Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have a bit of a mix up at bedtime. I come to bed at 10:30 and am surprised to find River is already in bed, with the light on. We had a nice emotional warmup day and she was expecting me earlier. She's even wearing a shirt and no panties for me. And she stayed on top of the covers until she got cold and crawled under them. "I would have loved to come in and find an inviting, half-naked sweetie on the bed." "Now I was almost falling asleep." "That could work out." We figure out why I didn't hear her go to bed. Now it's so late I'm not sure I want to do it. I'd rather wait until we have time to do it right. River is fine either way.

So we just snuggle. Until I start getting hard. "Now I feel like starting, but I don't feel like finishing tonight." I'd like to feel it get hard and go in, but I want to save the orgasm for a better time. "Would you still think that if we started?" "No telling." "A sleepy fuck would be fine."

Somehow we get started. "It would be nice to do a no-hands stick-in in this position." I'm probably not hard enough though. River wiggles and lines things up and I push, but it doesn't go. "Is that the right spot?" "It was, but it slipped." She reaches down and I feel her put it in place, and I push it through the improbable spot into her pussy.

It did feel nice getting hard and going in. We have a nice spooning fuck, doing some different angles, our legs in different positions. I think about what she said about being on top of the covers earlier and roll her partway over, into inviting, sit up, straddle her leg, and do her in the invitation. Her ass looks amazing, smooth flesh spilling from under her dark shirt in the pale light. My fingers run over it, my hands caress it, I pull it towards me as I push into her. And wonder what anal would be like in this position.

River looks so sweet, her eyes closed, her hair flowing around her face, moaning softly. I lean forwards over her, put her arm over me, turn towards her, and we kiss, long and hard, face to face while fucking in what seems like a rear-entry position, our bodies spiraling together. I sit up and my cock feels long and hard sliding into her, disappearing in her pussy.

The feeling of impending orgasm builds, and I push in deep before I start to come, wait for it, then I'm coming, strong spurts, feeling six days worth of jizz flood into her and flow around my cock. She wiggles her ass, milking my cock with her pussy, as I keep coming, counting ten spurts in all before it ends.

My cock stays hard and we spoon some more, until River coughs and I feel the squeeze, then she coughs harder and her pussy spits my cock out.

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