Sunday, March 27, 2011


“Someone pulled your panties down and had his way with you last night.” “I vaguely remember something like that.” She should put it up as her facebook status.

Last night. I fall asleep quickly but wake up at 2am and know it’s going to be one of those nights when I can’t get back to sleep for hours. Especially with River being twitchy and fidgety next to me. So I come downstairs and write. The kids have a sleepover guest so I’ve put on some boxer briefs to roam the house in. When I go back to bed I’m still not sleepy. But I’m horny. I think about it. River doesn’t like to be woken up. But she’ll have hours to sleep afterwards. Ok. Maybe. I’ll let my dick decide. Hard, I do it. Soft, I don't.

River and I are both wearing undergarments instead of sleeping naked like usual. Tank-top and panties for her, the boxer briefs for me. I feel myself through them. Not much response. I’m disappointed. I’m too horny for that. Who am I kidding. Forget what my dick says. It has no input in the matter. Except veto power, unfortunately. My head has decided I’m going to find a way to get hard and do it. I pull my cock out through the fly, wet my fingers, slip them up and down the head, grab my cock in my fist and squeeze against the base. I feel the tell-tale pressure as my cock begins to stiffen, but it’s fairly tenuous. Quietly I reach for a bottle of massage oil, unscrew the top, let it dribble out onto my fingers. That should help. And it will make for a nice easy stick-in and a smooth fuck. If I get hard. Which I’m still not.

As a last resort I sit up on my heels with my knees spread. That wakes River up enough to ask “What?” “I want to do you.” She goes back to sleep. Or something. And now I’m getting hard, my cock sticking out of my fly, nice and slick, pumping it with my hand. My other hand probes for River’s pussy through her panties. She’s curled up on her left side, facing away from me, and I can feel her lips and asshole through them. I concentrate on her pussy opening, circling and pressing it with my finger, still pumping my cock and getting a good hardon. It’s probably best if this isn’t a long fuck. I don’t want to wake her too much or ruin her sleep. Maybe I can get myself close before I slide into her. But I can’t wait. I pull her panties down and run my fingers along her lips, trying to press between them into her pussy. But it’s not going. I use my lubed hand, sliding a finger up and down her lips, and they part and allow my fingertip into her wetness.

My cock slides in next to my finger and I sigh. This is it. For some reason I’ve been really hot on fucking River while she sleeps lately. It’s not as intimate as when she’s awake. But there’s something about it. I fuck her in t-bone, my cock sliding in and out easily, and I think of the quickie we did in this position, all of 45 seconds from penetration to shooting my load. I don’t think I can pull that off tonight. And I don’t want to.

I slip down next to her in spoons and I have a nice fuck, my cock humping in and out just a few inches at the speed River likes. She moans. Is she awake? Or not? I don’t know. When I feel my orgasm coming I slow down for a nice, slow come. But it’s not working. I’m not coming. The slow fuck feels nice and I push in a little deeper. I put my hand on River’s ass cheek, fingers in her crack, some feeling my cock slide gracefully in and out of her pussy, others resting against her soft asshole. I think about doing her in the ass, or just pushing my finger in, but that might not be a good idea unless she’s awake.

The slow come isn’t happening tonight, so I speed up and bang out a steady rhythm. My orgasm builds slowly, taking its time, and when it comes I give a deep thrust, and push with each pulse, a long orgasm, coming deep in her pussy, making it last.

My arm is around her. I don’t want to wake her up any more than I have to, so I keep my cock inside, feeling it go soft, small backwards slips inside her pussy, at least ten minutes of slow softening. Her breathing sounds tell me she’s definitely asleep now. I wonder about my jizz dripping out of her. We usually clean up with a t-shirt afterwards, but I don’t want to wake her up and I don’t think I’ve got a shirt within reach. So I just leave my arm around her and leave my cock in as a bit of a plug and drift off to sleep myself.

After an hour she wakes up a bit. I pull out, roll over and find a t-shirt within reach. I must have planned ahead. She wipes herself, and can’t believe it’s been an hour since we started. She doesn’t realize she’s been sleeping with me inside her.

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