Sunday, March 20, 2011

A good, solid fuck

“Hi you.” “Is that a Hi you Hi you?” Maybe it was just my imagination, but that used to be my cue that she wanted some action. Now it’s a bit of a running gag. She snuggles on me tonight. I remind her that if she wants to initiate, all she has to do is reach down. She says that if I want to do it, I should initiate. Does that mean she doesn’t want to do it? We’ve had such a nice emotional warmup day. Sitting outside in the sun together. Talking about how we got together. Having an early spaghetti dinner. I point out that I’m being sweet by not initiating, since I’m not putting her in the position of having to decline, and perhaps she could reciprocate the sweetness by initiating. She doesn’t buy it.

I take the opportunity to solicit some hints on initiating tonight. “I like a man with initiative.” That’s fair. I like a girl with initiative. I get on top of her, cradle her face in my hands, and we have some passionate kisses while I rub my cock on her, feeling it brushing against her bush, getting hard, then harder, then fully erect, no manual stimulation required. Nice.

Initiative. I move my legs between hers and my cock rubs against her snatch, up and down against her clitoris. This will be an easy no-hands stick-in. I let it slide down, feel the spot, and push. And meet resistance. “That’s the right spot. You just have to push harder.” It feels nice trying to push such a solid hardon into her, like old times, but it still doesn’t go. “Are your lips in the way?” “Yeah.” That happens sometimes. She’s got beautiful lips, nice to look at, fun to play with and suck into my mouth, but sometimes they guard her cunt a little too well. She reaches down, spreads them, and I push in, still cradling her head and kissing, just a little ways in at first, then a little more, her feet on my ass pulling me in, then shifting to missionary with my legs crossed for full penetration. And we fuck.

She has a request. “Just a quickie.” We’ll see. This is a nice solid fuck, the fuck she deserves, not an erectile dysfunction disaster limp dick fuck. This is as hard as it gets, a nice rigid cock boning her, like I used to take for granted. It should be savored with more than a quickie.

I have a request, too. “Something relaxing.” “Relaxing is nice.” A nice end to a nice day together. So we have a nice solid relaxing medium-speed fuck, going through a variety of Reed-on-top positions, especially liking it when she pulls her knees up to her chest and leaves her pussy hanging out for unimpeded access.

And it’s more than a quickie. More of a nice weekday fuck. A nice solid weekday fuck, a nice hard cock and a nice wet pussy, Reed’s cock and River’s pussy, the steady rhythm that she likes, the relaxing speed that I like.

We’re doing full pull-outs, feeling my cock plunge through the frilly opening of her pussy each time, and she starts gasping on every thrust. That doesn’t sound relaxed. “Is this relaxing?” “I’m relaxed.” Good. Me too. I sure like doing this with River.

“Uh oh.” “What?” “I forgot Brook’s antibiotic.” “You can go give it to her now.” It might be kind of fun to take a break and keep going. I’m sure I’ll still be hard when she comes back. “She’ll be just as asleep in ten minutes.” Ten more minutes? Ok. Doesn’t sound like a quickie any more. “Sorry for thinking about things like that while we do it.” “It’s ok. You’re a great mom.” “A great mom would have given her daughter her antibiotic.” She’s still a great mom. Who would have guessed she’d be so great.

So we keep going, enjoying our nice, solid fuck, shifting positions occasionally, me staying on top, River staying on bottom. We could do all kinds of crazy positions with this hardon, but it’s relaxing this way, and we both like it.

We’re fucking with her knees pulled up to her chest and I feel it. “Here it comes.” I want to slow down for the last few thrusts but I can’t, the steady rhythm pulls me until I explode and push in hard and River squirms under me, making me come longer and harder, and again I don’t even notice the individual spasms, it’s just one long feeling that goes on forever then slowly winds down.

Our afterfuck is really nice. It would be nice to try to stay hard and come again, but River requested a quickie and we’ve already gone over. So I roll to the side, flip her leg over me, into snuggly position, and we keep a small fuck going while I go soft, giving an occasional thrust. Even when it feels fully limp I squeeze it to some semblance of rigidity and push a little deeper into her a few times. It still feels nice, and sloppy wet. Neither of us seems to want it to end.

“That was a good, solid fuck.” “Yes, it was.”

River gets up to give Brook her antibiotic. She’s a great mom.

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