should be or the penetration would have been more obvious. She fucks me, fondling my cock with her pussy. I’m plenty hard. She’s just unusually wet. Slipping my cock inside and sliding down it was unusually frictionless. I gasp when her pussy slides up my cock. “River’s legendary upstroke.”

We’ve both got sweaters on. Sweater sex. River thinks we could use some wool hats in the chill, too. I peek under the covers and we’ve both still got our socks on. Her sweater is nice and soft and snuggly. I’ve asked her to wear it to bed, but out here is better. She reaches up in back, unhooks her bra, slips the straps down her sleeves and somehow removes it, never missing a beat as she rides my cock. “She can fuck and remove her bra at the same time. I like it.” She lifts her sweater and shows me those nice compact tits, knowing how much I like that view, knowing how desirable she is and how horny she makes me. I reach for them, feeling their soft resistance, and her nipples harden for me.

She squats over me for single point. Just her cunt sliding up and down my fully erect cock. “You’ve been practicing. This is longer than you can usually do it.” “It’s the hard floor. No wasted energy balancing.” She’s not pulling out as far as she could and I want to whisper “full pullouts” to her but in the end I’m happier just enjoying being fucked by River, letting her run the show, just fucking back a bit and angling left and right and grabbing her tits while she fucks me. On impulse I throw the blankets off us so we can fuck with the cool breeze blowing against our parts. I like it. I feel free. But it’s too chilly for River and we hunker down under the covers again.

She puts her knees down on the floor for standard River-on-top, then rolls us over. I try to stop halfway through for a side-by-side fuck but the wood floor isn’t comfortable. We keep going until I’m on top. It’s my turn to do the fucking. One hand under her sweater on her tit. One hand on top feeling her nipple through the fuzz. She coughs a few times. I push in to feel the squeeze, and to keep from being squeezed out.

When I look down to watch the action, my sweater hangs in the way. This must be what it’s like to be so overweight you can’t see your own dick. Watching is half the fun. Even River likes to watch when we’re fucking. I try to move my sweater aside. “Now I can see your bush. But I want to see the whole thing.” I sit up and finally see my cock in her, moving in and out of the slipperiness between her fleshy lips.

I fuck her long and hard, her legs on my shoulders in jackknife, then missionary, doing River’s rhythm, a slow thrust with a firm push at the end. I look at her face and see her cute, happy smile. And I’m about to come. “I don’t want to come yet. And I don’t want to have to stop every 20 seconds. Don’t move.” We're motionless until the urge passes, then hold still longer, for good measure.

More jackknife, our new classic, until River asks me to put her legs down. Her hand goes to her button. I’m surprised. But happy that she’s going for an orgasm out here. I look forward to fucking her in it. I sit between her legs and probe her pussy with my cock, lift her leg and pull her against me with it, while she does the circles on her clit she needs to come. But she doesn’t get it this time. That’s sad. I always get to come.

We fuck some more. I take in our surroundings, the trees, the birds, the breeze, the fresh woodsy scent. It’s a nice place to fuck. “I could make a habit of this.” Skipping work to come down and fuck outside. In the woods. “Me too.”

Then she’s back on her button. This time I stay still so I won't distract her while she’s doing herself. She does better that way. I just watch her. Put my thumbs on her nipples. Feel her pussy gently tugging on my cock as she fans her fur. Sometimes that’s enough to make me come, but not today when I’ve already been holding off so long. She really wants this one. She’s working hard. Concentrating. Eyes closed. Taking a while. Good thing I’m not distracting her. I just reach for my cock and press it downwards in her cunt, towards her asshole.

“Here it comes.” I give her a few more seconds to rub her clit, then plunge all the way into her juice box and fuck her hard while she comes under me. A good one, by the sounds of it. “You can scream out here.” Out here in the woods. No one around to hear. Just us. She doesn’t scream, but she’s louder than usual, her body twisting as she comes and I fuck her in her orgasm. I’m thinking I can somehow make it through this one without holding off and join her in her second one, but listening to her come is triggering mine and I come with her, loudly, like old times, and she squeezes against me while five days of load gush into her snatch.

We have time. I fuck her for real in the afterfuck, hoping to stay hard and come again. But eventually I soften and we just lie together in our nest under the covers.

“I'm glad you wanted to have one out here. That was a nice surprise.” “I guess everything was pretty sexy.” “I was trying not to distract you too much at the end there. It seems like it’s easier for you when I’m not distracting.” “That was a good call.”

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