Saturday, March 19, 2011

“I never knew a girl could just get on and off like that.”

I wake up after eight. River is downstairs studying for an exam. She’s such a good girl.

I feel something slip upwards between the sheet and my stomach. It’s my cock spontaneously getting hard. Why does that happen in the morning sometimes? And then sometimes not, when River is so obviously ready for me to fuck her? I don’t get it. I push the covers down, flex my muscles down there, watch the head swell out into a purple mushroom.

Someone is bounding up the stairs. Sounds like a kid. I cover myself. River bursts into the room. She pulls her clothes off, flings them around, and stands there, smiling and naked. The timing is too good to be true. I push the covers back down and stand my highly erect cock up for her. “That’s nice. Someone could pick you up by that knob.” “You could pick me up. I wasn’t expecting this.” “For me to come into the room and take my clothes off?” “That either. To have a boner.”

She sits on the bed. I move her hand to my erection and she strokes it up and down, pushes my balls around. “I like a nice friendly feel.” We were just talking about that last night, how River might be avoiding the friendly feels because she doesn’t want me to interpret them as come-ons, and me saying that I like a friendly feel regardless.

“Do you want to get on it?” She’s got more studying to do so I don’t imagine we’re going to have an all-out fuck, but a quick friendly in-and-out would be nice.

Then I realize what’s going on. She started some oral steroids last night. They gave her a terrible sleep but now they’ve made her energetic and loopy. Bounding into the room and flinging her clothes off.

River stands on the bed, towering over me. I point my cock up for her and she drops down to it and her pussy starts swallowing my cock. I feel her pleasant moistness as my cock disappears into her. She’s halfway on. I take my hand away, my cock secure in her pussy, and she pushes all the way down. The last inch is almost painful before she’s completely lubed, but there she is, squatting on me, her lips at the base of my cock.

She gives a few friendly pumps, up and down, smiling, her pussy now smoothly lubricated with her sweet frictiony juice. Then she gets off and my cock thwacks down onto me. That was a nice wakeup.

We head off down the hall to the shower, my cock sticking out lewdly. “You could put a leash on it and make me follow you around.” It’s still nicely slippery with River juice and I give it a few strokes, but it dries quickly.

We talk about how scripted that whole scene seemed. I wake up, get hard, squeeze my knob, she bounds in, throws her clothes off, comments on my knob, gets on it, gives a few friendly pumps, then gets off. Even that last part seems perfect for this morning. “It can take a long time to get off with a morning boner. But you got off it pretty quick.” “It’s amazing what you can get away with. I never knew a girl could just get on and off like that.”

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