Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trimming the bush

River is cold and runs a hot bath for herself. I sit in my usual and customary spot next to the tub and admire the scenery for a while, then shave my face. When I finish I get a fresh razor and shave River's legs for her. She calls me her aesthetician. I'd rather be her stylist. "You can wax me." "Your legs?" "My bush." That's the first time she's offered. I've got a small amount of experience waxing myself. Or sugaring, rather. I like bush. It's girlie. It turns me on. But she'd be cute with a landing strip.

She dries off, runs a fresh bath for Brook, and I follow her into the bedroom with the hair scissors. "What are those for? For this?" "Yes." For her bush. I'm her stylist. We've talked about it before. But the timing has never worked out. She puts her towel out on the bed and lies down. I trim. A bit timidly. Not nearly down to the skin, like when I'm doing myself. And I'm not trimming much in the places we might wax later, firstly because trimming there can cause irritation, and secondly because we might wax there later. But to her it sounds like I'm cutting huge swaths. "This is all I've done," I say, and grab a few tufts of curly bush hair from the towel to show her. She takes the scissors and does a much bolder job than I did. Still not nearly as much as when I do myself. I think she's even trimmed the cute tuft at the apex of her pussy that I like to look down at when we're doing jackknife.

Her neck has been bothering her. I oil my fingertips and give her the on-her-back neck massage that I've been hinting at for weeks, holding her head turned one way, then the other. Then her ears and face, thumbs smoothing across her forehead. More oil, under the covers to her chest, giving her muscles some nice work before moving to her nipples. "My inclination is to dive your muff." I've even got a fresh shave. No irritating stubble. And it's been months. But she's worried about the kids coming in. I think it's just an excuse. What kind of girl doesn't like cunnilingus? At least she's merely ambivalent about it now. That's an improvement. And she does like to fuck.

"Mom! I'm done with my bath!" Saved by the bell.

Follow up: Having her bush trimmed to about half length made River itchy, even in front. Now I feel bad. She says that's happened before, but she forgot. "Maybe we should have trimmed almost all the way to the skin, like I do on myself?" "I don't think so." But she's a good sport. She's still talking about us waxing out a landing strip.

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